12 Tips to Create Stunning Coffee Table Designs

Published On: Jul 13, 2022

A coffee table usually takes centre stage in your living room. However, if not paid attention to, it generally becomes the permanent resting place for all the remotes, recent magazines and newspapers, making your living room look messy, dull and uninviting. Styling your coffee table to look perfect may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of inspiration, some great tips and ideas are sure to strike you to set the ball rolling.

1. Find the Right Balance

Filling up your coffee table with little knick-knacks is a quick and careless way to make your coffee table look cluttered. Likewise, going the opposite route and keeping only large showpieces on your coffee table can make it look clumsy. Modern coffee table design trends call for a balance between items of different sizes or grouping similar items together.

Find the Right Balance

2. Try the Rule-of-Three

The rule-of-three in terms of design states that things look a lot more appealing when they are a part of an odd-numbered group rather than an even-numbered one. Split your table into three imaginary sections and group your showpieces accordingly. The tip works exceptionally well for squared or long rectangular shaped coffee tables.

Try the Rule-of-Three

3. Play around with Contrasting Colours

Using contrasting colours is a creative way to make your coffee table design stand out and be the centre of attraction in the room. If you have a neutral-coloured coffee table such as light grey or white shades, then use bold-coloured showpieces.

For black coffee tables or those made up of dark woods such as wenge, ebony, walnut, etc., go for white accent pieces. Metallic showpieces would work here as well. If you own a glass coffee table, feel free to take your pick, as any colour combination would compliment the decor.

Play around with Contrasting Colours

4. Introduce Some Greenery to Your Coffee Table

A few small indoor plants can instantly add sophistication and a pleasing effect to your coffee table design. You can either pair smaller plants with other showpieces atop your coffee table or use a slightly larger one to be the centrepiece. If you don’t have a green thumb, go for low maintenance indoor plants such as succulents, cacti, spider plants or even bamboo.

Introduce Some Greenery to Your Coffee Table

If maintaining plants seems cumbersome or does not appeal to you, artificial plants would be the ideal solution. The ones available today look realistic enough even when looked at in a closer view.

5. Experiment with Trays on Your Table

Trays can be a great way to bring organisation and structure to your coffee table. You can use assorted sizes of trays to place things together on your coffee table with the added advantage of being able to clear it instantaneously should you need the space for entertaining.

Experiment with Trays on Your Table

6. Make Your Coffee Table Practical

The living room is usually the hub of activity in any home, with the coffee table right at its centre. Making your coffee table practical is another excellent option to try out. Use trays to give your room a more organised feel, and keep decorative boxes, remotes, reading glasses and other knick-knacks out of sight and in one place. You could also go in for a coffee table with drawers to accentuate the tidiness to the next level.

Make Your Coffee Table Practical

7. Give Your Coffee Table a Personal Touch

Curios, figurines and other memorabilia that you picked up during a memorable trip are great ways to add a personal touch to your coffee table. Not only will they be a constant reminder of those good times, but they can also be interesting conversation starters with people you entertain.

Give Your Coffee Table a Personal Touch

8. Use Books as a Decoration and as Conversation Starters

Most of us are guilty of keeping the same books for years without ever reading them on our coffee tables. Replace those books with the ones you are currently reading. If you are having someone over, it would be interesting to open the book to a page that you would feel is suitable enough to spark a thought-provoking conversation with your guests. This would also give them an insight into your personality as well.

Use Books as a Decoration and as Conversation Starters

9. Experiment with Glass Coffee Tables

You should consider a modern glass coffee table if you have a small living room. It will make the room look less cluttered and give the appearance of being more spacious. Unlike a wooden coffee table, it does not draw away attention from your showpieces.

Experiment with Glass Coffee Tables

Another great advantage of using glass coffee tables is that if you have a beautiful rug or a carpet you wish to display, they do not get hidden under them.

10. Use a Lamp on Your Table

Adding a table lamp to your coffee table is a creative way to brighten your living space. Apart from the added benefit of adding some extra lighting, if positioned cleverly, they can add focus and accentuate the beauty of your showpieces.

Use a Lamp on Your Table

11. Go Minimalist

Going minimalist can work in two ways. A minimalistic look will work great for smaller living rooms where having less furniture gives the illusion of a spacious room. If your decor is heavy, a simple, minimalist, modern coffee table can bring the right balance to your living room.

Go Minimalist

12. Add Some Board Games to Your Coffee Table

Placing a board game such as chess or checkers is a great way to decorate your coffee table and also engage your family members and guests alike. It can add an element of fun to your conversations. Bonus points if the game you have on display is well crafted and looks exquisite.

Add Some Board Games to Your Coffee Table

In a Nutshell

Coffee tables play an integral role when entertaining family or guests. You should take the time to carefully design yours to best suit your decor and needs. The above tips should get you started in the right direction to design your stylish modern coffee table giving it the finish or appearance of being developed by a professional designer. If you’re looking for luxury coffee table ideas, you can visit Interior Company for expert guidance. 

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Q.  What finish should I use for my modern coffee table?

Since coffee tables see a lot of use and may experience the odd drink being spilt on them, a good waterproof finish like varnish or touchwood is recommended for your coffee table. You could also add a layer of protection by rubbing on a fine layer of beeswax and polishing it to a shine. Beeswax has been used for ages and is food safe.

Q. Is acrylic a good material for coffee tables?

The trend of acrylic furniture has been catching on in recent times. They are light and strong and add some airiness to your decor. The only thing you have to be careful about is that the surface is prone to scratches, so do be careful and keep the tabletop dust free.

Q. What is the best shape for a coffee table? Rectangular, square or circular?

Generally speaking, rectangular tables work best for smaller rooms, while square tables are better suited for larger living rooms with higher seating configurations. You can consider round or oval tables if you have toddlers or small children, as they do not have any sharp edges.