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9 Brilliant Color Trends for Your Home in 2024

Published On: Feb 10, 2024

Colour trends shape more than just the shades of clothes, or wall paint each year. They influence emotions, moods, and desires. Vibrant, cheerful hues fill people with hope and optimism, while muted natural tones ground them in mindfulness and renewal.

The Pantone Colour Institute had crowned Viva Magenta as 2023’s Colour of the Year, describing its vibrant hue as “brave and fearless.” This bold pink-red shade is already popping up in fashion, beauty, and home décor, breathing energy and drama into everything it touches. But there is also a craving for quieter, more nostalgic tones like Traditional Green, a rich heritage colour that connects people to beloved spaces and memories through its depth and patina.

In this annual unveiling of colour trends, remarkable insight is gained into collective human emotion. As times change, so do the shades that captivate audiences. In 2024, we will continue to embrace radiant brights that spark creativity, mindfulness, and hope – but also earthier hues whispering of longevity, comfort, and home.

Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta - Trending Color Combinations

As the authority on colour trends worldwide, the Pantone Colour Institute had crowned Viva Magenta as 2023's Colour of the Year. This vibrant pink-red shade was described as a 'brave and fearless' hue by Pantone to reflect the ongoing search for optimism and joy even during unsettled times. Lean into Viva Magenta to spark playfulness, creativity, and hope.

Viva Magenta makes a vibrant accent in home goods when incorporated sparingly into textiles, art, and accessories against cooler-toned backdrops.

Traditional Green

Traditional Green - Modern Outdoor Paint Colors

A rich, heritage-inspired green is making waves this year that connects us to beloved spaces through its enduring familiarity. Traditional Green is a nostalgic, comforting tone that conjures vintage landscapes, antique decor elements, and memories tied to keepsakes passed down generations. As consumers seek stability in turbulent times, warmth and meaning can be found in this green with venerable roots.
Translating beautifully into home furnishings, Traditional Green makes for luxurious velvet upholstery, elegantly framed artwork, and textured area rugs that stand the test of time.

Bright Coral

Bright Coral - Trending Wall Colors

Capture the mood-boosting energy of coral reefs through the upbeat, animated shade of Bright Coral. This cheerful reddish-orange tone packs a refreshing punch across fashion, beauty and housewares, speaking to sunnier days ahead. Making hearts race with its hot pink undertones, Bright Coral injections enliven any room with fiery optimism.

For the home, incorporate this flirty colour through accents like lamps, vases, and desk accessories. Or make a vibrant statement by painting an accent wall or front door in glossy Bright Coral.

This shade dazzles, especially when contrasted with green foliage and blue watery hues – think tropical paradise. Its ability to spark playfulness and fun makes Bright Coral a trend that will lift spirits for years to come.

Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange - Trendy Modern Exterior Paint Colors

Bring the warmth of a glowing sunset into your home with Sunset Orange. Reminiscent of a fiery dusk sky fading into earthy Copper tones, this cosy shade promotes well-being through its calming nature. Natural Sand and Clay undertones allow Sunset Orange to translate effortlessly across textiles, from linen bedding to nubby throw blankets to exquisite cashmere knits.

Use this grounding hue in rooms meant for relaxation to evoke the comforts of the day's end. Pair Sunset Orange with gentle accent colours like yellow candles or terra cotta vases for a welcoming vibe. Its adaptable earthiness helps spaces feel profoundly nurturing yet subtly glamorous.

Lilac Purple

Lilac Purple - Trending Bedroom Colors

Escape into the romance of fragrant blooms with the soft, nostalgic shade of Lilac Purple. Whispering sweet tranquillity reminiscent of spring orchards and hydrangea bouquets, this light purple indulges dreams of serenity. Showcasing beautifully in candles with packaging adorned with painted flowers, the soothing hue also breathes an air of playfulness into makeup palettes and perfume bottles.

Lilac Purple complements aspirational interior motifs like trellises, flower garlands, and garden scenes. It infuses spaces with the fresh yet comforting vibes of a relaxing cottage garden. Paint a powder room or bedroom accent wall in this romantic tone, or opt for lilac candles, table linens and floral-print sheets for a touch of wonder. Its soft elegance provides a retreat from reality.

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue - Living Room Ceiling Paint Color Trends

Conjure images of tranquil waters and breezy beaches through the cooling elegance of Aqua Blue. This serene blue-green shade brings spaces closer to the freedom of the sea and sky by inspiring inner calm.
Gentle, weightless, and airy, Aqua Blue embodies laidback weekends and dreamy tropical locales. Making an effortlessly cheerful statement in fashion from linen sundresses to crocheted totes, Aqua also flows beautifully into home goods.

Paint a bedroom or living area in these soothing aqua tones to manifest dreams of disconnected bliss. Or accessorise with cerulean glass vases, table runners, and accent pillows against neutral backdrops. Pairing elegantly with rattan, wicker, and weathered wood furnishings, Aqua Blue welcomes in the refreshing essence of the coast.


Buttercream - Trending Colour Combinations

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Buttercream – a nurturing yellow shade that conjures images of sweet confections. This cream-coloured hue with the subtlest golden undertone speaks to new beginnings, hope and joy through its uplifting vibrancy.

Infuse nurseries and children's spaces with happiness by incorporating Buttercream accents. Buttercream celebrates life's special moments – from baby showers to bridal celebrations to birthday parties. Allow this cheerful colour to inspire creative dessert menus and display tables ornamented with floral details.

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown - Trending Living Room Colors

Evoking stability, resilience and permanence, Cocoa Brown offers refuge from fleeting fads through its classic earthy depth. Connecting us to beloved spaces and belongings from generations past, this rich brown hue grounds fashion and decor in heritage. Yet its red undertones lend a subtle warmth and touch of luxury simultaneously.

Gently distressed wood furnishings and cosy, woven textiles elegantly incorporate this reliable tone into living spaces, yearning for longevity over trends.

Misty Gray

Misty Gray - Trending Color Palettes

Make refined elegance approachable through the subtly weathered and ethereal shade of Misty Gray. Neither stark nor overly soft, this sophisticated grey adds prestige with a breathable aura.

For interiors, play to Misty's upscale versatility through metallic candelabras, mercury glass vases, and subtly glimmering quartz surfaces. Monochromatic styling allows ensembles like a charcoal sofa, ivory rug and pewter coffee table to feel commanding yet peaceful.

When the allure of glossy black or stark white feels too severe, Misty Gray strikes the ideal balance as an adaptable neutral that elegantly enhances instead of overpowers.

The 2024 Colour Palette

Color Palette Ideas

As 2023's vibrant hues reign supreme in fashion and design, colour experts are glimpsing even bolder shifts on the horizon for 2024's emerging palette. Complex, mood-reflecting tones are forecasted to come to the forefront ' hues that echo a world in flux, facing increased political tensions, economic uncertainty, and the lingering unease of a global pandemic.

Deeper shades of blue, grey, and green are expected to dominate, exuding gritty sophistication ' think weathered denim, charcoal wool and deep pine. Dynamic accents like Cyber Pink and Solar Flare Yellow will captivate attention amidst neutral backdrops.

The natural world’s influence translates into grounded terracottas, serene orchid blooms and lush forest greens. We also anticipate an uptick in futuristic brights like Neo Mint Green and Digital Teal as people look towards imaginative escape.


The coming years may see people craving deeper, more complex tones to reflect increased uncertainty and turmoil in society. The 2024 palette stands poised to shift towards moodier blues, greys and browns. But whatever the trends of coming years, the colour will continue to be the pulse of culture itself – an outer expression of hopes, fears, and truths felt deep inside.

Stay ahead of the latest interior colour trends! Be the first to decorate with these cutting-edge colours with the experts from Interior Company.

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    Why did Pantone choose Viva Magenta as 2023's Colour of the Year?

    Pantone selected Viva Magenta as a bold, uplifting shade that sparks creativity and joy – something we all need during turbulent times. Its vibrancy reflects an ongoing desire for optimism and fun.

    How do colour trends influence consumer purchasing decisions?

    Colour trends strongly influence what people buy across industries, from fashion and beauty to home goods and accessories. Consumers gravitate towards on-trend shades that reflect their desires and the zeitgeist.

    What is causing the prediction that 2024 will see moodier, more complex colour trends?

    Colour experts cite increasing societal turmoil, economic fears, and the lingering unease of the pandemic as influences driving preferences for deeper hues that reflect uncertainty and drama.

    Why are earth tones trending for 2023?

    Earthy neutrals and organic shades were popular because they provided a sense of familiarity, comfort, stability and connection to nature during rocky times.

    How can I incorporate 2023-2024 colour trends into my home?

    Repaint a wall with Viva Magenta, buy a Sunset Orange throw blanket, or use Lilac Purple candles or bright accents against neutral backdrops. And peek ahead with rich blues, bold brights and natural textures.