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Guidance from Interior Design Experts: Selecting White Paint Colours Made Easy

Published On: May 22, 2024

Searching for a true white paint colour is a challenging task. The classic colour remains an indispensable tool for the designers because of its versatility, becoming a failsafe default choice for all the rooms. The arguably nuanced colour has several variants, including off-white, pure white, cream, ivory, and many more. Can anyone actually tell the difference? What may look like a bright white on a sample can look too warm or cold.

Like any other colour, there are several factors to consider, such as undertones, brightness, decor and details, finishes, and lighting.

So, confused about where to begin? No worries! Our expert designers shared the guidelines to choose the best white paint for interior walls amongst their favourite shades. Let's dive into this easy white paint guide and make a smart choice!

Understanding the Impact of White Paint Colour on Interior Design

The power of the white paint colour is infinite as it can transform a room in ways that few other hues can. It reflects light, enhancing the brightness of a space and creating an illusion of increased size and openness, a popular choice for small rooms or spaces with limited natural light. Moreover, white sets the mood for the room’s design theme and can create sundry effects when complemented with other shades, furnishings, and artwork, creating a warm and inviting environment.

Below are the key benefits of having white wall colours for your house:-

  • White walls reflect natural light better than darker shades, making a small space feel larger and welcoming.
  • White walls serve as a blank canvas that can elevate the look by adding accessories and artwork.
  • White is a timeless colour that never goes out of style. This means your space remains stylish and relevant despite changing fads.
  • White offers endless versatility and can be used as a pop of colour in the space, making your decorative pieces and accents shine.
  • White observes a lot of light in our homes, giving a more relaxed and clear state of mind that makes us feel good.

There are numerous shades of white, so before picking the right shade, it’s important to understand the undertones of the white paint colour to create a sense of harmony in the space.

Where to use the White Paint Colour?

Use the White Paint Colour

Understand the Undertones

This is where the discussion starts- Do you want your walls to be warm or cool white? White looks different in various lighting. If it’s a north-facing room, white with red or yellow undertones works wonders. On the flip side, whites with cooler undertones like blue, green or purple will balance out the intensity of the light in a south-facing space.

Learning the difference between these hues will be beneficial in selecting the desired shades of white paint. If using whites on your trim, mouldings and ceilings, think of a white underlying tone that merges well with your chosen wall colour. Another choice is neutral white paints without any specific warm or cool undertones that give a brighter and balanced look.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right White Paint for Your Walls

Space, lighting, finishes, and decor play a significant role when hand-picking the best white paint for the house.

Consider the Room's Natural Light

Consider the Room's Natural Light - White Paint Colors

Observe the natural light in the room if you have a darker space with limited light, cool white tones can look dingy. Choose a creamy white or a slightly warm grey to infuse a refreshing feeling.

Rooms with ample natural light benefit from a cooler or true neutral white that will absorb sunlight, lending a relaxed ambience.

Room Size and Room Function

Room Size and Room Function - White Paint for Wall

Think about the room size and room purpose. Larger spaces can blend with a variety of shades, while for smaller rooms, lighter tones work better, making the space feel open and extensive. High-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms might require durable and washable paint to enhance the perception of cleanliness. Low-traffic zones like living areas and bedroom designs can indulge in richer textures and finishes for a calming and peaceful retreat.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture and Décor - Best White Paint for Interior Walls

When selecting the white paint wall ideas, consider the colours of the furniture, flooring and other decor elements. The chosen white should complement the style and colour scheme of the furnishings, creating a harmonised and coordinated feel. Else, you can pick a different hue to lend contrast and make your brightly-coloured furniture stand out.

Vary Your Whites

Vary Your Shades of White Paint

Want to paint a whole room white might feel too boring. Choose the variant shades of white two or three different finishes for a layered look. For example, use a soft white on ceilings and a warm sandy white on walls.

Give a Good Finish

Give a Good Finish - White Wall Color

The paint finishes affect the final look of the room. Use a flat paint finish on the ceiling in the living room design or bedrooms to create calming surroundings. Choose an eggshell or satin finish with a subtle sheen on the walls in hallways or dining spaces to lend an elegant and refined look. Semi-gloss or gloss finishes are reflective, making them a suitable choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Testing Samples

Testing Samples - Shades of White Paint

Finally, do the testing and paint big swatches on the intended walls, then observe them at different times of the day. The amount of light and the direction of the room impact the colours, and how the shade will look. Let the paint dry completely before making your choice, as some colours and shades will look different in different lighting conditions.

Before you figure out the type of white paint colour your space needs, let’s get you sorted with designer-approved tones.

Ash White

Ash White Paint House

This colour leans towards the grey side, giving a sophisticated and crisp backdrop. This shade of white paint offers a clean and modern aesthetic, perfect for living rooms and study spaces. They work well in contemporary and Scandinavian spaces, enhancing natural light and a sense of calmness.

Ivory White

Ivory White Paint for House

Pair your rich, wooden finishes with ivory white that exudes warmth and comfort. With its subtle creamy undertones, this white paint is a warm, welcoming shade and fuses well with traditional Indian and modern homes. This works best in rooms with less natural light, like hallways, enveloping the space with an inviting glow.

Dove White

Dove Home White Colour

This is a crowd-pleasing colour that adds a lovely warmth to the home in urban spaces. Celebrated for its softness and versatility, it marries with all the decor styles, from traditional or rustic farmhouse styles to sleek contemporary designs, inciting grace and clarity in the interiors.

Simply White

Simply White Wall Paint Ideas

The reason designers love simply white is that it looks both crisp and cosy in every space. This true white wall colour has the slightest warm tinge and glow, enhancing the sense of light and space and highlighting the architectural details, complementing modern and traditional interiors.

Moderne White

Moderne White House Color

A foolproof choice for your kitchen with cool undertones, enkindling a squeaky clean and pure look in the space. It works as the ideal background, allowing other design elements and details to stand out.

Cloud White

Cloud White House Paint

Cloud white has a nice, clean crispness and a hint of warmth, a desirable choice for contemporary and traditional spaces. It allows warmer tones and textures to take centre stage, giving a subtle backdrop.

Pure White

Pure White Colour Paint House

Pure whites are neutral whites which ground the space and have a timeless appeal. If you want to create a natural setting to augment other colours and style elements, allowing the furniture and furnishings to shine, this one is a fail-safe choice.

Best of all? It works in interiors and exteriors, like some whites, without looking too harsh or sterile.

Creamy White

Creamy White Paint Home

With beige or taupe undertones, this white paint colour is extremely versatile, no matter the style and space. Moreover, it fuses well with pastel shades, such as lavender, evoking a cosy environment with a touch of sophistication.


Off-White Paint Colors

The quintessential choice for those seeking warmth with subtle hints of colour, such as yellow, grey or beige, off-white is eminent for understated elegance. These white paint for houses harmonise with wood, leather, and wool, instilling a unique texture and distinctive character in the space.

Pearl White

Pearl White Paint for Wall

The subtle luminosity of pearl captures and reflects light, adding a delicate and refined sparkle to the space. It’s well suited to contemporary designs, accentuating the space with other design elements and providing a quiet luxury.

Everlasting White!

The key to selecting the right white paint colour lies in the mood you wish to create in your space. Whether you want to use white as the backdrop colour or an accent hue or want to envelop the whole space in the tone of white, there are plenty of shades to experiment with. Consider the room size, space and lighting to craft an environment that feels natural and uniquely yours.

For more guidance and expertise on the paint selection process, connect with our experts at Interior Company, bringing your dream home to life.

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    Which is better, pure white or extra white for trim?

    If you want your trim in the room to stand out, choose pure white that enhances brightness or else go for extra white for a muted and blended look.

    What is the best white paint finish for the living room?

    An eggshell or satin finish would look best on the white walls, giving a glossy and elegant look than a matte finish. Also, it’s easier to clean and maintain than other finishes.

    Does white paint colour enhance sleep in bedroom design?

    Yes, white paint clears the mind and has a tranquil effect. It can also serve as a neutral backdrop for layered accessories, such as bedding and curtains in soothing hues like pale blue, sage green or grey.

    Is white paint for the wall hard to clean?

    White colour is more open to scuff marks and fingerprints than darker-coloured walls. For that, using an eggshell or semi-gloss paint sheen will make them easier to clean. You can jiff the marks with a sponge, warm water solution, and dish soap.

    What colour trim goes with white paint walls?

    There is no rule for choosing the trim colour with white walls. You can paint the semi-gloss white finish for a cohesive look. Or you can choose other cool or warm hues that merge with the undertones.

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