10 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Updated On: May 24, 2024

Renovating your kitchen, or even just wanting a fresh new look, doesn’t require you to go broke. We have a set of amazing and efficient ideas that will make you design (or redesign) your kitchen in a budget-friendly way.

From clever storage hacks to simple decor updates, these affordable ideas will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen but also infuse it with a refreshed and inviting aesthetic. Read on to find out our top 10 affordable design ideas for upgrading your kitchen and making it look like it is straight out of a lifestyle magazine.

Upgrade the Hardware for an Easy Transformation

Upgrade the Hardware- Ways to Make Kitchen Look Expensive

This one is probably a no-brainer ' just renovate the hardware of the kitchen. It is a remarkable yet cost-effective kitchen redecoration method, and you have the capacity to be as creative as you'd like. From brushed nickel to matte black or antique brass, the right finish can enhance the overall theme of your kitchen, whether it’s modern, rustic, or traditional.

Experiment with mixing and matching different styles, like combining contemporary handles with classic knobs. This eclectic approach allows you to infuse your kitchen with a sense of individuality and charm, creating a space that reflects your personal style. Matching the finish of your cabinet hardware with your faucet or appliances creates visual harmony, tying together the entire aesthetic of your kitchen.

Replace the Cabinet Doors for an Elegant Transformation

Replace the Cabinet Doors for an Elegant Transformation- Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on a Budget

Breathe new life into your culinary space by exploring cabinet doors. A simple and efficient way of changing the look of your entire kitchen with minimal investment, replacing your cabinet doors with interesting new choices is sure to be a transformative journey.

Whether you're opting for brand-new doors or refurbishing existing ones through sanding and refinishing, it is a cost-friendly option either way and dramatically changes the entire look of your kitchen.

If sleek and contemporary is your vibe, you can't go wrong with glass or high-gloss doors, infusing a touch of glamour that elevates the overall ambience. They also give a more open and airy feel during the day when the light reflects off the cabinet doors, making your space look larger. Moreover, the classy and elegant look it brings to your kitchen will turn it into a modern and sleek wonderland.

Transform Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel

Transform Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel - Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Revamp the look of your kitchen by giving your appliances a stainless steel makeover. No need to fret if you don't have stainless steel appliances. A paint-on stainless steel finish works just as well in refreshing the look and feel of appliances that are still in good working order. This will give your slightly old or worn-down appliances a glossy new look.

Start by thoroughly cleaning and prepping the surfaces of your appliances. Any grease, grime, or residue can affect the adherence of the paint, so a clean canvas is essential. Once your appliances are pristine, use painter’s tape to protect areas you don’t want to paint, such as handles or buttons.

However, while choosing the right paint, make sure you research the different kinds carefully. There are a number of different formulations of liquid stainless steel, and you need to find the one suitable for your appliances.

Brighten Up With Light Colors

Brighten Up With Light Colors- Ways to Make a Budget Kitchen Look Expensive

Choosing a light colour scheme for both your walls and cabinets serves as a transformative strategy to instantly enhance the overall feel of your kitchen. Light hues possess the remarkable ability to amplify the sense of space, creating an illusion of a larger, airier environment.

Keep it fresh with a baby blue on the countertops that goes with both light and dark wood furnishing. The light hue of the colour will brighten up any other decorative elements you add to your kitchen. Using gold-hued decorative items and expansive goblets go perfectly with the baby blue hues as well.

Lighting Transformation

Lighting Transformation- Tips to Make Kitchen Look Expensive

Chandeliers and pendants are ideal accessories to illuminate your culinary space and infuse it with a distinct mood and personality. Unlike standard lights that often come with homes or rentals, these statement lighting fixtures offer an opportunity to introduce a unique and unexpected element. This adds a touch of individuality to the most frequently used room in your home.

Chandeliers, with their elegant and often intricate designs, serve as a captivating focal point that draws the eye upward. Go for a classic crystal chandelier for timeless sophistication. It will focus the lighting on the centre of the room, and placing it right above an open bar or counter will make it look luxurious and enchanting.

Spice it Up With Artwork

Spice it Up With Artwork- Steps to Make Kitchen Look Expensive

Unlike structural modifications or major design alterations, hanging art allows for a temporary and reversible way to infuse your kitchen with your personal style. Go for sizable pieces of art that add a sense of grandeur to the space. Specifically for a minimal kitchen, using a splashy, colourful piece of art can immediately spice up your kitchen decor. A peaceful and refreshing look can be achieved with the choice of artwork you make. Just make sure you keep it out of reach of the sink or hob, and then you're free to get creative.

Upgrade With Window Treatments

Upgrade With Window Treatments- Ways to Make Kitchen Look Expensive

Window treatments are a relatively simple yet impactful design choice that brings warmth, texture, and visual interest to your kitchen, making it a more complete and refined area. They offer a myriad of design potentials, allowing you to tailor the ambience according to exactly what you want.

Blinds or shades provide a sleek and contemporary alternative, offering precise control over light and privacy levels. Venetian blinds or Roman shades can be adjusted to filter or block sunlight, enhancing the versatility of your kitchen’s atmosphere throughout the day. Plus, they add that royal look without putting in too much effort.

Stylise Your Kitchen Island

Stylise Your Kitchen Island- Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Give your kitchen a personal touch by adding some flair with some simple touches like interesting decor elements or sleek kitchen gadgets. Use the storage beneath your island wisely and make it a decorative and attractive piece by placing your antique cutlery, pots, or any statement kitchenware. By making these thoughtful adjustments, your kitchen island will become a design statement that showcases your unique personality and adds to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Declutter by Hiding Small Appliances

Declutter by Hiding Small Appliances- Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on a Budget

Clutter-free counter spaces contribute to a more organised and visually appealing kitchen. Nobody likes seeing a mess, after all. A seamless way to achieve that is by creating a specific cabinet for an “appliance garage” where small appliances can be neatly stored away. This dedicated space ensures that your countertops remain clear and uncluttered, promoting an organised and streamlined look.

If you want to go a step further, install pull-out shelves within cabinets to provide convenient access to small appliances. The incorporation of appliance garages with retractable doors is a stylish and functional solution.
Strategically planning built-in cabinets for specific appliances is an excellent way to seamlessly integrate them into your kitchen’s design. There will be no more visual distractions, your countertops will stay clean, and you'll enjoy a completely organised kitchen with just one little change.

Redecorate by Swapping the Decor

Swapping out tired decorative elements will instantly change the way your kitchen looks, and you can choose what suits your budget with the utmost creativity while doing so. Instead of traditional cutting boards, opt for statement pieces that double as both functional and decorative.

Choose cutting boards in unique shapes, materials, or patterns to add a touch of flair to your kitchen. This will instantly update the visual appeal of your kitchen and make it dynamic and interesting.

The Affordable Luxury Vibe for Your Kitchen

Remember, it’s not just about spending money'it’s about making thoughtful choices that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Swapping out decor, choosing light colours, and playing with lighting can all contribute to a fresh and inviting atmosphere. If you’re a design enthusiast who loves the idea of spicing up your kitchen and transforming the look of the place, our guide is the perfect place for you to find inspiration.
Beauty and aesthetics shouldn’t come with a price tag! With these simple ideas, you can create a kitchen that not only looks like it’s from a lifestyle magazine but also reflects your personal style and taste.

Looking for some more inspiring home decor ideas? Get in touch with our experts at the Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    What's the impact of light colours in a kitchen?

    Light colours can create an illusion of a larger, airier space, making your kitchen feel more open and inviting. They brighten up the area and complement various design elements.

    Are stainless steel paint finishes durable for kitchen appliances?

    Yes, with proper preparation and application, stainless steel paint finishes can be durable and provide a modern, cohesive aesthetic to your appliances.

    Can I replace cabinet doors without a major overhaul?

    Replacing cabinet doors is an efficient and budget-friendly way to change the entire look of your kitchen. It can be done with brand-new doors or by refurbishing existing ones with creative ideas like swapping the handles.

    What's the purpose of an appliance garage in the kitchen?

    An appliance garage is a designated space to neatly store small appliances, keeping your countertops clutter-free. It promotes an organised and streamlined appearance.

    Why is lighting important in kitchen design?

    Statement lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers and pendants, can infuse your kitchen with personality and serve as captivating focal points. Proper lighting enhances the overall ambience of the space.

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