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Spruce up Your Welcoming Stay with the Best Guest Room Colour Combinations

Published On: Jan 20, 2023

Guest bedrooms can be challenging to design and are often overlooked in the whirlwind of daily life. For some, it is the ideal spot to experiment with bright colours or give a fresh shot at interior design. Others choose to keep their guest rooms neutral with just the right balance of character to feel cosy.

Sometimes the least expected guest room colour can pop up as the best one.  You can go bold with brighter tones or be mercurial with saturated pastels and neutral hues as per your stance on the design a guest bedroom ought to have. It is never too late to turn the space into a relaxing hideaway that your loved ones will enjoy staying in. 

To cater to inspirational ideas for your upcoming home makeover, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite guest room colour combinations. 

Characteristics of Guest Room Interiors

Unlock a cheerful, and vibrant guest room design with the following colour palette and decor. 


Vibrant colour tones of orange, lime green, blue, coral, and neutral hues including taupe, lilac, and beige blends perfectly with guest room decor. Pin your hopes in these colour palettes as they allow you to play well with bedding and other home decor essentials. 


With nuanced tones, the guest room decor code is basic and raw. Simple yet classy decor ideas such as blackout drapes, fluffed pillows, pouffes, rugs, and incandescent lamps, create a warm sensation and complement the interiors.  

Bold and Bright Guest Room Colours

Bright colours and striking patterns can be fascinating to play with in guest bedrooms. Warmer colours like golden yellow, coral orange and fuchsia pink are good to go guest room paint colours. Remember that warm colours might be challenging to pull off in a room as they are often considered energising.

If you have your heart set on a vibrant hue but don’t want to paint the entire space, consider adding it as an accent. The accent wall is a tried-and-true technique, but if you want a dramatic outline, you may also try painting the colour simply on the trim. A chair rail or wainscoting can be added, and the lower portion of the wall can be painted in the hues of your choice. Don’t think twice while moving with a small dose of bold colours because a little goes a long way.

If this goes with aesthetic, try on experimenting with one of these fun and vibrant  hues:

Lime Green

Lime Green

If subtle and plain is not your cup of tea, you can always choose a peppy colour for the guest room.A lively lime green gives the space a more personalised touch by capturing the essence of a fun-loving lifestyle.  This vibrant lime green guest room colour perfectly preps up the space and makes it appear capacious and airy. 

Using it in a combination of white walls, wooden flooring, and carved wooden frames can be a good shot! Complete the look by adding a ceramic glossy planter loaded with lemony yellow artificial flowers. 



If you are casting for striking hues, be confident on tangerine orange as your guest room wall paint. Orange is a warm tone that is more upbeat than the other calming and cooler tones. If you want to create a space that imparts happiness, go with orange hues. Be circumspect in choosing the right tone, as the colour can be too much to handle. But you can surely use it as an accent wall guest room paint colour.

Give the finishing touch by adding a milky white shade as ceiling colour, drapes, and deep seating cushions. Take a stab at the bed end stool harmonising with the bedding colour. Wall shelving, potted plants, wall-mounted racks, and framed quotes elevate the therapeutic ambient. 


Source: Pinterest

Do you desire an unconventional guest room design and uproot from the customary cool guest room wall colours? Without qualms count on bold colour like this yellow for the guest room’s paint. It gives the space a charming appeal while fabricating an offbeat yet mercurial room décor. The old-school sense of yellow walls will add character to your guest room. 

Update your bedding with yellow eiderdown and coffee-coloured bedside tables. Light red and brown undertones will complement this bold palate. Paint the accent wall yellow and keep the rest of the walls white to add a sunshiny glow and fun to your supplementary bedroom

Use ash grey paint colour in combination with a yellow wall or as a textured accent wall. This guest room colour combination can be ideal as the ultimate grey and yellow shades were embraced as Pantone's colour of the year, 2021. These distinct yet complementary hues convey a message of harmony and mutual support.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink

Make a bold statement with an ornate pink headboard. This headboard design will create a focal point while at the same time bringing a classic edge to your guest room. Combine blush pink with milky white shades by adding a pendant lamp, quilted pillows, and throw-over. Break the monotonous look by adding a mint green pot embracing a green dash. 

The blush pink shade brings out the brilliance of the pink tone in conjunction with the oak flooring and floor-to-ceiling window. The colour also gives the space an earthy feel. It gives a lively ambiance to the space making your guests feel welcoming.

Bold Red

Bold Red

Combine bold red with ivory to create a striking contrast between dark-light tones.  Here this red velvet bedstead pops against the ash grey cushions and white pendant lamps leaving a delightful impact.

If you’re not ready to paint the entire room red, you can use the shade on the accent wall. Try combining your choice of red with white glossy flooring, and neutral elements to create a timeless look. Add side tables with a mix-match of red and white. Give your guest room the much needed modern edge in combination with a regal touch. 

If not white, go for golden yellow colour to add more drama to your guest room. You can add golden yellow on trims, as the texture on the accent wall, on the bedstead, or maybe through hanging pentagonal lamps. 

Neutral Guest Room Paint Colours 

Mid-tones are for individuals that desire a touch more punch without it becoming overpowering. Saturated pastels along with neutral hues such as mint green, beige, pewter neutral, lilac, muted lemon, sand palette, etc, completes the list. As these guest room paint colours are more saturated, these colours can be mercurial. Additionally, these colours have a lot of undertones to work with. When choosing a mid-tone, you should pay close attention to the other elements, such as the bedding and accessories.

Loosen up some time to pick up a spot in your supplementary room and paint a substantial swatch. To ensure that it rings right with your guest room design, test these hues on a few walls. Use a small amount of primer below your paint swatches and chosen paint if you’re painting over another strong colour to prevent undertones from showing through.

Here are a handful of the most popular neutral tones to count on and paint your room with the best guest room colour combinations: 



If you are a free spirit, beige-coloured walls with Bohemian theme room interiors will satisfy your soul with the artistic lifestyle. Textured wooden work, vintage appearance, unusual-shaped mirrors, oval wooden planters, and kitschy tones will complete the look. Switch on the relax mode for the guest's comfort with soothing beige tones across the room. Use rattan, eclectic accessorising, worn woods in combination with saturated colours to create a majestic ambience. 

Throw some scatter cushions and stuffed toys to create a casual look. With metallic side tables, and elegant furnishing loaded with embossed patterns make it a perfect space to unwind. 

Mint Green

Mint Green

This image concentrates on a neutral green with brown and nude hues, whereas the curtains and wooden frames induce a striking appeal. Look no further than this guest room colour combination of lime green and nude hues to give a flirty, modern, and lighted ambiance to the room. Enhance the entire look by adding asian table lamps and contemporary end tables. 

If this colour combination resonates with you, go with the creative flow and let the neutral shade do the rest. The lime green colour can pop up as the best guest room colour if you want to embrace passion and calm.  



Lilac combined with white creates an elegant and lofty guest room aura. You can elevate the flamboyant character of lilac with delicate colour pops with a textured rug, bamboo chairs with cushions, or hangings in colours ranging from lilac to white. Make colourful interventions with tripod floor lamps, multipurpose wooden cabinets, and foldable patio tables. Give your guests a sense of relaxation and positive vibes by making lilac your guest room colour. 

When paired with white or copper accent decorations, shades like lilac and veri peri work well. Rather than painting the entire room with lilac hues, go with a lilac coloured accent wall keeping other walls coated with light shades such as ivory white or pale grey. 

Classic Grey

Classic Grey

If you want to create a nurturing, tranquil, and living ambience, go with classic grey. Combine neutral grey with white following the minimalism theme with the maxim “less is more.” Expect a refined approach when choosing furnishings for a minimalist guest room because everything must have a purpose. If done properly, it creates a tidy, peaceful environment that isn’t boring. Linked with melancholy and gloom, this guest room colour combination provides a stylish backdrop to the space.

Complement the minimalist design with solid oak bedside cabinets, white-grey see-through curtains, white patterned carpet with a black frame, and a solid wall clock. Illuminate the guest room with contemporary glass table lamps, drum light fixtures or mounted lights, and behind-headboard lighting.  

Blush Rose Red

Blush Rose Red

Red and its related tones, which belong to the same family, don’t require much of your attention. A blush rose-red paint brings more drama and life to your plain sailing guest room’s décor.

Lighter tones of grey and red perfectly complement each other and so does white. You can break the monopoly by incorporating unusual decorations, hanging lamps, and textured wooden end tables. Throw grey cushions matching with the bedding, scatter-rug or a kilim to accentuate the guest room interiors. 

Guest Room Wall Paint with Deep Tones

Dark hues might be unsettling, but they are fantastic for creating dramatic spaces. Like with the bright colours, deep tones allow you to add drama to your visitant's room without going overboard. Sprinkle darker tones to add some contrast. Ceiling with dark charcoal hues, navy glossy doors, deep coloured accent walls, painted trims will make our room more inviting and a perfect hideaway for the guests. 

Contrast is a fun approach, but it can also infuse the room with energy. Stick with a monochromatic palette if you want to go dark but want the space to be serene and tranquil. To create a rich space, paint the walls with sage green and then paint the trim and doors with a deep forest green colour. Such guest room colour ideas will be fruitful when matched with complementing bedding and other elements. For a more jewel-box feel, layering hues from the same family will keep everything coherent.

For deep toned guest room colour combinations that adds richness to the space, go with the following favourites:

Inky Charcoal

Inky Charcoal

This image demonstrates how easy it is to make a basic yet stylish accent wall with inky charcoal guest room paint colour. This look can be easily accomplished by simply thickening the gray portion of the wall to produce a crossing-line illusion. Additionally, LED lights incorporated inside the wood panel make it more opulent. And as you can see, even without utilising any other design objects, the results create an accent wall that is luxurious and fascinating.

A horizontal wood panel runs from the right to the left corner of the accent wall dividing the wall into two equal halves. The rest of the wall is embraced with dark grey wood dowels giving a calm texture to the entire room. The colour of the wood stains matches the bedding colour giving it a monotonous look. To add something fresh to the room through round bedside tables, matching drapes, and table light fixtures. Adding white lumbar pillows with linens accentuates the whole appearance of the room. 

Deep Green

Source: Pinterest

A neutral colour scheme, including white, beige, and grey, provides an enduring complement to deep green shade. A neutral colour like beige offers a background for the selected colour to stand out. When combined with darker hues, it can add brightness and visual balance to the space. A room is balanced and serene when neutral colours are present in combination with deeper tones.

You can accomplish this look by adding indoor plants of all sizes that elevate the guest room wall paint. The woven nook with decorative cushions on the bed, the tweed flatweave rug on the floor, solid manufactured wood nightstand, side desk with black mud cloth lumbar and the bronze LED desk lamps adds texture to the entire look.

Moody Purple

Moody Purple

If you want to go with funky guest room wall paint, then pick a bold tone of purple. Experiment your guest room with a moody purple shade that matches with the hues present in the vibrant wallpaper. The entire look of the room will leave your guests surprised with a feeling of retreat.

The rugs, pillowcases, headboard, and perhaps the curtains can all be chosen in a tone of purple while the dominant elements of the rooms, like side walls and ceiling, can be painted in neutral tones. A wall covered with large mirrors with wooden borders will add depth to the room. Glossy white flooring, oak wood side tables, and a chandelier will accentuate the entire look. 

Earthy Brown

Source: Pinterest

If you wish to give your guest room a cosy and romantic theme, pin your hopes on earthy brown tones. Produce a lovely colour duo with brown and white hues. You’ll always end up creating a pleasing palette with this guest room colour combination. No matter whether you choose to paint your walls brown and add milky accents, these colours will complement each other. The detailed frames give a cheerful sight, and the tad furniture with matching pillows keeps the room environment down-to-earth.

Add a large rustic stand mirror, and rattan window blinds to give it a vintage look. The presence of metal LED table lamps and ceiling fixtures add lighting to the dark room theme.

A Classic Navy

Source: Pinterest

Navy blue is one of those deep tones that gives intensity and vibes of something like 'dark industrial luxury.' It goes well with blueish-grey and white colour combinations with some copper, golden, and tan elements. Coming from the grey and black family, this hue offers a lot of potential when considering the best guest room paint colours. Finishes, textures, and other characteristics can differ, but it embraces “Power'!

The navy blues shade is complete within itself, so you don’t need to do much with it. You add simple, lightweight furnishings to accentuate the interiors. Balance the colour by adding neutral hues such as white upholstered bedhead and bedding. Round metallic bedside tables, accent wall with sayings and white wooden framework, modern table lamps and complementing pillows will add to the overall look. 

Pick the Right Colour for Your Guest Room

While we may have already experimented with the neutral and bold colour palette, a room brimming with vibrant colour has something alluring about it. Colour has a significant impact on mood while enlivening the senses and giving your room interiors depth.

Numerous colours are making a strong comeback in the world of home decor. Choose the colour that gives the living room a sense of style and makes the room feel more welcoming. Contact our experts at Interior Company for additional advice and living room inspiration.


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    What are the best colours for a guest room?

    In general, muted colours such as beige, white and neutral shades work well with the guest room.

    Should bedrooms be painted dark or light?

    If your guest room is spacious go with darker shades to create cosy vibes. On the other hand, if you have a small guest room, rely on lighter tones as they will add depth to the room.

    What colours make the bedroom feel warmer?

    Light and neutral hues such as yellow, mint green, lilac, blush red, and pink make the bedroom feel warmer.

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