Stunning Kitchen Designs To Inspire Your Next Kitchen

Published On: Jan 07, 2022

The rules and requirements of an Indian kitchen can be very different from the Western setup. We can get all the inspiration from the sleek, minimalist, and modern kitchen images in design magazines and blogs but designing an Indian kitchen can be a whole different story. However, we can still take inspiration from themes and elements from across the world to work into our "kitchen design.

Whether you are looking for ideas to aid your kitchen to remodel or not, these sets of kitchen decor are bound to make you consider remodeling.

Kitchens with Themed Designs

Kitchen decor has endless possibilities and sometimes the overwhelming amount of ideas around you can leave you confused and unsure of where and how to start. Designers often find inspiration in styles and themes that are time-tested and always in trend. Some of these home kitchen designs are based on such themes.

  1. This rustic modern kitchen has a strong Chinese influence in its decor.
  1. Dark blue cabinetry, brass hardware, open shelving all come together perfectly in this Paris bistro-style kitchen decor.
  1. This restaurant-inspired kitchen in stainless steel and dark wood veneer finishes brings out the master chef in your home.
  1. This Japanese Wabi-Sabi themed kitchen epitomizes a sense of peace and zen.
  1. This mid-century modern style kitchen decor is effortlessly minimalistic and has a strong visual connection with the dining area.
  1. Art deco design style works with bold details and geometric accents.

Styled kitchen with Indian Decor 

Here are some functional, yet stylish kitchen designs that scream traditional Indian aesthetics.

  1.  A modern makeover with the traditional look and feel is recreated. 
  1. Vastu-approved color schemes with dark wood cabinetry bring to life this traditional kitchen. 
  1. Warm yellow cabinets complementing the earthy tones on walls and floor feel like a quintessential Indian home kitchen.

Kitchens with Small and Compact Designs

Do not let the size of the space limit your decor plans. Look at these inspiring small kitchen ideas that beat the odds of tight space to create. 

  1. The combination of clean white surfaces interrupted by warm wood textures adds warmth and life to the kitchen.      
  1. With the play of rich colors and bold texture, this tiny kitchen is visually soft and gentle without compromising on functional needs.
  1. Teal shades have warm undertones that create comfortable and inviting kitchens with modern decor.
  1. This inky-hued, cozy, and snug kitchen is the perfect inspiration if you wish for spaces in your home to have layers of texture and color.

Kitchens Inspired with Eclectic Designs

Coming together of dissimilar styles, textures, colors in a cohesive and visually appealing manner is what eclectic style is all about. If your design style layered styles, experimentation, and playfulness, these kitchen decors are for you.

  1. With patterned backsplash, chequered flooring, vivid colors of cabinetry, and overflowing natural green this kitchen oozes style.
  1. Soft tines of the walls, cabinets and countertops, geometric black and white flooring, bright red chairs all come together perfectly. 
  1. Mix and match is the key. This eclectic kitchen features multicolored cabinetry, solid wood windows, and shelves, stainless steel counter set against plain white walls.

Kitchen Decor with Monochrome shades

Monochromatic kitchen themes can be difficult to be done right; it is a timeless style worth trying. Despite the complexities and challenges involved these kitchens can create stunning and original looks in your homes. Here are some examples. 

  1. It's bold! It’s beautiful! That is all that needs to be said about this contemporary monochrome kitchen.
  1. All black kitchens can sound frightening to experiment with. But black steel kitchens like this will help you be daring and experimental with your decor ideas.
  1. Monochromatic color schemes do not always have a sleek, contemporary style and finish.

Kitchen with Accents Decor

The understated color palette and simple cabinetry can sometimes be dull and uninspiring. Accent decor features can bring panache and drama into space in such situations.  Find inspirations on how to use accent elements to elevate the style and uniqueness of your kitchens.

  1. The oversized hanging light fixture dominated the visual field in this simplistic kitchen.
  1. This kitchen style might make you want to invest in colorful retro-style appliances for your kitchen.
  1. Accents can be anything that stands out in the entire space, and this pop of yellow has that effect.

Kitchens inspired by Floor and Ceiling 

With all the vertical surfaces of walls and cabinetry is the priority in kitchens, floors and ceilings are often neglected. Take a look at these kitchens that will make you rethink.

  1. The patterned floor demarcates the kitchen area.
  1. Black painted ribbed-styled ceiling adds interesting detail to this home kitchen.
  1. Strong lines running along the ceiling surface draw your attention.

Kitchen Ideas Inspired by Backsplash

Backsplashes are the easiest element to induce personality and character to the kitchens. Basic subway tiles, marble, natural stone, to wallpaper the choices for kitchen backsplashes are endless. 

  1. Shiny copper tiles against the matt blue cabinetry are the highlight of this modern kitchen design.
  1. Mirrors enhance the light quality in the room and create an illusion of elongating the space.
  1. Graphical prints and geometric patterns have taken upto the ceiling to become the focal point of kitchen decor.
  1. The seamless transition of the countertop onto the backsplash has a clean and minimalistic effect. 
  1. Creating patterns with clay tile and wood inlay, the blank white canvas gets an interesting twist.
  1. Terrazzo is no longer limited to flooring solutions.

Kitchen with Unconventional Looks

Everybody wishes for uniqueness and freshness in their home designs. Few of these kitchen ideas might just be the direction you needed to broaden your imaginations.

  1. While wood and brick are traditional materials, the geometry and form are original and fresh.
  1. Playful flow surfaces and geometry highlighted with the uniform wood texture at the backdrop are new and bold.
  1. Cohesive use of the pattern across surfaces in this black and white kitchen with the refrigerator door painted.
  1. Why hide your pots and pans in closed cabinets when they can create some striking sculptural elements.

Kitchens with Open Spaces

Open kitchen design is driven by free-flowing, interactive space, alfresco dining, and design style that is consistent with the rest of your house. Kitchens are not always high functioning spaces tucked inside a closed room as proven by the following examples.

  1. When kitchens are no longer closed rooms, the continuity of space through living, dining, and into the kitchen brings the family together.
  1. The design style of the kitchen seamlessly transitions into the living areas.
  1. With kitchen designs like this, you would want to open it to the rest of the house.
  1. A double-tiered island kitchen set in this neutral-toned kitchen is highlighted by clean sleek lines and planes.
  1. Geometric frames and straight lines are used to open up this studio apartment kitchen to the lounge and dining area.

Kitchens Inspired from Earthy Tones

Inspirations from the nature around you will always create the most inviting, snug, and cordial space for your family. Color tones and textures that are earthy and neutral are always great choices for kitchen schemes as demonstrated in these designs.

  1. The happiest color on the color wheel yellow used in abundance to create a warm and homey kitchen.
  1. The deep green hues paired with light wood shelves and flooring give the kitchen all the warmth and intimacy.
  1. The solid rough wood texture against the unfinished concrete surfaces in this open kitchen feels like an outdoor cooking area.

Kitchens Inspired by Cabinets

Cabinetry makes up the major part of your kitchen interior design. The 
  1. Gold-toned metal grates replace the traditional glass cabinet.
  1. Strong, and bold hues of red cabinets are accentuated with the interesting choice of ornate gold hardware.
  1. Grooved wooden panels in this modern, trendy kitchen.
  1. Rattan or Wicker weave on cabinet shutters is a great way to give your kitchens a rustic yet modern look.
  1. Shiny metallic surfaces that exude traditional elegance.
  1. Soft color tones and unusual shapes offer a lot of design flexibility.

Kitchens with Minimalistic style

Considering the nature of the activity, it is hard to visualize a kitchen as ‘minimalistic’. However, with smart layout planning and décor solutions, it is achievable. Sleek appliances, flat-front cabinets, clean straight lines, blend modern design with minimalist aesthetics.

  1. Simplistic layout, straight lines, and clutter-free decor define this modern kitchen.
  1. The comforting white color scheme with a spot of yellow in this kitchen creates a muted and serene ambiance. 
  1. This Scandinavian minimalist kitchen with neutral tones and uncomplicated design looks attractive and cozy.
  1. An effortless combination of simplest materials, forms, and composition is the key to minimalism.
  1. Irregular composition of cabinets, subtly concealed lighting and pastel tones reflect tranquility and calm.

Kitchens with Different Styled Textures

  1. Mid Century modern Glossy tiled backsplash, light-toned wood, and smooth engineered stone countertop create this modern industrial dramatic kitchen aesthetic.
  1. A retro-inspired kitchen with tiles over most surfaces is stylish and exciting.
  1. The intense effect of the wall gets balanced by the flat surfaces of warm wood and granite countertop.
  1. Warm wood tones, intricate backsplashes, and terrazzo counters create layers of texture to create this picture-perfect kitchen. 
  1. The green matt walls, unfinished countertop, gloss black cabinets, strong lines of wood grains, chrome light fixtures all form the texture-rich material palette for this kitchen.

Kitchens with Island Style

If the kitchen island has always been on your mind when planning your kitchen remodel, these well-designed kitchens might give you a few hints for designing your home kitchen.

  1. A futuristic and sculptural twist to the regular unit.
  1. Pop of color makes the space come alive.
  1. Built-in lighting enhances the island unit.
  1. Storage and shelves built into island kitchens unit.

Kitchens with Material Highlights

Preparing a well-thought material palette for your kitchen with the big picture in mind is crucial.  From dominant material to the accent pieces everything contributes to the completeness of decor.
  1. Brass accents and fitting add elegance and richness to soft tones surfaces.
  1. Exposed concrete surfaces are visually pleasing, durable, and functional. The clean bold countertops are modern and elegant.
  1. Marble is a kitchen design material that adds classy and timeless beauty to your kitchens.
  1. Nickel-plated copper sink that enhances the glamour factor of any kitchen.

Kitchens Inspired By Wood Themes

Wood is a popular material choice in Indian kitchens and used extensively in the form of veneers and laminates. The warmth and nature-inspired characteristics of this material make it ideal to get a cozy and homey ambiance.

  1. The bright and vivid shade of wood in this kitsch takes up almost all surfaces and delivers a cohesive and completely visual.
  1. Rich indigo-colored light hanging complementing the natural brown textures of shelves and white drawers sets a sensual and welcoming tone to the kitchen.
  1. OSB plywood is a humble material that has a strong impact in home decor.
  1.  Designers have been effectively incorporating this traditional material attractively into contemporary designs.

Kitchens Made Accessible with Shelving Solutions

Open shelves are not only money-saving but also make the room feel larger and more open. It gives you the option of adding display elements that bring in some character to the kitchen.

  1. Playful interspersing of solid and recessed surfaces to create shelves creates a focal point in this kitchen. 
  1. The continuous black cabinet surface is punctured with open boxy shelves.
  1. Single long floating layered shelves contribute to the simple and efficient kitchen styling.
  1. Sleek and stylish metal shelves that create interesting wall features.

Kitchens with White Palette

An all-white kitchen sounds chic and classy. Keeping the color scheme simple, leaves a lot of room for exploring textures, patterns, and accents. Smooth countertops and cabinet surfaces in simple white tones can create a bright and fuss-free space.

  1. Pristine white surfaces in this kitchen are kept interesting with textures, soft-toned wood flooring, and hints of red dispersed across space.
  1. The white decor feels the best when paired with neutral calming tones that make the space charming and cozy.
  1. White kitchens are a statement of elegance and style.
  1. The wooden floor and plethora of potted plants strewn across the room bring life and vibrancy to this white kitchen.

Kitchens with Dramatic and Dark and Theme

The stereotypical idea of kitchens to be designed as bright and white holds no value anymore. 

  1. Rich hues of wood, granite backsplash and wall renders theatrical visuals.


  1. Uniform color tone across space with accent cabinet knobs, wall light, countertops.
  1. If moody is your style, then this dark-toned kitchen should feel like a cocoon.
  1. Varying shades and tones of dark blue with designed light wood cabinets and contrasting floor and ceiling finishes.

Kitchens Styled with Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are design elements that infuse playfulness and fun into any space. Kitchen decor has multiple surfaces that can take on these stunning, visually pleasing patterns.

  1. The herringbone pattern is a tried and tested designer favorite that can hardly go wrong.


  1. This Art-deco inspired modern kitchen thrives on playful colors and patterns over multiple surfaces.
  1. The chessboard pattern running across the kitchen floor creates an illusion of a floating kitchen. 
  1. Busy floral motifs and patterns liven up the kitchen interior.
  1. Backsplashes are the perfect canvas for exciting accents.

Kitchens with Dazzling Color Schemes

Neutral tones are the safest bet but adding vibrancy through color schemes can make your kitchens stand out and be the space you show off to your guests. Some of these underexploited color themes can be the inspiration you need for Pinterest design worthy kitchen views.

  1. This grey and pink combination are all about chic and cool visuals.


  1. The beautiful blend of colors and textures in this blue and grey kitchen will leave your guests impressed without a doubt.
  1. Burnt orange and powdery blue are as pretty as a picture.
  1. The expanse of uniform glossy teal interposed with rustic brown and white tones dominates every corner of this kitchen.
  1. Soft and subtle colours are a treat for our eyes and pastel shades do just that! Blocks of pastel tone surfaces are chic yet timeless.
  1. A combination of white and yellow and brown creates the most pleasant and happy feeling.
  1. Deep purple cabinets with gold accents and dark flooring infuse a feeling of richness and opulence.


There is no shortage of kitchen design ideas in magazines, interior design brochures, and blogs. All you need to find is the right design images that inspire you to plan your next kitchen remodel. Food, family, and friends can come together and create beautiful moments in your beautifully designed kitchen.

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