10 Décor Ideas to Spruce Your Small Simple Kitchen

Published On: Feb 23, 2022

Substance and style - both can be incorporated into small kitchen spaces. Big kitchen spaces might have more room for decor, however, small kitchens feel cosier and exhibit an ideal atmosphere for good food, beautiful memories and joyous times. Accompany us in the ride of discovering organised, stunning and functional small and simple kitchen design ideas. Keep scrolling.

Small things make a big impact, so do the small kitchen spaces. Stylish decors are not just limited to big kitchens; you can uniquely modify your simple small kitchen into a beautiful corner.

From playing with colours, incorporating decorative accessories and reorganising areas to installing cabinets and designing countertops, there are numerous ways to turn a tiny kitchen into an ultra-classy one in your own awesome way. Here we've compiled a list of some amazing small simple kitchen design ideas as per everyone's style and taste. Take cues from these tips and gear up to add a modern touch to your favourite spot in the house.

1. Throw in Exposed Bricks

Open kitchens are a trend these days and make a small house appear big. Amidst several interesting open kitchen ideas, bricks have our heart. You can never go wrong with a brick wall that makes a bold visual statement in a room. Use bricks to design the backsplash in your open kitchen and keep the cabinets and rest of the walls in white to let the bricks stand out. Hang sleek pendant lights and place a beautiful vase for attaining that perfect small house modern kitchen design.

Throw in Exposed Bricks

2. Gloss and Glam of Work Triangle

Follow a kitchen work triangle approach for small modular kitchen designs. What catches our eyes in this kitchen design is the island that adds a dash of opulence to the decor. This approach says that your stove, sink and refrigerator must be placed in a triangle configuration. Work with high gloss units, wooden floor and ambient lighting to give your modular kitchen design a luxurious and dazzling look.

Gloss and Glam of Work Triangle

3. A Fine Blend of Light and Dark

Your small kitchen can have all the panache and class. Get creative with the colours and contrast to give your cooking room a perfect edge. Choose light shades like whites, creams and neutrals to paint the walls and make a combination of light and dark for the cabinetry. Opt for a countertop in grey and place some fresh plants by the window side to create a sleek, sophisticated and functional kitchen space.

A Fine Blend of Light and Dark

4. Practicality and Class Go Hand in Hand

It is imperative to design your kitchen practically and smartly. Additionally, make sure it has all the class and elegance to match up with the decor of your living room and bedroom. Think grey while choosing the colour for your cabinets and appliances and go for a white-tiled backsplash for attaining a subtle and practical look. Go for a combination of the door as well as open cabinets and festoon the open cabinets with exquisite decorative pieces for adding that wow factor.

Practicality and Class Go Hand in Hand

5. Ocean Like Opulence

Blue and white home decors are trending everywhere, be it Instagram or luxury interior design magazines. Forget the living room or bedroom and invite the refreshing beach vibes in your cooking space for those cheerful cooking sessions.

Ocean Like Opulence

6. Fabulous and Functional

Many modern homes have a Scandinavian theme since it is in trend. Create one for yourself as well and let your kitchen display your chic personality. Keep the rest of the decor simple in whites and neutrals to let the eyes roll. Hang a floor-to-ceiling curtain to cover the window and include colourful pots for adding a vibrant touch to the kitchen.

Fabulous and Functional

7. Play the Wood Game

Clean and classy is what this small and simple kitchen design ideas talks about. Create a wood wonderland in your tiny kitchen space by adding dark wooden cabinets.

Place a wooden dining table across the island space and also wooden chairs for seating. Hang sleek and stylish pendant lights in white and include silver appliances for achieving a luxurious look. Make sure to keep the walls and floor in a lighter tone to make your kitchen look less cramped and visually bigger.

Play the Wood Game

8. Renovate with Red

Bold kitchens are the epitome of modern homes and when it comes to colours like red, it always makes a perfect choice for bold decors. Install glossy red cabinets and go for the backsplash in black and white to add finesse. Black countertop and silver pendant lights will complete the look of this stunning kitchen.

Renovate with Red

9. Splashes of White

While looking for small L shape kitchen designs, you will come across a huge variety of white kitchens that not just invite simplicity and sophistication but also bring in cosy vibes. Keep it simple with upper and lower cabinets in white and add a dash of elegance with a wooden countertop and white tiled backsplash. Add some decorative plants that will complete the look of this L-shape simple kitchen design ideas for a small space and keep the decor clean and minimal.

Splashes of White

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10. Play with Patterns

Prints and patterns are always a good idea for small kitchen interior designs and you can never go wrong with Moroccan tiles while designing your cooking space. Create a minimalistic appeal in your small cooking room with grey lower cabinets and a backsplash flaunting a stunning Moroccan print. Install an open upper hanging cabinet and display stylish glasses and containers in the cabinet to add a more contemporary and minimalist look.

Play with Patterns

Wrapping It Up

We hope these interesting modern small kitchen ideas help you renovate your kitchen the way you are planning to and add character and class to it. These designs are not just a sight to behold but also enhance the functionality and space volume of compact cooking spaces.

Before you start implementing these styles, make sure you consult a professional to get it done in the right way. You can get in touch with the interior design professionals at Interior Company to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. They will guide you through tailor-made ideas considering your budget, taste, preferences and requirements.


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    What do I need to keep in mind to redesign a small kitchen?

    You need to keep efficiency, functionality and storage in mind while redesigning your small kitchen. Whether you have a single wall kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen or a small kitchen in the corner, it is important to ensure that you have enough space to store items and move around.

    What is the approximate price of a small modular kitchen design?

    The cost depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you hire a professional designer, they work around your budget and execute the idea as per your taste and requirement.

    How can I maximise small kitchen efficiency?

    Exposed cabinets are a great way to maximise your small kitchen. While the open shelves will make the space appear light and airy, a new layer of paint on the walls (preferably a light colour) will create the illusion of a bigger space.

    What questions should I ask a designer to redesign my kitchen?

    The list of questions that you can ask a kitchen designer is endless. From asking them about the latest design trends to how to maximise your cooking space, you can ask them about anything and everything that comes to your mind.