15 Trendiest Interior Design Styles Defined

Published On: Aug 30, 2022

While decorating any space, you might have come across different interior design terminologies like contemporary, art-deco, and eclectic that are hard to understand or require more explanation. These terms refer to the interior design styles that have diverse characteristics and differ from each other. Being able to understand different interior design styles, can help you identify your personal style and seek out more of your preferences.

From Bohemian to transitional, Mid-century modern to Scandinavian, here is a quick rundown of the15 trendiest interior design styles that are all the rage in 2022.

Read and bookmark this design style guide for décor inspiration for your home!

Art- Deco Design Style

Usually characterised by its sleek curves and lines, as well as lush fabrics, and rich jewel tones, this home design style has undergone a major transformation in recent years, re-emerging itself in modern homes. The Art-Deco evokes opulence, glamour, and brings visions of 1920s Great Gatsby-esque design to mind. 

Art- Deco Design Style

Today's take on updated art deco style is playful with asymmetry and curves like in sofas, chaises, and carpets. Geometric silhouettes, natural themes, trapezoids, zig-zag, and luxe accents add to the elements of art-deco style. 

How to Style?

Bring this nostalgic interior theme to your home with gleaming accents like candlesticks or decanters, motif wallpapers, or zebra print rug to make a bold statement. 

Asian Zen Design Style

If you are looking to create a simple, minimal design, yet uniquely layered then the Asian Zen interior design style might be the best option for your home. Asian Zen interiors are all about celebrating natural elements in your decor to create a serene environment. It draws inspiration from design elements of Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand,  incorporating plants, water features and natural fibre materials into the decor.

Asian Zen Design Style

Plants are the key elements of the Asian Zen design style like bonsai trees, bamboo, snake grass, and the dracaena plant that reinforce your palette with soothing greens. Moreover, keep your Zen home clutter free and choose streamlined furniture to create a sense of harmony and balance within the space. 

How to Style?

Choose simple, clean lines and muted colours to enhance this style's sense of calmness in your homes. 

Bohemian Design Style

Gaining momentum as one of the most popular types of interior design in recent times, bohemian decor celebrates an avant-garde lifestyle that is known for its free-spirited aesthetics. Boasting a globally inspired collective look of furniture and decor acquired from antique stores and world travels. 

This home decor style is an eclectic mix blend of rich patterns, metallic surfaces, and vibrant colours. Layer up bohemian style decor with lush fabrics like handwoven Moroccan rugs, Japanese block prints, and vintage-inspired throws and pillows.In boho-inspired home themes, you'll see plenty of natural materials, tapestries, and macramé planters creating a relaxed vibe while adding dimension to a room.

How to style?

Choose low-lying furniture and layer up with comfortable throw cushions, wall weaves and statement chandeliers to create a hybrid boho look. 

Contemporary Design Style

Not synonymous with modern design styles, contemporary interiors are ever-evolving. On the other hand, modern refers to anything forward-thinking from several decades. This type of interior design style can be incorporated into every room in the house-be the bedroom, living room or even kitchen. 

Contemporary Design Style

Contemporary interior design style seamlessly blends classic elements with trendy modern pieces that never feel fussy, stuffy or dated. Furniture tends to keep a low profile and shows exposed straight legs to create a feeling of space. Metals, glass, and graphic elements in the artwork are its crowning glories, giving an elegant look to the space. 

How to Style?

Bring a room together through luxurious simplicity, clean lines, geometric silhouettes, and solid hues with finishes that define this timeless home decor style. 

Charming Coastal Design Style

Inspired by the ocean, the coastal interior design style features wood, stone, or sea glass that lends an airy and calming vibe to the room. Common coastal colour palettes include sea and sky blues and earthy browns and greens, for a relaxed yet elegant finish. 

Charming Coastal Design Style

Furniture is defined as simple and streamlined with a few decorative details, wicker and rattan furniture add the zest to the beachy vibe. Furthermore, introduce more natural elements like shells, starfish, driftwood, coral, and tropical motifs to bring nature inside your home. The overall design theme embodies clean and light decor like a breath of fresh air. 

How to Style?

Infuse the spirit of the sea by incorporating themed wall art, indigo patterns, soft light colours, sheer curtains and wicker furniture to reinforce this décor

Eclectic Design Style

Eclecticism is all about creativity, a melange of old and new, luxury and salvaged- basically a bit of everything. This playful design style brings contrasting style elements, combining and juxtaposing furnishings from different eras brought together to create a rich mix of an eccentric design. 

Choose a core colour in the background to highlight the accessories and furniture whilst letting your eclectic home decor sing. Rooms designed with this home decor style have multiple focal points, so the catch is to create an engaging design using similar colours or textures, so it doesn't overwhelm the eye. 

How to Style?

Forget the interior rulebook and just collect eye-catching things to mix and match to create a cohesive look. 

Luxe Design Style 

If you love the glitter and glamour and sumptuous feel of satin, then the Luxe interior design style might be just for you. The origins of this design theme can be traced back to the Golden Era of Hollywood- the  Hollywood Regency Style (popular between the 1920s ' 1950s.) 

Luxe Design Style 

Luxe design style is an interpretation of Hollywood Regency in modern homes that exudes opulence and elegance. Large mirrors, statement lighting and patterned textiles define the luxe style. This home design style can be merged with other decor styles like boho or coastal-  'boho luxe' or 'coastal luxe'

How to Style?

Liven your home interiors with rich colours, glossy finishes, and metallic accents to get an ultra-glam look.

Industrial Design Style

Inspired by an urban loft or perhaps an industrial warehouse, this design style considers function first, then form. This edgy interior design style is known for exposed ceilings or beams, pipes, and brick or concrete walls. 

Industrial-style home themes typically feature open floor plans, massive windows, and soaring ceilings. Colours and furniture tend to veer neutral and raw, with light walls and rustic wood, metal, and leather. 

How to Style?

Add the industrial touch to your home, using dark grey tones, leather finishes, metallic accents and exposed pipes and ductwork for a raw edgy feel.

Mid-century Modern Design Style

The interior design style trend that's here to stay- Mid-Century Modern, inspired from the mid-50s to 70s for a clean retro Danish feel. Simple clean lines, organic shapes, quiet fabrications, contemporary patterns and an emphasis on functionality are hallmarks of mid-century modern design style. 

Natural materials, especially wood and rusty metals, are celebrated and used abundantly. Moreover mid-century modern furnishings look great in almost any room bringing a distinctive style to the home. 

How to Style?

To create a mid-century modern vibe in your home, choose streamlined furniture with moodier hues like burnt orange, rust, or turquoise and layer with abstract prints to complete the look. 

Minimalist Design Style

'Less is more'- the design philosophy of the minimalist interior style focuses on clean spaces, simple finishes and decluttered decorating. It started in the early twentieth century and continues to prevail in many aspects of modern life, including Indian interior design styles.  

A colour palette of muted neutrals or black and white is induced in minimalist home decor styles not to detract from its simplicity. It takes notions from modern and Scandinavian touches and simplifies them further. This design theme never goes out of style when done well and makes small spaces appear larger. 

How to Style?

Embrace minimalism with a concise colour palette, tonal textiles and printless fabrications for added warmth and richness. 

Modern Farmhouse Design Style

The modern farmhouse style is defined by warmth, practicality, comfort, and a homely vibe to a simpler lifestyle. Today's take on the modern farmhouse design theme is rooted in rustic country charm with a hint of minimalistic decor emphasizing comfort and casual living. 

Modern Farmhouse Design Style

This type of interior design style is a vibrant mix of chic elements from the countryside, heirlooms and artistic pieces that celebrate individuality. Organic and natural materials are the essence of modern farmhouse home decor. For an elegant modern farmhouse kitchen use sleek white marble countertops and a large farmhouse sink. 

How to Style?

Bring in neutral colours, natural fibres, and dramatic light fixtures to create a comfortable sophisticated environment for your home. 

Rustic Design Style

The rustic interior theme emphasises natural traces, outdoor charm, and weather finishes, to celebrate the authentic beauty of nature. This design style is a combination of the farmhouse and industrial themes and fuses a mix of elements to create a cosy, beautiful space.

Rustic Design Style

This home design style is most commonly used in the kitchen and living rooms. Neutral tones complement the rustic decor and make the features stand out.  The use of natural materials and fabrics creates a comfortable and relaxed environment. 

How to Style?

Create a fusion mix of statement-making furnishings, industrial pendants, and leather chairs to form a beautiful cosy space. 

Scandinavian Design Style

Increasingly popular across the globe, Scandinavian interior design style emphasizes simplicity and functionality over decoration that's universal in appeal. Neutral colours, clean-lined furniture, and natural materials (wood, furs and indoor plants) are the hallmarks of this design style. 

In Scandi interiors, limit window treatments and let the light in to make a space look brighter and more inviting. Further, combine wood and metal finishes for added warmth and texture. The Scandinavian interior theme is all about a balanced and curated mix of elements. This type of interior design style works beautifully in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

How to Style?

Embrace the concept of Danish Hygge ( to comfort) with wame textiles such as throws and carpets and simple decorative accents in neutral greys and whites to make your space shine with Scandi style

Traditional Design Style

Traditional design style is undergoing a resurgence and we find ourselves falling for the state of art rooms and beautiful antiques all over again. Inspired by traditions of 18th and 19th-century interiors, this timeless interior design style is defined by Symmetry, harmony, and understated elegance. 

Traditional Design Style

It features classical furniture, intricate details, mid-tone rich colours, and expansive wall treatments that exude elegance and comfort. The core idea of the traditional Indian interior design style is to create a home that is inviting and warm. Most people incorporate this style in a unique way that speaks of personal style while making a statement. 

How to Style?

Introduce traditional furniture pieces, warm textiles and patterns in similar tone colours to create a rich, cosy and inviting feel. 

Transitional Design Style

An interesting juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary design styles, the transitional interior design combines the old with the new to achieve elegant yet timeless interiors. 

Transitional Design Style

Some highlights of this home decor style are soft lines, sophisticated furniture, distinct focal points, metallic accents, and neutral colours. The transitional interior design style is visually striking and uniquely boasts balance while lending a home warmth and a relaxed feel.

How to Style?

Create a rich blend of design styles and elements with subtle colours, contemporary furniture, and exquisite accessories to own this style

Decoding your Style

That's the wrap of all the interior design styles that are trendy and unique in their own way, so it is up to you to find the style that suits your taste and space. Whether you blend traditional furniture with a modern colour palette or introduce luxe elements into your boho-style bedroom or go for a beachy vibe ' the choice is yours. For more details on interior design ideas contact our experts at Interior Company.

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    What are the 4 types of interior design?

    Four types of interior design are Contemporary Interior Design style, Traditional interior designing Style, Modern style of interior design, and Industrial interior design style.

    How many types of interior design styles are there?

    Interior Design styles are abundant and unique, so choose a style or blend two or more that suits your space and taste.

    What is modern style interior design?

    Modern Interior Design features clean and simple colour schemes, polished surfaces and strong geometric shapes, creating an inviting environment.

    What are concepts in interior design?

    The interior design concept is a visual theme that defines all the design elements focused upon. There are varied interior design themes that can be implemented in the homes like Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Minimalist, Scandinavian, and many more discussed above.

    Why are themes important in interior design?

    Themes are essential in home decor setting the foundation for the rest of the space. There are various different interior design styles to choose from that speaks uniquely to you.

    How do I choose an interior design theme?

    To choose an interior design theme for your home that reflects your style consider your home location, and the size of the property, analyse your preferences and look for inspiration at Interior Company.

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