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Published On: Sep 13, 2021

Decorating the wall design with wood is an essential step when looking forward to waking up in an artistic and aesthetic bedroom. If you feel that your bedroom looks unfinished or something is missing, just check on the wall décor and modernise and decorate it. The total experience in the room would change and provide a soothing feeling to the residents.

Best Ideas for wall designs and wooden partition

1. Wooden Wall Panelling

Wooden Wall Panelling

A rustic look in the bedrooms can be well created with a wooden wall panelling design through overlapping panels and curves in light Scandinavian wood. These are a perfect alternative option for LED lamps, wooden lamps that are naturally lit, wooden wall décor pieces, etc. The wooden decoration wall provides the required glow and warmth of wood within the homes.

2. Create a Cosy Element

Create a Cosy Element

Creating vertical slats of wood behind the bed is created to provide a much-needed cosy element in the bedroom. This kind of design gives full support and strength to the other furniture and enhances the brightness in the room. This is used to create a blend of an open and enclosed environment.

3. Artistic Panel Outlook

Artistic Panel Outlook

Artistic panels can be created through laser cut patterns and can also be complemented with mural art on the wooden moulding design. This adds a refined aesthetic look to the room and showcases the creative side of the area. People who want to boast about the latest trends and fashion and creativity always prefer panelling with designs.

4. Live Wall or Wooden Partition

Live Wall or Wooden Partition

A live wall or a wooden partition with small planters in the built-in slots gives a gorgeous green and serene look to the wall décor. The wood panel design offers a compact look, while the other side that is made green gives identification to two separate areas in the same place. A self-watering system can be installed to keep the place tidy and neat.

5. Tree House Effect

Tree House Effect

The childhood hammock can be recreated with the wall panel design for the bedroom in the background and the hanging bed idea. The hanging bed also gives a feeling of a treehouse amidst the forest if decorated in a jungle book pattern. Different tones of wood are used for the ceiling and wall for warm and simple contrasts.

6. Wall Almirah

Wall Almirah

A utility can be beautifully and artistically created with wooden almirah on the wall. The simple ceiling and the panels carved and grooved in the British concept poses an elegant look and provides the best utility.

7. Try Out Cute Rectangles

Try Out Cute Rectangles

A combination of horizontal and vertical rectangles and squares make very beautiful wooden partition designs between living dining. Along with adding style to the area, it can also be used to decorate with accessories. The light effects through various angles that can be fixed in the frame make the accessories attractive.

8. Go Bright with White

Go Bright with White

Coating the wooden wall panelling ideas brings out the brightness in the room and gives a natural light effect and experience. Though the shades of colours can be differently used, the wooden effect still persists and always gives an elegant and mesmerising look to the room.

9. Section with TV Units

Section with TV Units

TV wall design, when made in wooden material, highlights the wall elegantly and aesthetically. The different tones of wood, when used creatively, give a beautiful look. The wooden TV showcase design also is a very creative option for showcasing the TV unit. This area of the home is the most used area and should be beautiful, creative, full of utility yet elegant and attractive.

10. Warm Embracing Entrance

Warm Embracing Entrance

Wooden partition designs for homes are often built at the entrance to connect the living area with the garden. Several featured elements, such as lattice screens, can be used to hide some elements of the place beautifully. Also, wooden strips in the partition for the living room are often used to welcome natural light and proper ventilation. This kind of partition is also used as display shelves for accessories.

11. Trendy Pretty Niches

Trendy Pretty Niches

Another version for wooden partition walls for the living room is creating a beautiful niche that can be see-through on both sides or may also act as a wooden wall almirah design. The laser-cut decorative motifs along with the niches improvise the open space experience.

12. Add-On Glamourous Carving

Add-On Glamourous Carving

The plywood wall design and the carving are done profusely, a glamourous look to space. The laser-cut wooden partition design provides support to the furniture and separates the two areas of the place in an artistic and elegant way. The gorgeous and beautiful design offers a luxurious look to space, and it becomes the area that is the most attractive one in the home.

13. TV with Bonfire Partitions

TV with Bonfire Partitions

Wood TV showcase design along with a bonfire beneath is a trending design these days. It is a perfect utility place and makes a very good design of the wall in the living area. The wooden material makes the place more aesthetic than traditional. The wall can be highlighted with several tones of wood or can also be painted in different colours to create an artistic effect. Some beautiful shades and lamps make the wall more attractive and beautiful.

14. Cool Living Area Partition

Cool Living Area Partition

There are innumerable wooden living room partition ideas that create an out of the blue space and experience in the same area. The partition is used not only for separating two areas but to give an exotic look. The wooden designs are preferred by everyone due to their durability, desirability, warmth, and elegance. It provides a forever look to your home and is compatible with any kind of furniture and accessories.

15. Filter Partition Smartly

Filter Partition Smartly

The most important utility of wooden partition wall design is filtering lights or creating filters when the home is facing the street. A see-through partition can be created and designed in a way that the light, air, and ventilation are not blocked. Yet, the vision of the home for the outsiders is entirely blocked. This keeps your place private from the unwanted peep through elements.


The wooden designs for walls or for some part of the wall is the most trending design these days. It is also highly preferred in areas with lower temperatures to keep the warmth intact. The partitions to separate two areas of the home are beautifully carved, engraved, grooved, or designed in a way to have both utility and luxury.


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