11 Best Green Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Published On: Jan 18, 2023

Science backs the fact that we feel energised and revitalised when we are close to nature, dominated by the colour green. Hues like green induce vitality, harmony, and balance. It only makes sense to manifest these characteristics by inviting this refreshing colour home. Green colour combinations for bedroom help curate a serene ambience and are timeless in their aesthetic.

Since charity begins at home, direct your green initiatives inwards and set your mind at peace. We have amalgamated some of the most stunning green room colour combinations for you to take inspiration from. 

Green Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Go green with these voguish green room colour combinations. 

1. Emerald Green and Navy

Source: Pinterest

Were you looking for a chic and distinctive colour scheme for the walls of your bedroom? Give navy blue and emerald green a try. This dynamic bedroom green colour combination is ideal for designing a setting that is elegant and professional yet cosy and welcoming. Emerald green is a deep, jewel-toned colour that gives any room a hint of richness. Navy blue is an excellent contrasting colour since it is soothing and profound, making it perfect for a bedroom.

2. Grey and Green

Source: Pinterest

We can safely regard this room colour green combination as balanced and bold. Each tone in this bedroom’s subtle grey and green is used equally to achieve balance. Gold and neutral accents add a touch of lustre to the gloomy colour scheme.

3. Pink and Teal

Source: Pinterest

Green and delicate tones like baby pink make for an attractive green room colour combination. Choose a colour that will balance out the softness of the pink, such as teal green. Even though the two colours'warm and cool'come from distinct colour families, they both scream compassion. Pink symbolises cosiness and warmth. Green illustrates Mother Nature’s soothing characteristics and encourages relaxation. 

4. Forest Green and Brown

Source: Pinterest

Consider using a brown and forest green two colour combination for bedroom walls if you want to create a natural oasis or add a touch of green to your home’s décor. A lush, deep colour called “forest green” makes people think of verdant forests and open spaces. This colour combination can curate a welcoming and tranquil setting for you to spend quality time in your safe place. 

Tip: Bring the outdoors inside by using earthy colours and materials like wood and stone. To round off the natural sense of your home, add some greenery in the shape of houseplants or cut flowers.

5. Emerald Green and Burnt Orange

Source: Pinterest

These two hues’ striking and colourful mix is ideal for adding some flare to your bedroom. Burnt orange is a warm and inviting colour that fosters a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. While emerald green is a rich, deep tone that invokes feelings of wealth and sophistication. This colour scheme is perfect if you want to add a little glitz to your bedroom. Your furniture and accessories will have a sumptuous backdrop against the deep emerald green walls. For individuals who wish to design a chic and refined space without sacrificing comfort, this colour combination is ideal.

6. Tan and Pale Green

Source: Pinterest

Tan and pale green make an excellent pair for room colour green combination. The secret is to use the colours harmoniously rather than in opposition to one another. Look for colour with grey undertones in pale green for the focal wall and use tan as an accent colour. This will contribute to the room’s peaceful atmosphere. Throw pillows and window coverings, or even paint one of the room’s walls tan can accomplish the desired look. Using too much green can become overwhelming, so use it cautiously. 

7. Emerald Green and Gold

Source: Pinterest

Adorn your bedroom with cream-colored hues or a golden-emerald colour scheme if you are looking for a holiday vibe. Both golden and emerald green exude feelings of majesty, festivity, and delight. This green colour room combination will help attract a blast of vivid colours to inspire creativity and perhaps even foster intimacy. The key to this combo is making emerald green the primary colour.

Pro Tip: Green also complements purple, which can work wonders when there is adequate illumination in the bedroom. Together, these hues produce a dramatic visual contrast that will distinguish your bedroom from others. Additionally, if you wish to change the appearance of your room in the future, you can easily pair these two colours with other colours and patterns because they are both quite flexible hues.

8. Lime Green and Beige

Source: Pinterest

Do you need help waking up in the mornings? A bedroom painted in bright lime green will surely help you get out of a slump. To crank up a cheerful mood, go all out with coordinated accessories. This green color combination for bedroom with beige is worth a try!

9. Green and White

Source: Pinterest

We can define this green room colour combination as simple and revitalising. Similar to biting into a crisp green apple, the freshness of green and white bedroom decor is refreshing. To finish your masterpiece, use dark wood or black accessories accents throughout the room. 

10. Sea Foam and White

Source: Pinterest

The colour white symbolises a sense of wholeness and when you add hues that are believed to promote harmony and serenity, you unlock a calming space! The secret is to pick gentle blue and green accent colours that you can use across the entire space. 

11. Monochrome Green

Source: Pinterest

Keep it under wraps with a monochrome light green colour combination for bedroom. Include furniture pieces in the lower part of your room that is green to create a continuous stripe, as the headboard’s green stripe shown in the reference above. The design results in a cohesive look. 

Green for the Win!

A green bedroom colour combination can help you achieve the space of your dreams, with a dash of serenity on the side. From vacation vibes to beachside beauty, swathe your bedroom with the colour green and let the magic unfurl. For more creative bedroom ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    Q 1. What are the benefits of a green two-colour combination for bedroom walls?

    Ans. The colour green resonates with nature and brings well-being and mental health among beings. It is also a natural stress reliever, invigorating and calming, making it the perfect wall colour for our bedrooms.

    Q 2. Which green colour is best for the bedroom?

    Ans. Sage green, olive green, forest green, and mint green are considered to be the best green room colour combinations as per Vastu.

    Q 3. How do you accessorise a green colour combination for the bedroom?

    Ans. Embellish your green-coloured bedrooms with environmentally friendly materials, pairing them with pink, contemporary chandeliers, statement headboards, or natural plants.

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