12+ Temple Colour Combination: Exploring Harmonious Pooja Room Colour Ideas

Updated On: May 18, 2024
In our Indian culture, the Mandir holds a special place of significance, a centre of tranquillity and inner peace, adding a harmonious and divine vibe to the home. Therefore, choosing the right temple colour design that is Vastu-compliant enhances positivity and spirituality. Consider the size, direction of the pooja room and the natural light to make the space feel more open and bright. By integrating the principles of Vastu Shastra with colour psychology, opt for hues that blend with the interior style of your home and fill the space with happiness and prosperity. Let’s discover the inspiring temple colour combination ideas that bring peace and devotion to your holy space.

Pristine White Pooja Room Colour

Pristine White Pooja Room Colour

White ensures peace and serenity and is one of the best mandir wall colours, oozing elegance and purity in the space. Its neutral ambience reflects the light and enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the room. Whether you're looking for a traditional temple colour design or a modern meditative space, white elevates the pooja room décor. You can easily decorate the space with marble texture and minimal elements for a pleasing look.

Pristine White Pooja Room Colour

Otherwise, a traditional wooden mandir design with intricate carvings and gleaming brass bells will look regal against a white backdrop.

Blue Mandir Colour Design to Add Bliss and Devotion

Blue Mandir Colour Design to Add Bliss and Devotion

As per Vastu principles, lighter shades of blue endures tranquil and calming effects in the space. This soothing colour, reminiscent of ocean vibes, brings a sense of serenity and positivity. This temple colour design aids in maintaining focus conducive to spiritual connection. Additionally, deep blue can be used as an accent backdrop to the white marble mandir, offering a regal look. Embellish the space with brass lamps, bells and aromatic candles to make this Vastu-compliant pooja room welcoming.

Prosperous Yellow Mandir Colour Paint

Prosperous Yellow Mandir Colour Paint

Yellow, as a sun colour, is considered sacred in Indian homes, exuding positivity and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, a mandir facing northeast direction with a yellow colour drives harmonious vibes in the home. This sunshine hue has spiritual significance and lends a meditative vibe to the prayer room. Ideal for an accent wall, this cheerful mandir colour paint energises the space and uplifts the welcoming and invigorating feel.

Red Temple Colour Combination for Energy and Strength

Red Temple Colour Combination for Energy and Strength-

Red is the colour of Kumkum and symbolises energy, power and strength, but it may be too loud for a temple wall colour. However, you can use it as an accent to an off-white or yellow mandir colour design. A deep, matte red offers a sense of vitality and liveliness and incites a spiritual aura to the home. Adorn the pooja space with marble flooring and a counter for a more subtle vibe.

Green for the Harmonious Pooja Room Design

Green for the Harmonious Pooja Room Design

If you’re thinking of infusing the space that soothes the senses and brings a touch of the outdoors to your home, use green for the temple colour combination. This Vast-approved colour promotes growth and harmony, channelling positive vibes into the space. The nature-inspired hue fosters a peaceful and calming environment in the home. Add leafy plants and brass candles to embellish the space and take one step closer to the divine energy.

Auspicious Orange Mandir Colour Design for your Home

Auspicious Orange Mandir Colour Design for your Home-

Another holy temple colour design is orange, found in the auspicious elements, including saffron and marigold, often associated with prayers and offerings. Use this warm hue in the backdrop of a wooden mandir design to highlight the glory and visual allure of its gleaming idols and lamps. Subtly decorate the colour to enhance devotion and purity in worship and bring spiritual energy.

Enliven the Pooja Room with a Rich Gold Colour

Enliven the Pooja Room with a Rich Gold Colour

Could anything be more refined and divine than a puja room painted in golden hues? This mandir room colour, dressed in the richness of gold with decorative elements and recessed lighting, creates a luminous atmosphere for a reverent aura. This Vastu-compliant metallic hue elevates the functional and aesthetic balance of the space, adding an ounce of bling to your home.

Peaceful Blue and White

Peaceful Blue and White- Temple Colour Combination

There is something so unique about the tranquil blue and white temple colour combination that creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere. White panelling and cabinetry against the blue backdrop enhance the openness and liveliness of the room. The soothing blue hue gives your puja room a clean and serene feel, fostering a spiritual and sacred vibe. Additionally, these colours invite peace and divine power in your home.

Green and Gold Mandir Colour Combination for Home

Green and Gold Mandir Colour Combination for Home

Certain shades of green, like mint, olive or sea green, look stunning and are Vastu-compliant. Introduce decorative elements in gold finish to embellish the space and bring richness, prosperity and harmonious balance to the home. For those seeking a vibrant yet ethereal ambience, choose these temple colours.

Eternal Orange and Gold For Pooja Room

Eternal Orange and Gold For Pooja Room- Mandir Colour Paint

Bright Orange and dull gold temple colour combination form a traditional and earthy space in the pooja room. Add wooden flooring and ceiling to enhance the warmth and spirituality. Gold bells and lamps enkindle prosperity and grandeur to the divine space. Further, the elaborate detailing and the diffused lighting casts a mystical aura in the interiors.

Multi-Coloured Mandir Design

Multi Coloured Mandir Design

Wish to create a vibrant and energetic worship space? Choose a palette of Vastu-approved colours, such as white, yellow and red, that lends a lively appeal. These mandir design colours are suited for workplace and office environments, creating a visually harmonious yet dynamic space.

Backlights for Temple Room

Backlights for Temple Room - Mandir Colour Combination

Give your pooja room a stunning makeover with a backlight design that adds brightness and texture to the space, elevating the overall room visually appealing. Instead of using a single temple colour design, embrace the bespoke panel designs to create a unique space in your house. Gleam up the space with recessed lighting to infuse divine charm and warmth.

Wood Panel and White Mandir Colour Paint

Wood Panel and White Mandir Colour Paint

Looking for an elegant and Vastu-friendly temple colour design? Integrate white colour with wood panels to your pooja space that exudes tranquillity and peace. This modern and minimal design allures functionality and finesse, bringing a sense of inviting appeal to the room. The wooden textures balance the brightness of the white, adding warmth to the space and the subtle lighting beams with refined grace.

Which Colours to Avoid for the Temple Colour Design as per Vastu?

Dark colours, like black, purple and charcoal grey, encourage negativity and should be avoided. These colours make the space feel cramped and lack optimism too.

Divine Home!

Mandir in Indian homes is the most positive space. So, choose a temple colour design that elevates the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space. Follow the Vastu principles and understand the significance of each hue to create an uplifting environment conducive to prayers, positivity and peace.

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    Which colour is good for the temple wall?

    Serene shades like white, blue and green, and energetic tones, such as orange and yellow, are the best colour combinations for the temple. Use copper and brass objects in your pooja room to accentuate the decor.

    What temple colour brings luck and prosperity?

    Red, yellow, and green are the three primary shades that attract prosperity and abundance.

    Which colours are best for wall-mounted mandir design?

    Yellow, white, red, and green are the mandir room colours that usher harmony, peace and prosperity into the homes.

    What is the ideal direction for a mandir design in a house?

    According to Vastu principles, the pooja room should face the north or east direction to usher prosperity, positivity and success in home.

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