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40+ Low Maintenance Indoor Plant to Grow at Home

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Low Maintenance Indoor plants have a whole bag of tricks up their leaves! A splash of green not only makes your home look good but also sparks up your mood. In this guide, we're spilling the beans on which interior plants for your home are best to get, especially when you don't know how to take care of them. Let's kick back, take it easy, and dig into the plant-filled world that's ready to spruce up your home sweet home!

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Norfolk Island Pine is like a small tree but stays around 8 feet tall indoors. It doesn't need lots of water, just once every one to two weeks. It likes sunlight but can handle less light too. Outdoors, it can grow very tall, up to 200 feet, but inside, it's a smaller shrub. This plant enjoys acidic soil and is okay with not getting watered too often. The leaves are small, and branches grow kind of sideways.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Also known as bearberry, is a small evergreen shrub. It is known for its traditional use in herbal medicine, shiny leaves and red edible berries. Early leaves of these indoor plants for the living room can also be used in making tea. This plant likes acidic soil and doesn't need much water. Put it where it gets some sun and partial shade. It's a tough plant, great for low-maintenance gardens.

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

The Parlor palm or Chamaedorea Elegans, are low-maintenance house plants in pot. It's a multi-stemmed palm that can reach up to 6 feet in height. It requires moderate water and indirect sunlight. With its tall appearance and thin leaves, the plant manages to create a graceful look. It's important not to overwater to prevent root rot. This plant is suitable for beginners and can tolerate occasional lapses in watering.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily - Decorative Indoor Plants

The Peace Lily is known for its distinctive white flowers that surround a central stem. Despite its delicate appearance, this plant is quite hardy and can tolerate low-light conditions. It's a low-maintenance companion, needing only infrequent watering, making it best plant for house with travelling residence. The peace lily's air-purifying qualities make it a beneficial addition to indoor spaces.


Peperomia - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Peperomia, a small, colourful low maintenance green plant, fits well in various settings. It stays around 18 inches tall, making it great for small spaces. Apart from its easy nature, Peperomia can handle a bit of humidity. It will thrive better if you add plant food now and then. It's a good choice for homes with pets or little ones.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Low Maintenance House Plants

The Phalaenopsis Orchid, also known as the 'moth orchid,' are lovely decorative indoor plants. Standing at about 1 foot tall, it brings a vibrant floral touch to your space. These orchids prefer moderate watering, so don't let them dry out completely. Bright, indirect sunlight to the plant may show off multiple colourful flowers. If you notice the leaves getting darker, it's a sign they need more light. To support their long stems, add some gentle support.


Philodendron - Low Care Indoor Plants

A climbing herb standing at about 4 feet tall, is a fantastic addition to your indoor garden. Robust in their natural self, Philodendrons are good communicators, showing their needs through their leaves. If they lack sunlight, the leaves will spread apart; if overwatered, they turn yellow.


Carnation - No Maintenance House Plants

Carnations are very unique flowers that can grow endlessly. If you cut the old flowers, new ones will grow. These low-maintenance indoor plants are nice ornaments for gardens or home decor.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm - Large Indoor Plants

The Ponytail Palm is a unique 6-foot succulent. Its long, slender leaves cascade from a central stalk. Despite its name, it's not a palm but a succulent, and a drought-resistant one. It's a hardy plant, tolerating a bit of neglect, and is safe for cats and dogs. Simply provide sunlight, occasional watering, and a comfortable temperature, and the Ponytail Palm will flourish effortlessly.


Zinnia - Big Home Plants

Zinnias are vibrant flowers that bloom in sunny locations. Plant zinnia seeds in the spring after the last frost to get your low-maintenance house plants blooming for years. They are easy to grow and attract butterflies to your garden. If you like sunflowers, then Zinnias are a must-have!


Schefflera - Plant For Living Room

A shrub capable of growing into a tree, that's Schefflera! It forms a dense cluster of leaves, it signals its need for water by slight wilting. Preferring bright, indirect light, it may benefit from a bit more shade in summer. While it's technically a flowering plant, indoor specimens often don't bloom. The Schefflera grows quickly and is quite resilient, making it an excellent choice for hassle-free greenery.


Orchid - Indoor Plants Big Leaves

Orchids are beautiful! They're peculiar because they don't need a lot of soil. Instead, they grow on trees or rocks in the wild. When you have an orchid at home, water it moderately and give it some indirect sunlight. With the right care, they'll reward you with stunning blooms that can last for weeks.


Senecio - Indoor Plants In House

Senecio, part of the succulent family, comes in various forms! These low-care indoor plants thrive in ample light and minimal watering. Best kept warm and somewhat humid, they are adaptable to different environments. With thick, fleshy leaves, Senecio adds a unique touch to any space.


Lavender - Tall Indoor Plants

Lavender is a medicinal plant with small purple flowers. They can grow in a garden or a pot on your windowsill. Lavender smells nice and helps you relieve stress in many ways.

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern - House Plants Tall

The Staghorn Fern are large no-maintenance house plants with distinctive forked leaves. These plants are often mounted on walls and enjoy some morning light without direct sunlight. Staghorn Ferns are low-maintenance due to their ability to pull moisture from the air, reducing the need for frequent watering. As tropical plants, they thrive in high humidity, and misting every few days can be beneficial.


Yucca  - House Plants In Pot

A desert tree that has sharp leaf tips. While they are low-maintenance and live longer than many houseplants, it's essential to note that Yucca are large indoor plants that are toxic to pets, particularly cats and dogs. Keep it out of reach if you have furry friends at home.


Haworthia - Big Indoor Plant

Haworthia is a cute succulent known for its rosette-shaped leaves. They're well-suited for indoor spaces and make excellent additions to desks or windowsills. Haworthias are resilient and can tolerate periods of neglect, making them a great choice for beginners.


Kalanchoe - Low Maintenance Green Plants

Kalanchoe is another vibrant succulent with fleshy leaves, but this one comes with clusters of colourful flowers. These plants thrive in well-draining soil and prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Water them sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions.


Pilea - Interior Plants For Home

Pilea, or the Chinese Money Plant, is a small and easy-to-care houseplant. It has round leaves that look like coins, it is also known to bring wealth! One cool thing about Pilea is that it often makes baby plants, called 'pups,' near the base. So, you can get a heavy bush without spending much on the plant.


Begonia - Indoor Plants For Living Room

Begonia is a cool indoor plant with lots of colourful leaves. Begonias enjoy some humidity, so spritzing them with water sometimes is good. They have pretty leaves that can brighten up your place.


Daffodil - Best Plant For House

Daffodils are cheerful plants that will always remind us of spring. Plant the bulbs in the fall, and they will bloom in early spring. They prefer well-drained soil and a sunny spot.


Bromeliad - Decorative Indoor Plants

Bromeliads bring a touch of the tropics to your space with its long-lasting flowers. Their care is straightforward: keep the central cup filled with water, provide it with indirect light and you are good.


Chrysanthemum - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Often called mums, these are extremely vibrant flowering plants. They come in various shapes and sizes. These cheerful flowers add a burst of colour to gardens and indoor settings, making them a popular choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners.


Cactus - Low Maintenance House Plants

Cacti are resilient plants known for their distinctive appearance. These hardy succulents thrive in bright sunlight and prefer well-draining soil. Cacti come in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile. From big home plants to smaller ones, you can find all in this one species.


Daisy - Low Care Indoor Plants

Blooming with white petals around a bright yellow centre, Daisies are a great choice to decorate your indoors. Daisies are easy to grow and care for. They add a lovely touch to gardens with their enduring beauty.


Echeveria - No Maintenance House Plants

Echeverias is a captivating rose-shaped succulent which makes an ideal indoor plant for living room. These greens boast a variety of hues. Much like caring for roses, provide well-draining soil and ample sunlight.


Dandelion - Large Indoor Plants

Dandelions are common yellow flowers often found in lawns and meadows. Known for their bright yellow petals and fluffy seed heads, these flowering plants can be very pretty indoor plants. Dandelions are hardy plants that can thrive in various conditions.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant - Big Home Plants

This plant is like a small bonsai tree with round leaves. It stores water in its leaves, so even if you forget to water it, it's okay. It's a pretty green colour and doesn't take up much space. Great for your study table or reading window.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy - Plant For Living Room

Gerbera daisies are bright vibrant flowers. People often use them in gardens or flower arrangements, but you can also pot them indoors. To keep them happy, water them regularly and use soil that lets water go through.


Eucalyptus - Indoor Plants Big Leaves

Native to Australia, Eucalyptus comes under the house plants tall category with fragrant leaves. When grown indoors, they adapt to the atmosphere of pot in well-draining soil and exposure to bright sunlight. If you want to keep it small, prune it now and then. Make sure to pick the species that is adaptable indoors.


Impatiens - Indoor Plants In House

Known to bloom in shade, Impatiens are perfect to bring colour to your darker spots. They're easy to care for, however they only sustain for a year. You can plant the seeds of the same bloom to continue blooming your home with nature.


Poinsettia - Tall Indoor Plants

The most common plant that is seen around Christmas is here! With its bright red bracts (that look like a flower), these indoor plants big leaves can decorate your home in no time. They are easygoing and stand tall in all kinds of sunlight.


Jasmine - House Plants Tall

This sweet-smelling flower is known to be a sign of autumn. You can grow the plant both inside and outside, making it perfect for new plant parents. Make sure they bloom better when you give them light sunny weather.


Kalanchoe - House Plants In Pot

With its chubby leaves and lively blooms, Kalanchoe is going to colour your urban table in no time. It's a low-maintenance buddy that doesn't demand too much water. These indoor plants in house enjoy some sunshine but can also chill in the shade.


Rosemary - Big Indoor Plant

Do you know Rosemary is a Mediterranean spice? Its needle-like leaves smell and taste great. You can grow it in a pot or in the garden. It likes sunlight, so keep it near a window. Great for adding flavour to your cooking!


Lantana - Low Maintenance Green Plants

This vibrant plant enjoys basking in the sunlight and showcasing its clusters of small, colourful flowers. Its chunky leaves also make it a great decor for your home. This low-maintenance addition adds a lively touch to your space.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory - Interior Plants For Home

If you see vibrant and funnel-shaped blossoms, then you have found yourself in the presence of Morning Glory. It comes in a diverse array of colours. Like every other plant in this guide, they are easy to take care of and need light to moderate suntime.


Nasturtium - Indoor Plants For Living Room

Nasturtium blooms easy-to-grow edible flowers! With moderate watering and well-drained soil, you can get flowers for both ornamental and culinary purposes. But flowers are not the only unique thing about this plant, its leaves and veins also make quite a statement.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace - Best Plant For House

Originally from North America, Queen Anne's Lace is a pretty plant with white flowers that look like lace. These tall indoor plants like soil that lets water drain well and needs lots of sunlight. Bees and butterflies like it too!


Sunflower - Decorative Indoor Plants

You can find sunflowers in gardens and fields, but it is really cool to pot them indoors. These flowers boast big, bright petals in a sunny yellow hue, surrounding a central brown disc. You can save the seeds for more flowers to grow and eat the centre part before it decays.


Thyme - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Another herb for your home, thyme grows well and fragrant indoors. With its tiny leaves, thyme adds flavour to various dishes. This herb prefers well-drained soil and a sunny spot. Regular pruning encourages business, which also keeps you motivated to use thyme in everyday cooking.


Viola - Low Maintenance House Plants

With its delicate petals and compact size, violas are perfect for gardens or containers. Its resilient nature adds a lovely touch to outdoor spaces. Keeping them well-watered and providing occasional fertiliser ensures maintenance.


Waxflower - Low Care Indoor Plants

It got that name from its little waxy blossoms. Waxflower is a plant that's easy to take care of. Give it some water regularly, and trim it now and then to keep it healthy. These flowers bring a nice smell and a touch of charm to gardens or bouquets.


Zephyranthes - No Maintenance House Plants

Also known as rain lilies, Zephyranthes is a resilient plant. It doesn't need much attention. Plus, these plants produce charming, star-shaped flowers that bloom after a good rain.


Watching indoor plants grow is rewarding. Whether you pick sturdy succulents or leafy buddies, the key is to keep your home and plant green and healthy. You'll learn as time goes by. Interior decorations are the same, it will take time for you to get used to decorating your home with greens, but once you know. It's never enough!

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    How do I prevent overwatering my indoor plants?

    Overwatering is a common issue. Make sure your pots have drainage holes to allow excess water to escape. Also, use well-draining soil and avoid leaving standing water in the saucer beneath the pot. Pay attention to your plant’s specific water needs and adjust accordingly.

    What are some signs that my indoor plant is not thriving?

    Watch for signs such as yellowing or browning leaves, wilting, or stunted growth. These could indicate issues with watering, light, or soil. Regularly inspect your plants for any changes in appearance and address the underlying problems promptly.

    Are there indoor plants that are pet-friendly?

    Yes, many easy indoor plants are safe for pets. Examples include spider plants, Boston ferns, and some varieties of palms.

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