Inventive Wooden Partitions For Your Living Room

Published On: Oct 13, 2021

Do you want to save living room space but want privacy too from those nosy guests? 

Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Our perfect idea is to include wooden partition walls in your living room. Don’t be shocked!

These composite wooden partitions for the living room can also be used with different ranges of style, sophisticated or traditional designs, color schemes, coating, veneers, and in many several ways. Also, they are affordable and functional.

If you choose to take assistance from professionals like us, we will make sure to make these wooden dividers for the living room a perfect style statement of your personality and standard under your preferred budget. 

To make you understand the idea, creativity, and design of such wooden living room partitions we have created a pile of ideas. You can explore these “19 + 1 Inventive Wooden Partitions For Your Living Room” and pick your best one.

Believe us, you will be amazed to see such iconic wooden partition walls for the living room. 

Here, explore the collection and let us know your thoughts at the end!

1. Functional Yet Elegant

simple wooden partition wall

You can use this simple, functional and yet elegant looking wooden partitions in the living room. The straight line and open shelves subserve the objective of separating the living and dining room. You can also use its open space for placing your books, your little indoor plants and a few decor items as per your choice.

2. Cover the Corner with Rectangles

Another wooden living room partition idea is using the combination of vertical and horizontal rectangles and squares. You can use the space to show off the accessories and add a classic look to your living space. You can also add LED lights to make your room glow or make accessories glow.

3. Oblongs Green Pride

living room partition ideas with indoor plants

Another creative and inventive wooden living room partition idea is to use oblong designs and fill them with indoor lush green plants. You can even add a self-watering system to keep your small indoor plants green for a long time. This beautiful green wooden structure can make your living space look more beautiful and dignified.

4. Play Date With the Shapes

wooden partition for living room

You can use this wooden partitions with a different shape. One with a curved shape and a flatter one. Both shapes serve a different purpose that can add class to your modern living room. The flat part can be used for placing your artifacts or antiques and the curvy edges work as a double shelf where you can place books and small indoor plants.

5. Wooden but White

white wooden partitions

To match the colour scheme or to brighten up your space you can add a wooden partition with white coats and use its large open shelves for placing different things such as antique vases, plants, books, and different traditional artifacts. You can also add colourful decor items to accessorize the beauty of your living space. This wooden divider will embrace the entranceway of your house.

6. Intimate Vertical Elements

Placing your sofa back against a wall is too old fashioned now. Therefore, we have a wonderful idea of using intimate elements as a wooden living room partition. And, in an open layout, you can use vertical slats with a copper metallic look. Though the slats are made of wood, the metallic copper paint on them can give them an eclectic look. It will look great and the reflection of light on those wooden coated slats will create brightness. On the other hand, it will create a cosy feel or a feeling of home.

7. Wooden Light Filters

There are many wooden dividers for the living room that are spacious and big or have vertical slats. But using a latticed wooden partition can make your living room stylish and graceful. The design of this wooden partition will also help light or natural light to come and spread over your space forming a beautiful design.

8. Partition with Artistic Sway

artistic wooden living room partition

You can add an artistic panel with the help of a wooden partition. For example - you can use laser-cut patterns and add osm aesthetics to your living room. Also, you can add a mural beside your wooden living room partition that will look beautiful when you enter your house or living room.

9. Traditional Warmth

These wooden partition walls in your living room will give your living room entrance a traditional warmth. As you can see the use of traditional wooden elements in different forms gives a simple and stylish look to your living room. You can also use open shelves for decorating your space.

10. Comely Inches

Another version of wooden partition design for the living room is using small design alternatives between laser-cut and niches that you can also use to decorate motifs that enhance the open space look in your living room.

11. Captivating Carving

wooden partition for living room with laser cut design

The beautiful laser cutting wooden carvings behind your sofa will give your living room a royal look. This gorgeous design gives a sensual look that brings life to your place. You can use the colour in contrast format such as the wooden carving is dark in colour and the floor, other decors, and a sofa set are of bit light colour.

12. Royal Entrance

The two wooden panels with old-fashioned jali work give the entrance of your living room a sophisticated look. You can also coat your jali and its wooden frame with gold paint for a more impressive and authoritative look.

13. Wooden Slat Partition Walls

Wooden Partition for Living room

Using wooden slat doors that give an elegant appearance to your space is an inventive and creative idea. These slat wooden partition walls can also be used in small spaces to give your dining and living room a perfect separation and space.

14. A Bookshelf to Keep You Busy

[caption id="attachment_9548" align="alignnone" width="860"]wooden partition for living room with a book shelf Living room interior with standing canvas, shelf, wall partition, armchair and window. Grey design, using pendant lamp, wood panels and concrete floor. Concept of modern house. Mock up. 3d rendering[/caption]

You can use a massive bookshelf that can divide your room and can be used for creating space. You can arrange books in different formats on different shelves to create a separate look and spacious look as well.

15. Intricately Carved Wooden Partition

There are times when intricacy wins your heart over simplicity. This delicately carved wooden pattern will make your living space look like an old Japanese house.

16. Pixelated Partition

mettalic look partition for living room

This wooden metallic look pattern with pixelated design can amaze anyone and can easily grab your guest's attention. It can easily blend and give your living space an industrial look of an urban loft.

17. Wood partitions turned into vegetal walls

wooden partition walls for living room

This frame-like structure will easily divide your living room from the other half of your house. It can give an intimate feel to all your guests. It looks different but it is a great element for decorative purposes. The shelves can be used for placing plants or books or other miniature artifacts.

18. The rustic flavour

Using a rustic look you can give your living room a unique flavour of tradition and modernization. This look is considered as a countryside look and houses but in a more clean way.

19. Magical Wood & Colorful Glass

Using colourful glasses with a wooden partition structure is a perfect combo to make your living room look like an old house just out of old Bollywood houses. The stained glass hall-dining partition idea looks like a masterpiece. In fact, the colourful pattern adds a glamorous touch to your space.

20. Playing with altitude

If you have a tall residence and if not managed properly can become a problem for you. Therefore, you can use the tall, vertical, slats and arrange the climber plants properly around them. When the climbers grow the slats will get covered and make your living space look greener and beautiful.

Pack up & Wrap Up!

We are sure that these wooden partition wall ideas for the living room have impressed you. So, what are you thinking now? Grab your cell and call us now and make your living room a style statement with these wooden living room partition ideas.