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Modern Smart Ideas to Set Small Kitchen In 2024

Published On: Sep 21, 2021


Everyone desires for a huge home with spacious rooms and a kitchen with the best interior to make it more appealing. However, it’s not so far when reality strikes and what you are left with is a compact kitchen. But little do we wander to convert this cute little space into a very spectacular mini kitchen with a small kitchen design with adequate storage space. So let’s have a look at 51+ small and simple kitchen designs to make your kitchen look elegant.

Varied Sizes of Storage Unit

Shortage of space in cabinets and pantry can lead to storage issues. You can use baskets and bins and blend them with your theme. It can be white as shown in the image or contrast of light and dark shades or complementing the kitchen dimensions. You can easily replace or change their place after a few intervals to get a different vibe and never get bored of the kitchen interior. Such low cost simple kitchen designs make an elegant look and add as a home décor serving a dual purpose.

Little Stools to Save Space

While having a good dining table for the whole family would be immensely hooked upon, small stools with a corner table can serve a similar purpose. When it's not in use, you can simply glide down the stools under the table to make more room. Small kitchen ideas like a spot for a flower pot can further enhance the look.

Go Green in Kitchen

If you are someone who likes to have a home garden but lacks to do so for space constraint. Then you can simply have few plants along with the window of your kitchen by hanging along with the rods and hooks. The hooks on the walls can also be used for having indoor plants and you can also place knives and handy items for quick use and enjoy your small kitchen size.

Chalkboard Wall

Have a unique look by one wall of a chalkboard to jot down your ingredients, shopping list, important stuff. You can also have a nice quote to stay motivated thus having good vibes. You can accompany small kitchen furniture or shelves to give a better look.

Mix Bright Colours

Though it is not a conventionally followed interior choice, it is believed that red colour enhances appetite. Red therapy can lead to delicious cooking. Instead of having practically the whole of your space as red, a small wall or shelf could also serve the purpose. A good combination with the interior is a must as this is an out of the box simple small kitchen design.

Plan Your Flooring Properly

The significant highlight of your modular kitchen designs for small kitchens can be the flooring. The small space it covers can add a spark to your cute place and give a bold look.

Glam Up with Pendant Lights

Adding one or two pendant lights will mark a classy look and give your simple kitchen a unique taste. Lit them up at night time and have a restaurant feel at home. The dimness of the light will brighten up your evening atmosphere.

Decorative Tile Stickers

Have a maze of decorative tiles on one part of your wall. This new fresh look will act like a star to the normal kitchen design. The veneer and white cré¨me look will complement it well enough to make it stand out from the normal kitchens.

Movable Kitchen Counter

Having a movable kitchen counter as an easy simple kitchen design can help you adjust the space and be very convenient in usage. A compact counter can easily fit any corner and can be used even as a dining table by adding chairs. It can be used for several purposes and is easy to maintain as well.

Open Shelf Style Décor

Open shelves can be tricky if not well-organized. Shelves can replace cabinets and it will make space look airier. Make sure not to clutter your stuff or it will look messy. A well-thought symmetry of jars and utensils with one or two showpieces can be eye-pleasing. Keep it neat and tidy.

Style with Glass Door

The beauty of having glass doors is the vibrant look it adds to your home. It also helps for making a small space look bigger than what it is. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Such a modern small kitchen design makes an appealing look.

Minimum Decor

The fewer things in your kitchen, the better it will look. It will keep your things easy to maintain and you will be amazed by the amount of free space left. A small open kitchen design will help your texture colour and pattern to pop up.

Well Organized Cabinets

You will get better results when things are kept simple and organized. It will create a visual aid and keep things handy and right in front of your eye. It doesn't matter if it's kept open or is closed with doors. Get modern small kitchen ideas to enhance the look of your tiny kitchen.

Floating Shelves and Tables

If you have one small wall of your kitchen empty and are short of a prep table and a dinner table, then this floating table can serve a dual purpose. You can also customize it so that it can fold when not in use. Simple kitchen design makes you want to try all of them.

That Glossy laminate

This laminate gives an exotic look with its shiny surface to your small modular kitchen. The small wall covered with the semi-mask wallpaper is adding a unique flavour to the kitchen. Like the glass door, glossy laminates too tend to make the space look large because of its classic mirror-like surface.

Exclude Hardware

Your place will look more sleek and streamlined when you keep cutting out on bulky hardware. The monochrome effect will give a glamorous look. You can add other small kitchen ideas depending on your choice.

Keep It White, Bright and Light

It is said that white colour makes the place look more open and spacious. It also makes it look brighter. Get good lights to accompany the white décor and let your small kitchen interior glam up the atmosphere.

Wallpaper Decor

If you are someone who has a thing for designs but lacks the space to have it on your walls or the flooring, you can use a small space above the cabinet section and add a touch of wallpaper to your pleasure. A blend of white and golden hues have been used here which perfectly fits with the rest of the house kitchen design.

Small Sink and Closed Cabinets

Use a small deep sink and you can even cover it up when not in use. It serves the purpose of a sink and can make room as prep otherwise. Use such an easy simple kitchen design and you'll be amazed to find your kitchen so beautiful.

Closed Kitchen Cabinets

No space for a proper kitchen and compromising with an open kitchen? Then these folding wooden pocket doors along the counter will make sure you can keep it either open or shut. This is a game-changer idea with the small kitchen interior design in a studio apartment.

Statement Kitchen

A metallic finish can add a cherry to the cake. Complement it with a lightning effect and it will look like a jewel box. Adapt to a small modular kitchen design and you'll be surprised at all what all they have to offer.

Hanging Shelves

You can add a nice hanger on an empty wall and place your pans and other utensils there. Make sure they go well with your kitchen appearance and don't look messy. The image has copper utensils and white décor which perfectly fits each other. They will look like a small simple kitchen design.

Storage Shelves

Similar to the previous concept, copper shelves and rods hold your kitchen items and you can also hang on your mugs, spoons and other stuff. This colour will look pure chic and add a vibrant flavour to your small modular kitchen.

Marble Decor

Apart from the countertops, a design of marble along the walls and floor will create a dramatic effect and give a good smooth creamy effect to your simple kitchen interior design.

Open Brightening Windows

It is a good practice to have more room for windows. Apart from keeping the place cool and airy, you will get bright sunlight and it will enhance your small space small kitchen ideas.

Colour Highlights

Add a few colour hues to your single colour design. It will act as a highlight to your small kitchen design India. Choose your colour wisely and bring out the best combination for your kitchen.

Modernise Every Style

A nice classic mirror can distract from the stove. This bold convex mirror makes the small place look elegant and pure. Small space is not a disadvantage if you implement such modular kitchen ideas.

Storage Shelf above The Gas Counter

To make your tiny kitchen more functional, a nice shelf above your gas stove will do well. It will not take more of your money or floor space as well. This farmhouse kitchen with plants on the window and grey walls gives a nice village look to give a small kitchen design Indian style.

The Dark Theme

Against the traditional belief of white making the place look brighter and spacious, this dark paint will add good intimate and soothing moisture to your modern small kitchen design.

Cabinets Plus Drawers

Storing all your food, utensils and other stuff can be made easy with these drawers. They make the place look tidy as it is closed. Drawers also are beneficial while taking out things without disturbing other sections. You can get more ideas from kitchen design ideas India.

White and Wood Mix

The simple beauty of this combination can be seen in the image above. Just so simple and authentic to give a small open kitchen design an everlasting look.

Seating Space near Cabinets

Just opposite the kitchen platform, you can have a small area dedicated to a cushion and place a table and attach chairs serving the dual purpose of dining and prep. This is made along with the cabinets so you can have a good corner with cabinets and cushions attached. You can find many such small kitchen design ideas 2019.

Open Kitchen to Living Room

This is of the well-designed open kitchen models with a living area on its side. It is separated by a small dining bench. The blends of light and dark colours make it look quite classy.

Systematically Set

The most disturbing look of a kitchen is its countertops. It can be messy with all the containers lying on them for a long time. Make sure to have dedicated cabinets to make your place look tidy. Different sizes of cabinets for various dedicated purposes can be designed and complemented well with the simple modular kitchen design.

Instal Small Appliances

Considering you have space constraints, you can always opt for small appliances and utensils. They serve their purpose and you will be able to allot considerable space as well. Small kitchen set is easily available.

Light it Up

The sconces in the image have been placed above the countertop and sink area. They can be used when you work in that area. And it is a visual delight to watch them lit up. Google more ideas on Indian modular kitchen design photos.

Carpet or Rug Floor

A not-so-usual kitchen with a nice rug is used on the flooring blending with the countertop and tiles. Your legs will get a better grip when you are in the kitchen. You can get more of such carpets or rugs when you look at small kitchen design images.

Mix Up Textures

Style your small open kitchen design with a blend of white marble countertops and backsplash and grey matte tiles for giving an unexpected contrast with steel and wooden stools and colour-loaded carpets.

Mini Refrigerator to Store Wine

If you like to have a good collection of wine, instead of a full-sized wine refrigerator, you can use a mini one just to suit your needs. It perfectly fits in modular kitchen designs for small kitchens.

Connecting Countertop

This will make your open kitchen design more unique and attractive. It opens up the space of your kitchen and acts as a quick snack corner in the midst of lacking space.

Keep It Bold

The unique peacock blue backsplash creates a bold statement. The wooden dining with the white ceiling perfectly combines with the colour. The drop lights make up for a glam look. You can have a superior small kitchen design in this way.

Place Stool than Chairs

Small stools without a back can help in adjusting easily in the place. They will make the place more spacious. Blend your stool colour with the kitchen design. More options of such stools can be found in modular kitchen designs photos.

Colour Block Style

One may be mistaken by looking at the cabinet and imagining it to be a backsplash. The idea behind this is to have cabinets touching the top and giving visual delight to the backsplash. Make the most of this kitchen design for small space.

Wheel Ladder

Having extra storage at the top is a normal small kitchen design ideas for Indian homes. You can have a rolling ladder along the ceiling height of the cabinets to offer peace and comfort. Blend the ladder with your interior is a must.

Antiques Decor

Space constraints should not come in your way for having antiques. You can have a dual purpose as the ones in the image. The lights hanging from the ceiling and the bull attached to the wall will give light when turned on. Make your kitchen awesome with such a small kitchen design ideas.

Minimalistic Kitchen

A minimalistic kitchen looks sleek complementing the countertops, backsplash and cabinets. Make use of such a small modular kitchen design to have a lavish appearance.

Outstanding Island Kitchen

An island often acts as a centerpiece of any kitchen. A bold colour complementing the interior will add a cheery on the top of your kitchen; this is one of the decent open kitchen ideas.

Keep The Refrigerator Out

Small modern kitchen ideas can include shifting your refrigerator out of your kitchen. Consider this option and you'll find your kitchen much spacious.

Patterned Floor

A good pattern can have the impact of giving the illusion of larger space. The floor pattern is one of the modular kitchen images that perfectly fit in the example.

Patterned Walls

A nice pattern on the wall can enrich the look of your open kitchen. You can have tiles, wallpapers or wall decals to make it vibrant.

Accent Wall

An accent wall with different colours or textures can make your kitchen design normal look spectacular. A good bright colour could serve the purpose.

Use Colourful Applications

Instead of having colourful or textured walls or flooring, you can go for colourful textured appliances instead. They will give a tangy look.

Look Alike Cabinets and Fridge

 A good way to make your kitchen look perfect may include covering your fridge inside the cabinets. It will get disguised inside the cabinet area creating an illusion.

Artwork Decor

Create a visual delight by adding few art pieces of work in your kitchen if you find any suitable space.

Pegboard Style

Add a pegboard if you think you don't have much space. It is a multipurpose board and you can have many things hanging on it.


After having a look at 51+ small kitchen design, you'll be pleased to have tried them in your kitchen and made a perfect space out of the cozy space you have. You'll never feel disappointed again in your small kitchen and make the most of it using these tricks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the best layout for a kitchen that is small?

A one-wall kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen will be more suited for a small kitchen. Other layouts also include U-shaped, Galley, Island, peninsular kitchen and many more.

  • How do I plan to set a small kitchen?

Have a look at the above 51+ design ideas for having many ideas relating to countertops, backsplash, cabinets, flooring and many more intriguing ideas.

  • How much does a 10×10 kitchen cost and what are the factors that depend on it?

The cost of a 10 x10 kitchen can fluctuate depending on the material used, the storage and other specifications they are offering. The cost is also largely driven by the location from where you are purchasing.

  • How to style a small kitchen elegantly?

51+ ideas will surely make your small kitchen look elegant. Find a suitable idea at your convenience and you'll be amazed at your elegant kitchen.


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