37 of the Prettiest Colors to Paint Your Front Door

Published On: Jul 28, 2021

So, it is very essential to have the front door of your house saying something good about you. As the time changes, so do the interior designs and patterns. But, guess what! There are numerous options and colors for front door of house with different shades and styles. An Indian front door of the house usually signifies spiritual positivity.

First Impression is The Last Impression, Is Not It?

Also, to add security, there is nowadays a security front door with beautiful door paint design and colors along with a metal shield which adds beauty to the front door. Irrespective of the space, one can add charisma to their front door with door painting design images that may suit your requirement.

1. Simply Wooden 

Enhance the overall ambiance of your house entrance with a wooden front door color. Try adding some metallic touch with the classy handles and surrounding with potted plants, planter boxes on the floor, succulents to give guests a fresh and calming entry to your lovely house.

Simply Wooden

2. What About TAN

Choose a pinewood deck or external good quality wooden deck or brown door color combination. To complement the decor, vintage wall lamps and to add some greens to the side is always an add-on for your home entrance, along with a greyish brick structure as wallpaper or a foundation on the walls.


3. Royal Blue

Doesn't blue color in itself add that royal highness to the indoor aesthetics? One can pick Blue as the front door color idea who loves to add that royal touch and is much deep at heart. Adding some flowering plants with some other greens with a beautiful vase always gives an embracing welcome to people visiting your home.


4. Pinky Pink

You can set up pink door color ideas to create a floral touch to your home entrance. A piece of glass matrix on the top of the front door is what one can choose if one does not want to engage with much pink shades. You can complete the outdoor decor by having more of flowering and ornamental flowers and plants by the sides.

pink door

5. White! White! Oh Bright!

The classics are the best choice ever to make when any confusion arises for anything and everything. A simple and classic white door can never go out of fashion at any point in time. This door has rectangular square cut-outs on the top and a simple handle on the side while having greens on both sides.


6. Turquoise Sea Down

Create a creative style and home paint design front to the main door. Turquoise gives a completely calming beach feel to the eyes. Place a floral wreath to the home front paint color in contrast to the main door color and adding some plants by the side and feel fresh and peaceful.

turquoise sea

7. Yellow Mellow

Yellow color in itself is so creative and playful, and you are one such person, don't give a second thought to pick a front door color as yellow. And how about some more yellow cheers to the sides by adding some flowering plants in the pots on the railing towards the home entrance.

yellow mellow

8. Greens

Soft green makes a nice accent together with the white background wall of the home. The color is brought out with contrasting blue planters with ornamental plants and some flowers, adding the glory touch along with a vintage ceiling lamp.


9. Neutral Grey

Neutral gray is an excellent choice to go with the wood paneling or by giving a vibrant effect by adding red bricks in the background on the house's exterior. An ecstatic metal handle to complement the look goes perfect.

natural grey

10. Evergreen Black

Black is one of the best and favorite front door colors if you want your home to look refined. This sophisticated color is contrasted with white framing for a more bold appearance of your home entrance. The best thing about choosing classic black and white is that it is evergreen and doesn't run out of fashion. By adding a beautiful ceiling lamp, you can add more delight to the black beauty.

black door

11. Heart calling out for Red

Red is a romantic and vivid choice of front door colors. Red brings warmth and exciting color to your front door area. This door has black brushed metal hardware for a classy look. A red door would look best with a white or gray home. Some white flowers plants with contrasting planters by the sides to the front door add a charming look to your front door.

red door

12. Sustainable Olive

When choosing front door colors, think about olive green. It is a soothing, neutral shade that complements many exterior paint colors. This door has a metallic door handle giving a touch of simplicity. Olive green is a great choice because it complements the natural greenery on the doorstep.

olive door

13. Sunny Orange

The Orange Color makes a splash on this bold and exciting front door. Orange warms up the front of the house and creates a new, different, and vibrant look to your home entrance. One may have a contrasting background with the orange door as this resembles a greyish brick structure on the back, and how about adding an orange tint light to complete the look.

Oh! Look at this beauty. Magenta is a unique choice of people for the front door colors. Magenta main door with black exteriors is such an awful combination with some brick structure on the entrance. Those grey rectangular bricks along with white walls are adding an optimum ratio of color combination.


14. Magenta Majanta

Oh! Look at this beauty. Magenta is a unique choice of people for the front door colors. Magenta main door with black exteriors is such an awful combination with some brick structure on the entrance. Those grey rectangular bricks along with white walls are adding an optimum ratio of color combination.

majenta door

15. Sky Blue

Want a breezy and calming look at your front door? Have a sky blue color to your front door, adding a white background to it. To decorate the entrance, you may add a flowering wreath on the door with some wall chandeliers on both sides of the door. However, adding some contrasting doormats on the entrance and some greenery makes a person feel calm while entering your house.


16. Emerald Green

The emerald green adds a touch of kings and queens. So, if you wish to have one, go with the emerald door color for your front door while adding a lion-shaped door handle to give a more kingdom-like feeling. Remember! Adding greens anywhere and everywhere is never a bad idea.

emerald green

17. Playful Purple

If you are someone who loves to play with colors and joyous at heart, don't hesitate to play with colors and choose a purple color for your front door. The grey brick structure in the background soothes the quirky purple well. Adding the numbers in metals with some green leafy wreath is a good option you can choose.

purple door

18. Satin Salmon

Choose a salmon shade for your front door if you wish to give a soothing entrance to yourself and your guest while entering your home. A perfect blend of color combination is the rule to master interior aesthetics. Here, a white background is preferred with a black contrasting door handle with a black doormat. Salmon is a serene option to consider.


19. Blue Anthracite 

If you have a small entrance space but want to give your door entrance a pleasing look, well, this is the right simple blue-grey color front door option for you. You can add numbers in metallic gold to complete the look. Use simple planters so you feel fresh while coming in and going out of your house.

blue anthrasite

20. Amazing Citrus

Create your own amazing door citrus touch to your front door house. Choose a good shade of citrus you wish to have with some contrasting walls on the sides to give that awful look with some greens complementing the look.


21. Playful Maroon

How about playing with shades of maroon for your main door entrance? It gives a simple look, and you may add golden door handles and accessories to complete the look. Maroon and white complement each other, so you may add white to the background.

maroon door

22. Aqua Blue

Hang some yellow creepers to your aqua main door and have an autumn look. A door with some square glass windows is also an option. Add little greens, and your setup is complete. Always make sure that the main door entrance of your home is the first impression for anyone in their heads and eyes while visiting your house.

aqua blue

23. Blue-Grey

A combination of blue and gray color is the new trend that can be opted for multiple interiors in your home. Add door accessories in metallic and some traditional brown planters and complete the entrance look.


24. Hard Brown

A simple yet elegant-looking brown from the door is an evergreen option one can choose with a metallic black door handle. Add a brown-colored lantern to the side to give a perfect woody flavor to your home entrance. Complement the look with a wooden casket with flowers to welcome your guest.

brown door

25. Minty Mint

Give your home entrance a fresh look with the mint shade on the front door. Add the numbers with the silver metallic and some grey brick structure in the background. Choose this shade when you have open and accessible home entrances to enhance the cool vibe.


26. Fence It with Style

If you have ample space and love wooden structures, one can choose this one with a fancy security fence to the exterior door. You may have shoe storage boxes in line with the aesthetics of the main door to complement the look. Add a little green planter to the beauty of the look.

fence it door

27. Rusty

If your entrance doesn't have enough space for furniture, place a mat on the floor with some nice patterns and some ornamental plants on the sides and a black and white wreath on the door to give an aesthetic entrance.


28. Poppy Blue

Place a blue front door with a square pattern mosaic embossed to give a vibrant look to your home entrance. You may decorate it with some glass bottles and some greens.

poppy blue

29. Dynamic Red

 Complement the bright and colorful red front door color with contrasting wreaths and much of greens in the surroundings.

dynamic red

30. Organic Touch

Create a stepping garden with colorful flowers and hang some vibrant hanging pots with a window to look for such a beautiful organic scene.

organic touch

31. Red with Grey Hints

Create a classic look with the reddish from the door with the grey traditional brick structure. Add white floral plants to give a calming effect to the entrance

red and grey

32. Green Hues

Create a vibrant home entrance with green hues color with a little touch of black metal for the railings. Decorate it with a stylish piece of a bicycle.

green hues

33. Crabby Apple

If you love simple brown doors, this is the right choice for you. Add a red-white brick combination in the background and few greens by the side to give a presentable look to the entrance.

crabby apple

34. Naval Blue

A complete blue setup for all the blue shade lovers out there. A proper mix of blues with the greens and a complementing wreath looks like a beautiful option.  Use black for the door accessories and the number plate.

naval blue

35. So Blue

You may choose to have a shiny blue front door with white in the backdrop for the walls. Pair it up with the so blue planters with some flowering plants, and it looks perfect.

so blue

36. Calypso Green

Playing with the shades of green, white, and grey gives a minimalistic yet pleasant look. A grey ladder with minimal green and black chandelier and door accessories.

calypso green

37. Determined Orange

A sunny day with a sunny orange front door is such a colorful option entrance. Along with that, add simple white wall lamps to give an embracing entrance.

determined orange

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