Areca Palm Plant’s healthy maintenance & Growing Guide

Published On: Sep 17, 2021

Are you looking for some soothing tropical vibes inside your home? Try adding some hint of green with the most serene areca palm plants that are native plants of Madagascar scientifically known as Dypsis Lutescens. Besides adding a tropical flair to your homes, they are easy to grow, widely available, and one of the best indoor plants for varied places like offices, malls, and homes. Popularly known with different names such as golden cane palm, butterfly palm, or bamboo palm these breezy long-leafed plants look exquisitely beautiful to look plus their foliage lush also removes the pollutants from the air. It is no wonder that the areca palm indoor plants are extremely desirable by nature enthusiasts for their bright green leaves, long soft lushes, yellow rachis, and arching fronds. So, this one is for all those plant lovers dreaming of adding an exotic look to your homes with the areca palm plant let’s first begin with understanding its care guidelines.

Cane palm plant care tips

We all know that indoor plants are almost hassle-free when it comes to managing but exceptions like the Areca palm tree do require a little bit of your effort for healthy growth. Some tips for caring for these tropical plants are mentioned below- 

  • Before planting areca palm, you must first take a pot with small holes for regular drainage flow. 
  • While choosing soil avoid sogging and instead take well-drained soil for its easy, fast, and full growth. 
  • Areca plants require indirect sunlight so place them near west or south-facing windows. 
  • As direct sunlight might burn the leaves and slowly leads to discoloring of the plant which will eventually start turning into yellow color and end up giving your room an unhygienic dull look. So, try placing the areca plant indoors instead of outdoors.
  • When speaking of the weather adaptability of these palm trees who are native to tropical regions doesn't respond well in a cold environment or to sudden temperature drops. 

Areca palm plants, a pet-friendly tree

Now that pets being irreplaceable members of our homes, everyone is extra careful these days when it comes to our little friend's hygiene and wellbeing, so adding a green member to the family means their adaptability with the inhouse pets. And choosing areca palm which is an indoor plant it is very important to know whether it is safe for pets or not. Luckily, according to ASPCA  areca plant is not toxic for both cats and dogs, and it is one of the best quality tropical palm which makes it the best indoor plant for pet lovers. Besides this, the areca palm plants are favorable for humans as well so if you have any toddler crawling in your home it is completely a safe option.

Placing Areca plants outdoors

Dreaming and executing a beautiful outdoor garden in front of the house is a desirable thought for many while adding a tropical classy vibe where Areca plants play a significant role. So, to place these palm trees outside the house is not just soothing but also gives a complete makeover to your beautiful pad. These feathery fronds plants have almost a ten-year life span, requiring a considering amount of effort when placed outdoors. If you are looking forward to growing an areca palm outdoors, then it can be easily grown in the roughness of USDA zone 9-11 and could survive whole year-round. Plus placing it outdoor has its own benefit where the long plushy leaves can increase into the height of 15-30 feet. These leafy plants are much favorable for the rainy season therefore it is good to keep the areca palm plants out in the rainy season to receive nature's sprinkles for their natural growth. But as areca palms are sensitive to extreme light and summer heat, they should be protected from the strong afternoon sunlight which can cause deep damage to its leaves and could cause harm to its lush foliage. Also, when placed outdoor palm plants they need well-drained soil and regular watering if they are grown in arid regions. 

Watering techniques of areca palm 

Since the areca plant comes from a sensitive family of trees with its soft lushes it does not like the strong sunlight and is sensitive to water, thus frequent watering or overwatering can rot its roots. Hence make sure the plant has a good drainage system to avoid root rotting. Besides overwatering it also needs special care in terms of healthy watering and there comes a scenario where it is not getting enough water which can turn the leaves yellow and can attract mealybugs and spider mites. 

To treat spider infestation, you must take the palm outside your home and treat it with a powerful jet of water to avoid spider infestation. Allow the soil surface to dry out amidst the process of watering but keep in mind to take care of areca palm during the harsh winter season with less watering. 

Benefits of areca palm plants

It is no wonder that areca is amongst the best indoor tropical plant which grows easily and cleanses the air pollutants. But besides this, areca has many other benefits which are listed below.

  • Emits more oxygen 
  • It is safe for pets
  • Low maintenance
  • Absorbs indoor air toxins
  • It also improves the air humidity
  • Helps in decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Areca beautifies the interior decor
  • It is also beneficial as per vastu sastra

Areca palm price

Areca palm plant is a popular indoor plant with various benefits; thus, it is quite expensive, so it is generally bought as a small table plant. But if you wonder to know its price then you can find it between $15 to $800 ('¹1104 – '¹58909) depending on the size and species of the areca plant. Since it is in high demand you might not get it in stores or sometimes you might not get the particular species that you want to plant. In this case, one can find an areca plant online over famous platforms like such as Flipkart and Amazon at reasonable prices. 

Areca palm seeds

It is not necessary that you always buy a small tabletop plant or a tree, instead you can try growing it from seeds. The seed of the areca palm is also known as the areca nut plant, to grow this tropical plant at your place you first need to remove the fleshy part of the seed, then place the seed just below the soil surface and keep the soil moist but not soggy. And if you are sowing the fresh seeds, you can plant them directly without scraping the flesh.  

How to grow an areca palm?

As you know that areca palm is beautiful, beneficial, and easy to grow with low maintenance with just proper growing conditions mentioned as below-

  • You just need to check on temperature, humidity, watering, and fertilizers. 
  • Place the areca palm pot in an indirect bright light
  • Water it only when the soil surface is dried out
  • You can use liquid houseplant fertilizer twice or thrice during the growing season
  • Do not overwater or over-fertilize the areca palm

 Benefits of bringing areca palm home

Buy areca palm to give your home a fresh, lively, and tropical vibe. As it has several health benefits, is not injurious to pets, and has low maintenance that everyone prefers to place indoor or outdoor. One of the best things about areca is that you can enjoy your weekend trip without wondering about watering the plant as it does not need frequent watering or regular sunlight. Besides this, you can always decorate your room or workplace with an alternative artificial areca palm tree if maintaining an original seems impossible as it too adds a natural look to your house. An artificial areca plant complements the environment, keep it warm and welcoming the whole year. 

Homemade fertilizer for areca palm 

Areca palm growing guide includes an effective on-time fertilizing maintenance for its speedy growth. There are several fertilizers available in the market which are chemical-based but if you are looking for a natural fertilizer for your indoor beauty which you can store for a long period then follow the steps below.

  • Buy natural plant nutrients which are easily available at any garden store
  • You can take soybean meal, cottonseed meal, feather meal, or any other natural nutrient which is rich in manganese, phosphorus, nitrogen, or potassium.
  • Give it a good mix with kitchen waste like spinach peels, kelp, beet, leafy vegetables, whole grains, or dried oranges. 

The beauty of Areca palm flowers

Areca nut plant or beetle nut is the fruit of the areca palm which occurs in the early summer or late spring season when the areca palm gets small white or yellow flowers. Areca is known as a butterfly palm as it gets yellow summer season flowers. The flowers of the areca palm grow beneath the leaves and give yellow fleshy fruit and these vibrantly distinguished flowers generate a beetle nut which is generally taken dried, roasted, boiled, or baked. It is also used as a stimulant drug that speeds up the messages between the mind and the body. 

Areca palm Vastu tips

If you believe in Feng Shui the areca palm tree is one of the luckiest indoor plants which you must have. It welcomes peace, prosperity, and wealth to your house, keeping the negative energies at bay while attracting positive vibes. According to Feng Shui, you must place areca palm in the east, southeast, north, and south directions to improve the productivity and progress in your life. Following these areca palm Vaastu tips, you will be a step near to your success and wealth.

On a final note

Areca palm is a wealth-attracting, health-beneficial, pets-friendly, and low-maintenance indoor plant. Areca palm is quite expensive, but you can still have an option to grow it at home using homemade fertilizer. Place it according to Vaastu to welcome success and make your house look beautiful with the tropical yet natural vibes of the areca palm. It keeps your place cozy and spread an aura of warm vibes by showcasing its soft lush foliage. Besides being famous as an indoor plant areca palm is also known for its leaf plates, its fleshy fruit/beetle nut which speeds up the messages from the mind to the body. Therefore, you can plant it anywhere be it outside or inside your house making the area extremely stunning to adore. It just needs to be situated in the right light for its proper growth. 


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