10 Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your Small and Large Washroom

Published On: Feb 8, 2023

Lighting is one of the most important components of any home, it is not only useful in doing different tasks around the house but also adds a bit of glitz and glam to your abode. One might think of lighting as a source of light for the room but let us tell you it is much more than that. 

Bathroom light design plays a role in making the space ambient, spacious and larger than its actual size. There are several types of lighting available in the market for you to choose from, be it cove lighting, LED bulbs, chandeliers, task lights, sconces, pendants and the list goes on. 

Get a brief idea of what type of lighting is best for your bathroom and the designs that suit your taste. Let us skim through different types of bathroom lighting ideas. 

1. Hidden LED Light

Hidden lighting is the best type of lighting that you can fit in your bathroom. Why? One may ask. This is because this type of bathroom lighting design doesn’t strike directly in your eye but creates an ambient atmosphere throwing out enough light. In this very bathroom, the lighting strip is used both on the ceiling and as a footlight above the flooring. This assists in making the bathroom lit enough that it feels like morning even in the middle of the night.  

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2. Golden Pendants 

Source: Pinterest

This golden pendant lighting looks as precious as the textured walls in this bathroom. We can probably say that the golden lighting adds up to make this bathroom lighting design much more desirable. The elements of gold are perfectly utilised with Persian blue and grey accents for the space to proudly showcase contemporary craftsmanship. 

3. Crystal Lights 

Source: Pinterest

Can we take a moment to appreciate this crystal lighting?

It is amazing! The bathroom lighting idea takes advantage of the thickness and brilliance of the glass to create lighting with unending refraction. Such an element creates an underwater illusion. One part of this pendant acts as a task light and the other part of it is an ambient one. We can wholeheartedly conclude that this lighting solution will make any dull spot a focal point in your home. 

4. Chandelier Grandeur

Source: Pinterest

Add extra grandeur to your personal space with this luxury bathroom lighting idea. This concept is an example which declares that chandeliers are not just elements that can be included in your living room or dining room, but they can also amp up your bathroom. This antique LED-lit design piece is a work of art, as much as the copper piece works well with the POP ceiling and marble wall interiors. It will not be wrong to say that it seems like this bathroom is a part of the royal palace. 

5. Modern Task Lighting 

Source: Pinterest

Focusing only on task lighting for your bathroom is a wise choice because at the end that is precisely what we desire, right? 

Modern lighting for bathrooms requires our attention to focus on how to make a space useful and functional. Let us also take a moment to appreciate the perfect balance of contemporary and regality in this particular bathroom design. The tiger print wallpaper and the use of move cabinetry paired with pearl-looking bathroom lighting design is a stunner for sure. 

6. Spot Light Interior

 Source: Pinterest

Spotlights might remind you of the stage, but we can say this bathroom is definitely under our spotlight.  Spotlighting is also used by pairing up with other lighting solutions which fulfil different criteria. Spot bathroom lighting ideas are generally a good choice for small powder rooms and toilets, As they tend to focus only on one spot.

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7. Mini Lightsabers

Source: Pinterest

We are all fans of Star Wars! This might not be a perfect lightsaber but it definitely reminds us of one. These tubes of yellow lighting also act like task lights making the spot much easier to work with. Four lights are used in this bathroom, two each for both mirrors. What makes it more apt is the white interiors of this bathroom which further assists in making the zone ambient and well-lit. 

8. Wall Sconces

Source: Pinterest

Wall sconces are one of the oldest types of lighting that can be used either in bathrooms, bedrooms or study rooms. This type of bathroom lighting design definitely brings back some old memories. The conical design helps spread light evenly in the room, but this type of lighting is generally paired up with a different solution as well to make the space fully ambient and accessible for the owners. 

9. Laser Lights

Source: Pinterest

Don’t worry because this bathroom lighting idea is not only for a club but when used right it can also be utilised in your bathroom. Doesn’t it seem like the light is dripping from the ceiling? Indeed, it does. This type of lighting creates excitement for whoever is looking at it. They are also a great way to create another point in your room. The best part that we should focus on is laser lighting like this one generally every day and saves your ton of money as much as it gives you style. 

10. Bohemian Basket

Source: Pinterest

This Bohemian basket is a simple lighting solution that you can add to your bathroom for more character. The white interiors go hand and hand with the design that the designer wants to achieve. The bathroom is flourishing with enough natural light and white interiors which makes it quite easy to add simple lighting that can be used when it gets dark. 


The right type of bathroom lighting design used in the lavatory can help elevate the style up a notch. There is not only one fashion of lighting that can be used to make a space ambient but there is a myriad of options that can fit everyone’s taste. We hope this blog worked as a handbook for your research in finding shower lighting ideas. For more eclectic styles and designs get in touch with Interior Company and get a personalised design guide for your home.


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    What type of bathroom lighting design is the best?

    The best lighting solution that can be utilised not only in the bathroom but any part of the house is a strip LED or cove lighting. The best part about them is that they are hidden away which makes them ideal.

    Is it worth installing a chandelier in the bathroom?

    Installing a chandelier in the bathroom might seem like an over-the-top choice. But it is perfectly alright to do so. This will not only add excitement to your toilet but also make it an appreciated spot.

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