16 Attractive Kitchen Glass Door Designs for Your Home

Published On: Dec 29, 2022

In every family, the kitchen is considered to be an essential space. Growing up, everyone had specific memories attached to the kitchen and the art of cooking. Building a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle, memories, and design choices is important. A kitchen door glass design is a versatile option that can be paired with every kitchen style, be it rustic, vintage, or modern. A glass door for kitchen entrances lets you show off your exquisite kitchen interiors from the outside. We've curated a list of the best kitchen glass door designs for you. Explore all the creative options and choose one that best suits your style. 

1) Grey Aluminium Clear Glass Door for a Contemporary Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

Metal doors are known for their strength and durability. This grey aluminium glass door has a sleek design that blends well with the interior of the modular kitchen. A transparent glass provides you with a view of the living room. The sliding system allows smooth movement without any dents on the floor. This chic door design would be a great choice for a modern kitchen design. 

2) Transparent Glass Door with Black Borders to Create a Contrast

Source: Pinterest

This modern kitchen glass door design has walls made of clear glass panels and contrasting black rims. The design blends smoothly with the white and black kitchen cabinets; it’s almost as if there is no boundary! The door includes a large black handle that adds a sense of drama to the kitchen interior design.

3) A Bi-Fold Door Glass Design to Open Up the Space

Source: Pinterest

You can choose two types of glass designs and merge them to create this Bi-Fold door for your kitchen design. It opens up sideways and makes the space airy. Here the designers have used clear glass and textured glass to create a unique pattern. The sun rays hitting the glass will also form different shapes on the walls. These doors increase the functionality of the space by acting as a wall partition for your modular kitchen design. 

4) Keep It Simple with a Wooden Bi-Fold Frosted Glass Door 

Source: Pinterest

Keep things simple using a kitchen glass door design with wooden frames. This bi-fold door can be folded to make more space and join two rooms. This is an excellent kitchen design idea if you want some privacy before dinner is ready. The wooden frame has been left with a finish and without any colours to match the countertop of the kitchen. 

5) Golden Steel Glass Door for a Luxurious Entrance

Source: Pinterest

Create a luxurious setting with the help of a golden frame and clear glass panels. Instead of a standard-sized door, this glass door almost reaches the ceiling and includes a hinge system. This modular kitchen glass door design can only be opened outwards. This is one of the most eye-catching designs on this list, and your guests won’t be able to stop talking about it! 

6) Black Steel Sliding Doors for a Clear View

Source: Pinterest

Steel frames offer a lot of strength and durability when it comes to kitchen glass door designs. This black steel glass door is an affordable option that will bring an element of style to the room. The grids add an industrial element to the design, and the black frames match perfectly with the interior of the kitchen. You can refer to modular kitchen design photos to better understand which colour and glass would be right for your kitchen.

7) White UPVC Sliding Glass Door to Match the Interior

Source: Pinterest

UPVC white casement doors are a great option for a kitchen room design with white interiors. This kitchen design with a sliding glass door enhances the features of the room, such as countertops and cabinets. This kitchen design glass door offers the air to move around freely, helping with ventilation as well. If you’re confused about where to get more ideas, refer to a modular kitchen designs catalogue and find the right styles for your kitchen.

8) Use Seeded Glass Doors If You’re Looking for Texture

Source: Pinterest

A widely popular glass design includes the seeded glass door. This modular kitchen with glass doors includes a variation of frosted glass, and the element of transparency is absent here. A seeded glass door design for your kitchen room will help add a sense of privacy to the space without compromising the design. This also comes with high strength and durability, so your doors will last for many years.

 Loved this design? Reach out to Interior Company today! 

9) Black UPVC Single Door for Smaller Kitchens

Source: Pinterest

For a model kitchen design that is small in size, a glazed black UPVC door would allow the light to lighten up the space and make it appear more spacious. The best kitchen designs include a shatterproof glass panel to keep everyone safe during stormy weather. The kitchen door with a glass design will also help you keep an eye on your kids while playing in the living room. 

10) Modern Sliding Clear Glass Doors for a Chic Entrance

Source: Pinterest

The latest kitchen designs include a door that is stylish and functional. Instead of using standard wooden doors, give your kitchen an upgrade with the help of clear glass doors and walls. The sliding glass door for kitchen entrances only uses up some of the space and is pushed to the right side behind the wall.

The black metal frame looks sleek, and the home kitchen design feels more open due to the glass panels. The combination of black and white is classy and will never fail to impress your guests.

11) Tinted Hinged Doors for a Splash of Colour

Source: Pinterest

A tinted black hinged glass door, when paired with white walls, creates the latest modular kitchen design. The size and colour help create a grand entrance in the modular kitchen. The doors open inwards and have a seamless design with no frames. The tint of this kitchen double door design does obstruct the view by a small amount, so it’s mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

12) Half Frosted and Half Clear Sliding Doors 

Source: Pinterest

You can get inspired by kitchen interior design ideas and customise your glass panels in any way you like. Here we have a combination of half-clear and half-frosted glass panels that slide sideways to create a double entrance.

You can also add mirrors for the first half to create a kitchen mirror door design. There are handles on both the doors, right and left, with a glass wall in the middle. These are unique examples of kitchen ideas. So explore your space and find the right design!

13) Try Wooden Hinged Doors with Patterned Glass 

Source: Pinterest

For rustic-style kitchens, try using a kitchen door half glass design that goes well with the aesthetic. Here the door frames have a traditional design with hinges and match well with the walls of the kitchen. Patterned glass panels are used to create a blurred-out texture. The gold door knobs on this kitchen half glass door design act as accents against the natural wooden background. 

14) Create a Sophisticated Entrance with a Patterned Glass Door

Source: Pinterest

For modern kitchen interior design, frosted, patterned glass is an excellent alternative to transparent glass panels. The standard choice is usually clear glass doors, but using patterned glass doors like this kitchen sliding glass door takes the design to the next level. The swirl effect on the glass door elevates the beauty of the modular kitchen ideas.

15) Tinted Sliding Glass Doors to Connect Two Rooms

Source: Pinterest 

Tinted glass panels can be used in beautiful kitchens for maximum effect. The glass panels in this kitchen door glass design have a black tint with no texture. To create a contrast, you can use white frames or use black frames for a monochromatic style. This kitchen glass design door is easy to clean, and you can use a window cleaner for cleaning. 

16) Black Sliding Glass Doors that Act as a Wall Partition

Source: Pinterest

Apart from using glass on a hinged door, it can be used for a different purpose. A black steel glass door can be used as a partition material for separating two rooms. Here the living room and the kitchen room have been divided using this trick. The black door frames have a sleek and modern appeal that makes the glass kitchen door design stand out. 

Wrapping up

Use these modular kitchen door glass designs to create a sleek and stylish entrance to your kitchen. Choose from a multitude of options: translucent, opaque, patterned and more! Glass doors are a great way to impress your guests and brighten up the kitchen space. We hope that we’ve inspired you enough. If you’re looking for more ideas like this, head over to Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Are glass doors in the kitchen a good idea?

    Lack of natural light in the kitchen can make the space appear dark. This is why a glass door is often recommended for small-sized rooms. The light can flow easily, making the space appear bigger and more open. 

    Do glass doors lose heat?

    Glass doors, like sliding glass doors, will lose more heat and energy because glass does not have insulation properties. To solve the problem, you can choose doors that come with a thermal break; this acts as an insulating material in the door frame. 

    Can you have a glass kitchen door?

    Yes, glass kitchen doors are a favourite of many homeowners. It is a stylish and modern option that is available in various designs. From traditional wood to acrylic and UPVC, glass doors are very popular. 

    How do I clean my glass kitchen door?

    Maintaining a glass kitchen door is quite easy. For cleaning, mix two parts of distilled white vinegar with two parts of distilled water in a spray bottle. Add some dishwashing soap and wipe away the dirt. 

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