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Hacks to brighten up a windowless room

Published On: Oct 12, 2021

A source of natural light in the house is a prerequisite which almost everybody demands when looking for a new home. But life is not a fairy tale and our dreams might not be fulfilled every time. And if that house was so desirable that you bought it even without a window and now you are craving for a source of light, we have got you covered. 

There are ample ways to make a windowless room feel bright like installing frosted glass or using hidden lights. Of course, they might not provide you with the pure touch of natural light but it does help in solving the problem to a great extent. We have curated for you a list of hacks that can help you in brightening your room without much hassle. These tips will also not burn a hole in your pocket if you were thinking so. 

An abundance of artificial lights

The first and foremost rule to brighten up a windowless room is to add plenty of artificial light. Since there is no pathway for the natural light to enter, you will have to illuminate the room with other sources. But before adding the artificial light you need to measure the space, size, and shape of your room. Since most of the living rooms have only one overhead light and ceiling light, it is not quite enough. Do not shy away from adding table lamps to your room to increase the level of light. 

Layer the lighting

Only using a number of lights is not enough, you also need to keep in mind the types of lights that you are using. For those who do not know, there are three types of lighting: 

  • Accent lighting - this lighting is majorly used to highlight the ornament, artwork, and architectural features. 
  • Task lighting - this lighting is stronger, specifically used for cooking, reading, etc. 
  • Ambient lighting - this is the overall level of lighting in the room which includes the primary light source, ceiling lights, lamps, etc. 

So, by combining all these types of lights you will be able to create your desired mood and ambiance along with filling the room with plenty of artificial light. But, you need to make sure that you strike a balance when lighting the room. In a room where there is no window, you can use glass overhead lighting or a chandelier to make it a focal point as it will grab most of the attention. They will also reflect light and make the room look brighter and airier. 

There are pendant lights also known as task lights which help in reflecting the light upwards. They illuminate the area making it seem wider. You can opt for wall lights or lamps and make an addition to your overall ambient lighting to make your windowless room brighter. Also, tall floor lamps will be able to add beauty along with providing good lighting. 

It is also important to consider the material of the lights that you are using. To reflect light, you should use shiny and metallic materials which act as reflected surfaces like silver, brass, etc. An individual LED bulb will also help in solving the required purpose. 

Use Mirrors

If you want to add depth and light to a dark and windowless room, you should hang a mirror that would work as an artificial window. A mirror also makes up for a very attractive focal point. Make sure to place the mirror in the position that it could reflect the overhead light. You can also place mirrors behind or on the side of the table lamps so that it reflects the light around and makes the room look brighter. 

Throw in some plants

Plants are natural and hence they add life to your room, especially if it is windowless. Plants are really effective in making a dull room bright. So, if you are thinking about planting some in your room then choose the pots with bright and vibrant colours like crimson or cobalt. Display fresh flowers and greenery to enlighten your darkroom. Place the plants on a coffee table or a bookshelf. Keep in mind that you would have to buy plants that can survive in low light. 

Display Wall art

If you do not like maintaining plants, the right kind of wall art is your go-to option. Large art is in trend today and is apt for brightening up a dark room. So, what happens is that a large piece of art especially with a lot of white coloured background creates an illusion of breaking up the walls as a window does. Hence, large art pieces can become your fake windows and create an illusion of a brighter space in the room. You can choose art pieces with colours if you do not like your entire room to be white. 

Utilize Hidden lights

If you place lights in hidden areas of your windowless room, it would make the room brighter. It mimics the light coming in from a window and hence makes you feel as if you have a window in your room. Place the lamps between beams, behind furniture, or beside the coffee table to receive the maximum benefits. These hidden lights can act as a source of your artificial light. 

Opt for light furniture

Colourful furniture, especially dark coloured sofas are in trend today, but if you do not have a window in that room, you should avoid following this trend. The reason being that dark colour blocks light. Instead, if you choose neutral colours like white, cream, or off-white for your furniture, table, and cabinets then you will be able to create a brighter space. Yes, white coloured furniture can easily get spots and stains but the risk is worth it. 

Incorporate colours

We do not want your room to be a gloomy affair and a pop of colour never hurt anybody. So, do not shy away from incorporating colours in your windowless room to make it lively and popping. Make sure that the room has more than one item of colour otherwise it would look odd and would not match the whole vibe of the room. 

Install internal windows

In places where natural and outdoor windows are not available, you can install internal windows. These can especially be done in condos or townhouses. You can add full-size windows in living spaces, of course, where privacy is not a big issue. It does open the space and allows the sharing of light between them. But when you do need privacy you can always add shades and drapes to block off the view. 

Frosted glass

If you think that a pass-through is a trend of the past, you are wrong. Many people still install a pass-through in their kitchens which not only allows the food to pass but also allows the light to travel in the entire room. Hence, your windowless room is bound to look brighter. But, if you are a cleanliness freak and do not want your mess to be visible you can add a frosted glass to block off the view. It looks modern, trendy and lets the light pass through. 

White walls

Completely white, off-white, and even pale blue coloured walls help reflect the light from every source and portray a fresh look. So if you do not have any natural light entering your room painting your walls white is a good alternative. It makes up for the lack of a window in your room. Paint the ceiling and walls of the same colour to remove any distinction and make it look borderless. This trick will make your room feel brighter.

French doors

Install windows in a doorway if your room does not have any windows. These doors are also known as french doors. It has two benefits: one, you can look out of the window and enjoy the views, and second, it will increase the source of ambient light. Even if you have a storeroom or pantry beside your major room, you will be able to receive light. Add a single bulb or ceiling light in the room and you will be able to create an effect of daylight.

Undercabinet lighting

If your kitchen lacks a window and a source of natural light, do not worry. Undercabinet lighting is a great hack that can easily solve this problem for you. Undercabinet lighting does not only make up for great task lighting but it also creates an illusion of ambient lighting making it easier for you to work. You won't have to worry about cooking a meal in the dark with this type of lighting. 

Full wall drapery

Full wall drapery is a perfect way to create an illusion of a window if you do not want to open it up. A wall full of drapery can create a stunning backdrop of a bed and gives a sense of depth. So even if you never remove the curtain, you can still feel the room to be bright and lovely, without needing a window. 

Bring in reflective surfaces

Relax, we are not asking you to go full mechanic here. Reflective surfaces can be as accessible and affordable as glass decors and mirrors. You can place furniture with glass, glass bowls, and other accessories which have reflective surfaces so that the little light that enters the room is able to reflect and bounce to every corner of the room, making the room look brighter. They also make your interiors look sophisticated and chic. Another way to add reflective surfaces is to add wallpaper on the wall which has a metallic finish and is sleek. A wallpaper with these features could make any windowless room look bright and chirpy.

Simples lines are the key

If possible avoid heavy furniture and go for slim and sleek furniture so that it does not overcrowd your space. The furniture with clean and simple lines would make the room look more spacious. Hence, the light will flow more than usual making the windowless room look brighter. Choose the furniture which allows the reflection of light rather than absorbing it. 

The final thoughts

We know that trying to make a windowless room feel bright is a difficult task, the atrocity of which is also felt by the designers. The lack of natural light can make a room look boring, dull, and unwelcoming which is obviously undesirable. But, there is hope and a few simple hacks that can help you achieve the desired results. You do not need to renovate or break down the house for that, just a few additions would do the task for you.

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