Best Creative And Simple Ways Lighten up a Dark Room

Published On: Jul 22, 2022

From the luminescence of fairy lights to the gleam of lamp shades, lights play a huge role in brightening up any space. So, Let’s show you the light to a path that will help you illuminate your home. Wish an official goodbye to your dark rooms with these 10 creative ways to light up your room.

Let your rooms glow

The perfect living room needs not only design aesthetics but also proper lighting to glow. You don’t have to put loud chandeliers to make your room shine bright like a diamond, you just need two or four beautiful lampshades along with a one dim light for an ambient dewy setting. This will brighten up the whole room.

It's all about space!

If you want your room to look spacious and full of light, then try giving space between the furniture. Rearrange your décor and give enough breathing space between every décor item and this will make a huge difference as it will allow light to pass and instantly make your room full of light.

All – White

When it comes to illumination, nothing can be better than white. White absorbs light like anything. So, paint all your walls white and witness how it transforms your room into a paradise of light. Its one of the best ways to brighten dark rooms. 

Mirror Magic

Mirrors magically draw in all the light from everywhere in your room. It’s your weapon to fight the dark battle. The easiest way to fill up light in a dark room is by placing mirrors in the room. You can use a mirror. Try placing the mirror near the light source but try not to put it in front of the mirror.

Gracious Greys

If you really want to create an illusion of more light in the room, then go for light grey paint. It naturally makes your room look bigger and as a cool hue it can help make your room more spacious. Moreover it also helps to lighten up the area. 

Effect of white ceiling

Dim rooms are a big turn off, and it can be a difficult task to naturally increase the light in the room. But there is a very interesting way to illuminate your room. Add a coat of fresh white paint on your ceiling to make your room glow with light. It's one of the easiest ways to brighten up the room.

Going All matte

Matte finishes are the perfect go to option if you want to make your room look brighter. As matte helps in reflecting all light to make light bound around in the room.

Natural Bliss

Tune in with nature for a natural glow in your room. Just make sure that all your windows are open and fresh light is coming in. There is nothing better than a natural source of light. Let the room warm up with the natural sunlight. Your room is going to glow up magically.

Transparent Furniture

Feeling lost in a dark and dim room? Now is the time to turn your room into a personal paradise of light. You just need to change some furniture to illuminate your room with light. Transparent furniture allows your room to look spacious and reflects light. Go in for a trendy acrylic table and some fancy transparent décor vases.

Go for Beige Curtains

Want more sunlight to peep through your window? Use beige or off-white curtains. Seeing through drapes can also work perfectly for your room. Make sure your windows are super clean, this will allow more natural light to come in.

More spacious walls

Stuffing your walls with too many decorative items can be a bad idea if you are struggling to light up your dark room. Too many frames can make your room look small and clumsy. So, use 4-5 frames only for a big wall to make your room more spacious.

Keep It minimalistic

If you need your room to look comfortable and welcoming, don’t overload it with too much stuff. Extra furniture only spoils the whole look. So go for a minimalistic look and remove all unnecessary items. Give some space to every item in the room. This way your room can look more welcoming.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers look jaw droppingly elegant in any home setting. But did you also know that crystals reflect light, and this can make your room look more radiant. So, if you are looking for that extra luxe glow then go for crystal chandeliers.

Light Wood Flooring

If your rooms look dull and dark, then go for Light wood floorings. It can make your room look elegant and along with that it can allow more sunlight to be absorbed in the room.

Bright Rug

Add some striking personality to your room by incorporating a bright rug. This can also add a new definition to your room and make it more inviting.

Glam up with Fairy Lights

Sprinkle the magic of lights by incorporating fairy lights in the room. It can give you a dreamy and ambient look in the room. Fairy lights can also be beneficial in making your room bright without adding a ton of lights.

Add More Color

You can make your room brighter and more vibrant by adding more color to it. Be it the freshness of bright textured pillow covers or bright décor items like big floral vases. You can add life into your space by popping in color. You can also add minimalist artworks on the walls with bright colors.

Use Lots of Lights

Light up your area by incorporating lamps in the nooks of your room. It will also help diffuse the light in the room. Use a linen lampshade for a good amount of light to enter the room. You can also add warm led lights for an ambient dreamy glow in the room. Adding lights will not only make your room brighter but it will help remove the dullness.

Good lighting makes the room visually more appealing. It not only adds dimension but a strong character to the room. Lighting plays a huge role in elevating the vibe of the room and making it more elegant. So, strike the right balance of light in your rooms and make it more vibrant and welcoming.