Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Published On: Sep 01, 2022

Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in kitchen design, particularly in Indian homes where kitchens are the busiest areas that accommodate so much - from appliances and utensils to ingredients, cutlery, and more.

It is therefore important for an Indian kitchen to have accessible provisions for all the components. Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to add functionality and charm to any modular kitchen.

In this post, let us discuss a few amazing kitchen cabinet design ideas you can use to substantially enhance your cooking experience.

Keep it Simple with Wood

Wood has always remained the ultimate favourite in Indian homes. When it comes to designing an Indian kitchen, wooden cabinets are certainly a hit.

Using wood finish on lower cabinets would make the kitchen look non-congested. You can even have a small wooden cabinet on the side to keep essentials within easy reach.

They not only help add a timeless appeal to your kitchen cabinet design but also provide an amazing way to blend an open kitchen design into the rest of the house.

Opt For A PU Finish Spray

Polyurethane is an acrylic-based spray for kitchen cabinets that can be applied directly on the surface. It has a high-gloss finish that is popular for its elegance and versatility.

This type of spray not only gives you a unique design for kitchen cabinets but also makes them resistant to grease, oil, and water, preventing the growth of mould and fungus when used with wooden cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets become a lot easier to clean and maintain with this spray.

Experience Versatility with Laminate

Laminate is a popular option for kitchen cabinets because of its heat and moisture resistance. It is also durable and budget-friendly.

Laminate kitchen cabinets can be designed in a great variety as you get several colour options to choose from; you can also pick between glossy and matte finishes. Glossy finish laminates are easier to clean as a matte finish has more surface area to trap dust.

Experience Versatility with Laminate

One of the first things you should do while designing a new kitchen cabinet pop design is to research the material for your cabinets.

The modern kitchen design landscape is changing gradually with new materials making their way. Make sure the material you choose for the cabinets suits your requirements, durability, aesthetics, and budget well.

Create Freestanding Kitchen with Standalone Cabinets

Giving your kitchen an unfitted look gives it a relaxed feel while using the available space efficiently. You can easily add a standalone cabinet in steel, wood, plastic, or other materials to store a variety of accessories.

Create Freestanding Kitchen with Standalone Cabinets

You can get them in any size you like to add a lot of storage space to your kitchen. Such components are not only affordable but also a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral scheme. They are also a practical choice for renovating existing kitchen areas.

Facilitate a Lot of Storage

Kitchen cabinet designs for Indian homes generally feature abundant counter space, storage, and cabinetry.

Most kitchen design ideas focus on allowing storage in optimum locations where all the necessary appliances, accessories, and ingredients can be easily found. It is therefore important to pay attention to tall units, cabinets, open shelves, pull-out drawers, and other types of storage.

Facilitate a Lot of Storage

When designing a kitchen, it is a good idea to have small put-out drawers around the stovetop to access your appliances and crockery easily.

Large pull-out drawers can also be added to fit bigger items. One of the best ways to have functional kitchen storage is to add a pantry that stores all the groceries stocked up in Indian homes.

Adjust the Placement of Countertops

One of the most prominent features of Indian kitchens is the plenty of counter space as the design is generally focused on accommodating the needs of the cuisine.

As most Indian recipes require precise ingredients, kitchens here have a lot of counter space. You can always consider placing the countertops above the cabinets when there is a shortage of space.

If plenty of space is available in the kitchen, you can plan an open kitchen containing a lot of cabinets that go well with the interior design while accommodating extra counter space in the form of pull-out countertops, kitchen islands, etc.

Even in constricted spaces like an apartment, a pullout countertop or hanging storage areas providing multi-functionality prove to be an excellent addition to the kitchen cabinet design.

Keep the Color Scheme Ambient

Selecting the right colour for your cabinets is one of the most important considerations for your kitchen cabinet design. Though most homeowners prefer jewel tones, you can always consider subtle schemes like lighter shades of yellow, green, blue, or go with beige to get the desired ambience.

Keep the Color Scheme Ambient

For bigger kitchens or open kitchens blending into the living room, you can explore possibilities and use colours resembling the other parts of the house.

You can always keep the kitchen components neutral to complement the overall home décor. Smaller kitchens can be kept all-white as the colour tends to reflect light and make the space appear bigger.

Dark-Coloured Cabinets For Dual-Tone Kitchens

Dark-Coloured Cabinets For Dual-Tone Kitchens

An Indian kitchen that involves heavy cooking may not find a white kitchen practical. Two-toned kitchen design would tick both the boxes – style and practicality. You can get your upper cabinets in white colour while the base units can be kept darker.

Considering the affinity for oil spills and spice stains from Indian dishes, it is a great idea to have dark-coloured base cabinets. However, if you have a small kitchen, you can go with white or neutral colours to make your area appear bigger.

Choose the Finish Wisely

Cooking in typical Indian homes is more about simmering and sizzling than grilling and baking. Most recipes prepared on daily basis make use of oil and ghee which can easily combine with smoke to for a stubborn layer of grime on the cabinets. A smart way to deal with the mess is to choose cabinet finishes that are easy to clean.

Choose the Finish Wisely

When you want ease of cleaning, acrylic is certainly the best choice. These materials have a glossy finish which is easier to maintain as compared to laminate or PVC. If your budget doesn’t permit acrylic finish, you can settle on high gloss laminate for your kitchen cabinet design.

Aluminum Channel Drawers

Adding an island in the kitchen area gives it a classy, luxurious look. To make it more functional, consider attaching drawers to the island. These drawers made out of aluminium channels can be used to store tiny items like spoons, forks, bowls, and knives.

Aluminum Channel Drawers

You can also incorporate a mix of drawers and cabinets to facilitate effortless storage for tableware and kitchenware of different sizes and shapes. You can even add open shelves to the island to showcase some of your beautiful items.

Keep Things Simple with Open Shelves

One of the most popular kitchen cabinet design ideas is to have open shelving where multiple things can be easily accommodated. Open shelves provide a budget-friendly way to design modern kitchens. These shelves are also quite convenient to use in everyday cooking.

Open-shelf cabinets can be constructed on cement, brick, stone, or any other type of wall material and can be used to store heavy items like pots and containers.

In A Nutshell

These are some of the most fascinating ideas for designing cabinets in Indian kitchens. Having spacious cabinets not only helps stock everything conveniently but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall home design.

When selecting the cabinet design for your kitchen, you should focus on the style of your kitchen area. Whether you have a small or big, modern or traditional kitchen, your cabinets should be designed in a way that they integrate flawlessly with other elements while being convenient and functional. For more kitchen design inspiration, contact the experts at Interior Company.

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