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17 Modern Window Door Designs for Indian Homes

Published On: Dec 30, 2022

Windows act as an essential accessory for the house. Apart from their functional value, window designs can serve as an architectural focal point and add to the overall appeal of your home's decor. Given the evolution of window door design ideas, you have various designs for your abode.

For instance, modern windows on doors are a popular trend in Indian architecture. You can continue reading below to know more about 17 such ideas in the sections below!

Modern Window Door Designs That are Functional and Stylish 

Brighten up your home with the best window door design ideas, as seen below:

1) Wooden Frames and Clear Glass Hinged Window Door Design 

Source: Pinterest 

A clear glass window door design with a wooden frame is a classic choice for a modern Indian home. This one also includes an awning window at the top so you can open a smaller window when needed.

The clear glass allows the light to come through and makes the room appear bigger and brighter. 

2) Casement Style Windows with PVC Glass Window Doors

Source: Pinterest 

When it comes to window door design ideas, casement-style window doors are a very popular style. These white windows are made of PVC and are perfect for a home with a neutral colour palette.

Known for their affordable rates and durability, casement window doors have a minimal design. 

3) Square Wood Framed Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Everything about this window door design is mesmerising.

The curved design at the top and the square wooden window doors form the perfect combination. You’ll get the view even when the windows are closed. When needed, the square window doors can be opened outwards to let the fresh air in. 

Such a window door design for a home will work out beautifully for you.

4) Minimal Black Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a minimal-style window door design, this one’s for you. This black casement design has rectangular glass panels that form a unique look. For rooms that lack sunlight during the day, this window door design will be of great help. 

5) Awning and Casement Style Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

A mixture of Awning and Casement Style double door design installation is a must for style and functionality. This combo is suitable for all types of seasons.

During the rainy season, you can use the awning window door design for some light ventilation, and during summers, the lower half can be kept open. White on white is a classic look, and PVC frames are affordable. 

6) Tilt and Turn Glass Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Windows can be customised to meet all your needs. An aluminium window door design is an excellent choice for an ultra-modern style. This tilt-and-turn glass window offer functionality and a sophisticated design.

You can open the window like an awning window for ventilation or twist and pull the handle to open it like a door window. Two functions in one window style. 

7) Combination Style Aluminium Glass Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Aluminium is used in constructing windows because of its durability. It is also very low maintenance, and the windows look stunning when paired with glass.

A combination window like this one includes a picture window door design, a door-style window and an awning window. The clear glass and black aluminium frame complement the interior of the room. You can install such a design in your home office setup.

8) Tilt and Turn White Casement Style Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Tilt and Turn windows can open from the top or bottom because the hinges are on the side. This makes it convenient to open with little movement.

The tilting feature benefits people living in humid areas because the fresh air can enter your room without letting in the rain.

This window with an attached door is quite useful, especially for those who live in wooded areas, as they can enjoy nature uninterruptedly. 

9) Arched Window with Casement Style Hinged Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Casement window doors are aesthetically pleasing and great for security reasons. These Windows can be locked with a key or with the help of another locking mechanism.

This white arched casement window door design will reduce the noise because of an insulating barrier. Concerning maintenance and affordability, PVC casement window doors are a stylish option among other window types. 

10) Pivoting Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

A pivoting window door design with wooden frames and glass would be a beautiful addition to your home. This type of door design helps with the airflow, and the glass keeps the room bright.

This can be done without completely opening the window. It can be cleaned easily both inside and outside the home. 

11) Contemporary Style Wooden Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

A picture window provides an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. This window door design shows a picture window on one side and a foldable wooden window door design on the other side.

Together, these two types of design form a unique element suitable for all seasons. The foldable wooden window door has a regal style, but when paired with the picture window, there appears to be a modern touch. 

12) Window Door Design with a Pop of Color

Source: Pinterest 

If neutrals are not your favourite, you can try some other colour of your choice. PVC or steel framed windows are powder coated to get the perfect shade of colour.

Here we have a blue casement window door design that blends with the house’s exterior. Sizeable square glass panels make the design appear unique and attractive. 

13) Steel Framed Window Door Design 

Source: Pinterest

Steel is a strong and secure material, making it a suitable frame material for glass windows. Here’s a steel-framed window door design that opens outwards.

No grills are present, so when the window is open, you’ll feel connected with the outside surroundings. It makes the room feel open, and the tall height of the window creates the illusion of a bigger room. 

14) Stained Glass Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Opt for stained glass windows if you want to add a playful touch to your window door design.

This design creates colourful shadows when the sunlight passes through it during the day. Instead of the usual clear window door designs, stained glasses add a fun and secure element. 

15) Tinted Glass Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Tinted black glasses are an excellent match for PVC window door designs.

This window has frames painted green to match the neutral colours of the surrounding area. Tinted window doors offer a sense of privacy and look great in all homes. 

16) Large Steel Framed Window Door 

Source: Pinterest 

Opt for a large window that takes up most of the wall space for a luxurious touch. Here’s a window door design that opens up to give you a complete view of the outside. It looks like a door, but the hinges are placed in a hidden manner. 

Such a design will contribute beautifully to your home’s interior decor.

17) Rectangular Aluminium Window Door Design

Source: Pinterest 

Attaching a picture window with a rectangular window door design is a great idea for small rooms.

Here the window is placed in the kitchen; one part includes a window door which can be opened for ventilation and the other side has a picture window.

The picture window brings in most of the light and provides a clear view of the surroundings. Black steel frames are a suitable choice if you want extra protection. 

Concluding Remarks

Some of the best window designs have been covered above. Keeping in mind your budget needs and house plans, you should choose the right type of window for your home.

The above-mentioned designs are some of the most iconic modern window designs you can seek inspiration from. Windows have been an inseparable part of home architecture for a long time.

The evolving styles of windows continue to give us some of the most beautiful and unique architectural layouts. Modern windows add simplicity and sophistication to one’s home. For more ideas like these, head over to Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.***


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    Which Window Style Is Most Secure?

    A casement window may be the most secure modern window style. The gap in a casement window is relatively narrow even when opened fully, making it almost impossible for intruders to break in.

    What Is the Most Popular Window Door Style?

    Casement windows are one of the most popular windows for Indian homes. This style goes well with a lot of different architectural themes.

    They are also preferred because you can keep one part open for ventilation and are the most secure option.

    How Long Do Modern Windows Last?

    The expected lifespan of modern windows is between 15 and 30 years. The functional life of your modern window may vary from 10 to 15 years, depending on the craftsmanship of the installer and the materials used. However, waiting for such a long time is unnecessary if your windows are creating problems.

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