Smart Ways for Designing a Kitchen That You Will Love

Published On: Oct 19, 2021

There's nothing like a sleek and elegant kitchen, whether you prefer an all-white style or prefer paint colours for kitchen. Take modern cues from nature or go for absolute modern luxury; keep your palette monochrome or use bold colour throughout. Whatever course you take, a modern kitchens  scheme will always remain supreme.

How to give your kitchen a modern makeover in recent days?

Since your kitchen is responsible for a wide range of daily essential activities, it must be both functional and pleasant. What do you need in a modern kitchen? The kitchen should be a place you enjoy being in, whether you are cooking, cleaning, dining, or entertaining, and simple kitchen designs will help make that possible. If you are planning a kitchen renovation or designs for kitchen, these tips will assist you in creating a space that you will enjoy. A modern kitchen pop designs should be attractive and well-organized so that it allows you to function efficiently. Let us take a look at how you can give your kitchen a modern makeover while staying within your budget:

  1. Set it like a Pro: First of all, transform your kitchen into a room that is uncomplicated and splendid with proper shelves and usable storage. Even after loads of drawers and cabinets, you still feel like you have not enough storage in the cooking room, so the storage method must be changed. Clean your refrigerator and cabinets and store utensils in a cupboard so that you don't need to get the right one from the toolkit. Set hooks to hang your coffee bowls and pot racks. Keep all of your spices together in a drawer rack or a drawer case and also use the space available inside of your doors.
  2. Metals and fixtures should be given more attention about detailing: Matte aluminium, stainless steel or copper in the modern kitchen design that offers the best interior. These metals are classic, simple to maintain and tamper-proof. The incorporation of wooden fittings or wooden counters is a good idea as they last for a long time and can add a natural touch to your kitchen while making your kitchens look more professional with the steel finish.
  3. Have appropriate equipment that suits the decor: Update and make sure old equipment is energy-efficient. Modern equipment focuses on energy conservation as we recognise the value of reducing our carbon footprint. The equipment must save money and enhance the efficiency and the overall look of the room.
  4. Include proper lighting to make it look bright: The kitchen needs to be lit correctly. For the safety, atmosphere and flexibility of your kitchen, correct lighting is very important. Layered lighting can add a modern touch to your kitchen decor. Consider adding a dimmer to complement the overall atmosphere with versatility and recessed illumination. Pendant lighting over the kitchen room design or elegant chandeliers is great decorative lighting choices for modern kitchens.
  5. Include decorative elements to make it interesting: Create an artful and unique focus with a vivid wallpaper or a big piece of art. What's trending in kitchens?  Quirky baskets or antique dishes may turn plain walls into something elegant. A chalkboard can be used to personalise your kitchen wall, which can be an interesting addition. Keep some new flowers in your kitchen to bring some life into it.

How to find big and small spaces in kitchens and fill it appropriately?

These spaces will teach you how to more effectively use each cubic inch of your kitchen.

  1. Use hanging equipments and decor: The economically convenient stainless steel device has been engineered to hang on walls so that you can take advantage of untapped vertical space in your kitchen. The parts from rail and shelves to the magnetic knife rack open up space, it also simplifies navigating the kitchen through easy access to cookware, dishes and utensils.
  2. Use your refrigerator's area wisely: If you have a small space then use DIY of small kitchen ideas and use the space between the fridge and the wall, creating a DIY walk-in cupboard. It is ideal for storing canned goods and other necessary kitchen items.
  3. Backsplash Double Purpose Kitchen Element: A stainless steel pegboard backsplash serves a dual purpose by protecting kitchen walls from spills and splatters.
  4. Try the folding kitchen table and use it as counter space: A folding table may be used to cook and eat food without taking up precious floor space. It is also a great idea for a desk that can be tucked away after the work is finished.
  5. Use drawers, rods or cabinets for storage smartly: The three toe kick drawers under the kitchen's base cabinets make use of space that would otherwise be wasted behind baseboards. Many standard base cabinets can be reconfigured with toe kick drawers. In front of the window or door, a curtain rod provides a smidgeon of vertical storage for utensils.

Modern kitchen design for better cleaning and neatness

Modern kitchen designs add a special touch of style and class to a home that may otherwise be like any home on the street. That is why in recent years the idea of modern decoration of kitchens has become so common. Those interested in inspiring themselves to make their kitchen stand out from everything else within the area should be helpful to prepare a cooking and fun space that will entice family, neighbours and buyers alike to the following modern kitchen room design.

  1. Reduce the number of unnecessary steps or organise properly: Consider how and where you usually use things when arranging a kitchen. Breakfast foods and bowls should be held near the breakfast table. For wrapping leftovers, keep wraps and plastic containers in one convenient location near a work surface.
  2. Make big walkways to feel clutter-free: Make sure your kitchen floor plan has enough space between the cabinetry and the kitchen roomfor easy movement. Paths in a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide as a general rule.
  3. Plan placement as per the traffic flow in the kitchen: When designing a kitchen, one of the most important factors to remember is traffic flow. Keep the cooktop out of high-traffic areas so that children don't grab handles and cause spills when walking around. Often, make the refrigerator visible to passers-by as well as those working in the kitchen and clean-up areas.
  4. Keep your distance from corners for safety: Be careful while deciding where the cabinet and appliances need to be placed. Plan the door clearance and swing path in your kitchen pop designin order to render the cabinet and doors completely functional. Keep appliances from corners and make sure the doors do not get knocked and closed.
  5. Make it convenient to recycle with a proper plan: Plan waste and recycling spots to facilitate sorting. Equipping an enclosure with different glass, plastic and metal containers. Old papers and other papers may be recycled in a replacement cabinet.
  6. Organize things for easily accessibility: When arranging your pantry and other food storage areas, make it a place to keep everyday used ingredients and snacks readily available. As you organise things, keep in mind the needs of other family members. If you have small children, place their favourite dishes and snack foods on shelves so they can reach them.
  7. Cut the cleaning time of the kitchen by right choice of material: Kitchen cleaning is made simpler by thoughtful design choices. Glass refrigerator plates, for example, take spills in which wire plates are allowed.

Method to create space in kitchen for the whole family together

Before we get started on simple kitchen design, it's important to understand why eating together matters. The truth is that today's hectic lifestyle can make eating as a family tough, but the benefits are well worth it. Eating with others has nutrition, health, social, and mental benefits. There are some examples:

  • Each family member can connect with each other while eating together. This makes kids feel protected, comfortable and loved.
  • Do not focus on what or how much each child eats, but enjoy the company of each other.
  • To teach children about family values and rituals, mealtime will be a perfect time.
  • Keep constructive mealtime talks. Encourage kids to speak about their day. This contributes to further contact between members of the family.

Here are a few of our favourite familiar style ideas for the kitchen that can be incorporated into your renovation.

  1. Open Floor Plan- The combination of the kitchen with adjacent rooms allows you to communicate with all while cooking or cleaning. If you are thinking of remodelling, think about making space for a bigger kitchen and a large dining area by bumping out a wall. Adding a fireplace and a small conversation seating area is also an excellent way of building a room in a room. In the open kitchen design, place the sink or stovetop to talk to the people when they are working. Make sure your open kitchen design is sufficiently large to accommodate food stalls, dining table as that it is the perfect place for fast meals together.
  2. In the Zone Plan - "Breakfast is the biggest food of the day" you must have heard, but the fact is that it is also the most stressful and hectic. Take a serious look at how you and the family begin your day while planning yourdesigns for kitchen. Everybody will leave the house on time if breakfast staples are kept in one place. Creep, bagels and toaster dishes are designated to create a familiar breakfast zone, add shelves for plates, coffee pots and mugs, place refrigerator drawers or refrigerators undercounted for milk and juices, and provide a coffee and toaster. The buffet should be supplied in a family-friendly breakfast zone.
  3. Make it comfortable and smart as per the need- Although electronics should not be allowed at a dinner table, electronics are an important factor in daily life. In addition to integrating other smart kitchen elements, creating a central location to charge or store in a kitchen would save you time and more time for families every day. Think about the comfort of your space when you are preparing your kitchen remodelling.

Kitchen Cabinet & Cupboard Designs

The new cupboards in the kitchen are skilfully built with respect to the kitchen room and versatility. You should try some new and unique cupboard ideas if you looking for the best designs for your kitchen. Dark wooden architecture doors contrast to lightweight countertops, walls and floors for an upscale architecture style for the small kitchen designs. Add the hardware of stainless steel to your kitchen area and you will have a smart look that blends with your sleep. Since the cabinet and cupboard designs have become a centrepiece in a modern kitchen it is another way to demonstrate modern cabinets by incorporating curved designs into the wood cabinet.

  • Wood is an offbeat, unusual furnishing material.  It provides the kitchen with an enhanced storage area and not just wooden storage facilities which make it look aesthetic. With exclusive wooden closets and stainless steel countertops, you can experiment with this inspiring concept. Any stainless steel and glass racks and wooden closets can be accommodated for a contemporary look.
  • Choose steel or aluminium upright cabinets to make your kitchen more pleasant if you have a beautiful modular kitchen in your home. Select the handle for your new kitchen with fewer slides and pull cupboards. The handleless armrests give the kitchens a gentle opening and a stunning look.
  • Wooden cabinets are great and have been used for years. The kitchen decor is rich in rustic wooden cabinets and wardrobes. Choose your new wooden cupboards, and get your kitchen inside a beautiful marble countertop. These are cupboards with many racks, in which all the kitchen gadgets and food can be accommodated in a comfortable manner.
  • Modern kitchens with excellent angle solutions are fully-fledged. The ordinary corner cupboards are very busy, as objects from the angle cupboards are hard to remove. The newest and flexible corner solutions contribute to a very orderly arrangement of kitchen accessories.
  • Choose the glass wardrobes for an interesting and wonderful collection of wardrobes for your kitchen. Glass is currently commonly used in furniture due to its high impact finish. Especially if you have a luxurious interior kitchen, include glass panels and make your range more comfortable.
  • Choose a stainless steel case for the kitchen if you are looking for something long-lasting and durable. These kitchens are great, with plenty of storage and a brilliant finish. You can also have stainless steel cupboards under your countertop and use the kitchen room efficiently. Using the same cupboards to make your kitchen fabulous.
  • A trendy and narrow, high cupboard is one of the most attractive ways of making your kitchen look designer. High storage facilities look wonderful and can comfortably store much of your equipment. If you have a large, spacious kitchen go to big storages.
  • Aluminium is a hard and raw material commonly sucked for cookware and cupboards. You can also select aluminium couches and have vertical and horizontal cupboards in your kitchen if your wish is a sleek and spacious Kitchen with an intelligent organisation. You can also make your kitchen sound a little complementary by the combination of glass and aluminium closets.

Varieties in the Modern Kitchens

Below are some types of small kitchen design ideas that can be used in a house to make it both functional and beautiful:

  1. Traditional Style Kitchen: Traditional kitchens have a visual appeal that is reminiscent of, or derived from, the past. The interior features arches, as well as ancient contemporary materials used for wall, floor, and roof finishes. These kitchens are both beautiful and elegant, and they exude a sense of traditionalism and history.
  2. Small Trendy Kitchen: There can be no big kitchen area in a small apartment with a small surface. So why not use this room with full ingenuity and tactful planning efficiently and every inch of the region. Cabinets and a stove, fan, and sink can be part of a small kitchen. These standards have to be met. Other than this, add a living room or something to keep the fridge or microwave, etc. if space is permitted.
  3. Modular Accessible Kitchen: Modular kitchen combines the use, hardware and accessories of regular and interconnected cabinets. Both of them function as a monolithic system. Interconnection. It is easy to produce, easy to ship, easy to mount, easy to reset and easy to manage, as opposed to regular or separate units. It has been designed for special functions such as drawers, sinks, gas cylinders, angles, etc. The modular kitchen is available in different forms, sizes and forms. These precast kitchens can be selected in accordance with the individual's wishes.
  4. Minimal Look Kitchen: Although the modern kitchen style is simple and practical, it is not purely minimalist. The total emphasis in minimalistic kitchens is to achieve as much as possible. Everything seems to be incorporated into the space from couches to the cooker in a minimum of kitchen designs. This is a style that is completely streamlined for those who are exhausted from clutter.
  5. Rustic Ambience Kitchen: They draw influence from history and culture in order to create cosy, welcoming spaces for cooking and socialising. Rustic kitchens usually feature brickwork walls, huge ovens, stone flooring, and cabinets built to resemble antique designs. Minor style features such as clocks or plates serve to add atmosphere, and balance is less important than in a typical kitchen.
  6. Industrial Indoor Kitchen: Industrial kitchen projects have a lot in common with those used in high-end restaurants. They also use a lot of metal, much like professional restaurants, and have things like exposed brickwork walls and hanging lighting that make them look like they're in a warehouse. It strikes a good balance between contemporary and rustic kitchen styles.

Tips on what you should NOT do when designing a modern kitchen

1) Choosing an All-White Kitchen without checking popular kitchen colors

2) Make Your Outdoor Kitchen a Warm-Weather Room.

3) Failing to imagine your kitchen with more than one cook.

4) Considering Upper Cabinetry as a Need

5) Installing Upper Cabinets That Aren't Beneficial.

6) Prioritizing resale value over personal style.

7) Placing lighting as a secondary priority.