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Frame Landscapes With Colours For Windows

Updated On: Jul 8, 2024

Do you like peeping out of the window and enjoying the magnificent view you have outside your house? Well, everyone likes it. That’s why windows are made in the first place, right? The view outside your home is a landscape painting, and the window is its frame. No matter how good the painting is, if the framing does not speak for you, it might pull down the grandeur of the painting with itself. So you have chosen the right painting now let us help you choose the right colours for its frame- the window’s colour.

A window colour design should blend in with the house’s interior and match the exterior view it has been framed around. Let’s delve into the beaming window colour combinations for your house.

Earthy Brown Colour

Earthy Brown Window Colour Paint

Earthy brown colours bring with them a very warm and authentic raw kind of look. If you live at a cold place or a place with a very earthy landscape, then this rustic window paint colour is the best choice for you. Brown in itself is warm in nature and it perfectly works as a contrast for cold space, imagine yourself cuddling your blanket sitting in the living area with a coffee in your hand as warm sunlight passes through the earthy colours of your French-styled window, soothing and calming yes?

Bold Black

Bold Black Window Paint

Black colour never lets you down, and on windows contrasted with sharp light colours, it has a different impact altogether. With a house of white, cream or any of the light colours, you can paint your window frames black as an outline. Black makes it stand out and feels like an elegantly assembled Lego piece. Wooden window frames with panelled design and big glasses are perfect for being splashed with black colour. There is a variety of black paints for wooden window colours in the market- matte black, royal black, metallic black, and depending upon the design of the window, you can choose between these for example, metallic black colour looks best on smooth and seamless design while colours like matte black works on panels with intricate carvings or french styled designs.

The Subtle Greys

Grey Window Colour Design

Grey is one of the most refined and nuanced colours, no matter which shade. Subtle grey colours juxtaposed with similar or darker shades of subtle colours give enough saturation and amazement to your house. Grey shades look way more elegant on narrower and smaller surface areas than on places like walls.

Royal Green

Royal Green Window Painting Ideas

No other colour blends with wood the way royal green does. It almost feels raw and gives the vibe of a luxury vintage farmhouse. Royal green, anyway, is a vintage colour that speaks for old money, and if you love the feel of royalness with an old-style look of aged wood more than the smooth, modular look in windows, royal green is the colour for you. Royal Green mixes with the textures of wood and makes them stand out instead of overpowering them.

Like the image above, you can also use this colour with other subtle shades of muted green to give the window depth and layering.

Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels Window Colour for Home

Window colour paints with soft pastel colours look perfect for a welcoming eye and soothing house. Pastel colours are made up by mixing normal colours with whites to desaturate them and give them a softer shade. Hence, pastel colours are versatile, and due to their softness, they do not come as harsh or eye-jarring. Using pastel colours for window colour designs is a contemporary style, but still, they give a very vintage feel to the place, thanks to the softness of these colours. Using these colours for window panes, you can easily make the frame seamless and complement the sunlight.

Modern Metallic Finished Colours

Modern Metallic Finished Colours for Window

For brutalist or minimalist styles of architecture your windows need to be bold but not poppy, subtle but with an impact of itself; they have to be understated but should have a voice of their own. And no other style of colours can tick this whole checklist than metallic colours. Metallic colours do have a sense of modern tone while being sophisticated. Metallic colours work best to get the best out of simple, smooth window pane designs.

The colours that look best in their metallic shade are black (of course), light-dark greys, muted greens, and light browns.

Effects of Window Colours

Window colour paints change many things about the decor of your house. Some of the points are listed below-

  • Window colours make the view you see through them stand out, making it curbing away from the backdrop.
  • Window colours change how light enters the house and reacts with the elements inside.
  • Windows work as decorative pieces for your wall, and the colours decide whether they will complement and blend with the walls or contrast and stand out.
  • Windows are definitive pieces that significantly affect the architectural style of a house.

Colour The Frame

A window colour design needs to speak for the view inside it. It should accentuate the landscape and make it stand out while matching its surroundings. For example, in painting exhibitions, paintings are put in a frame, the reason is to make them stand out without letting them get mixed with the backdrop, so a window pane makes the view inside stand out while framing itself around matching or complementing the background. Colouring the windows right is important to harmonise your house’s decor and architectural style while making the view through it focal enough, removing the hindrance for the human eye.

Well, if window colour designs are so significant, then why not take the help of some experts from Interior Company? You've chosen the landscape, now let them paint the frames for it.

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    What are the best colours for sleek window panes?

    Dark colours look best on sleek and slim window panes, like a French one or a minimal multi-panelled frame. You can go for dark greys, blacks, shades of browns, or shades of royal green and royal blue. Light colours can work for sleek windows, but they sometimes get lost due to the overwhelming sunlight.

    What are the modern trending colours for window frames?

    Soft pastels, matte blacks and greys, metallic vibrant colours are the trending colours used in the window frames. Though it totally depends on what kind of architectural style and colour palette you have in your house.

    Can I paint the window panes myself?

    Yes, if you have the right equipment and a bit of skill you can easily paint it yourself. You just need to follow the steps-

    • Do your research, and choose what type of colour style you want (read out this blog carefully)
    • Once you have chosen, go to buy the right type of colour. For wood, enamel-based colours are the best choice.
    • Prepare carefully- sand, tap, and blend the colours.
    • See how many layers of paint you need to do. Do one at a time, let it dry and see how many more it needs.

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