15 Sophisticated Window Curtains Promise a Regal Look

Published On: Jan 19, 2023

Treating your windows with the right embellishment is a tough road to navigate through. Its relevance makes it time-consuming and often a brain-picking task. Eventually, you have to choose between blinds, shades, or curtains for your space. Congratulations, if you have decided upon curtains for your window treatments, you are in for a delight. 

Window curtains types are not only ornamentally clever but also serve numerous purposes. From faux silk drapes to blackout curtains there are innumerable designs in between that complement every home space. We have rounded up some of our favourites, have a look. 

Types of Curtains for Home

The variety of curtains will definitely leave you in a dilemma of choosing the best. 

1. Panel Pair Curtains

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Panel pair types of curtains for home are often sold in a pair which enables you to place curtains on either side of the window. These curtains are held open with the help of curtain tiebacks and are closed by pulling both panels together in the centre. They can be used anywhere you have space to hang draperies on both sides of the window. 

2. Single Panel Curtain

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Among the various types of curtains for home, the single panel curtain covers the entire window. The curtain panel opens on either side of the window. It can also be tied in the back to curate an asymmetrical, modern look. This curtain design is both timeless and contemporary – making them a great option for decorative settings. 

3. Valances

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Valance is a short curtain, hanging at the top of other curtains. These are often used as an additional decorative option. Valances aid in completing a look. They are available separately, or as a fragment of a window treatment set. These window curtains types can be used without installing additional curtains in the windows, or to render a decorative flair to the windows where the full curtains are not needed. 

4. Puddle 

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Extra-long and floor-length are the characteristics of puddle curtains. They break abruptly on the floor, like the train of a wedding dress, and are several inches longer than the size of the window. This design is particularly well-liked if you want to make a bold or passionate window decoration.

5. Window Treatment Sets

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Everything you need for complete window treatment is included in a window treatment set. One or two curtains and a valance are nearly often included in these types of curtains for living room. Some window kits also come with extras like tiebacks, a curtain rod, and, in a few rare instances, a pelmet. 

6. Window Tiers

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Window tiers are frequently used on windows in kitchens or anywhere else where you want privacy but still want the light to penetrate in. They cover the bottom half of the window, leaving the top half of the window exposed. Have a look at the reference above to get an idea of this variety of curtains. 

7. Velvet Curtains

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Velvet is another common material for window treatments. This material ensures maximum privacy. Additionally, the hefty material minimises outside noise and blocks breezes. The variety of curtains also benefits light-sensitive sleepers. A terrific cloth, it gives your windows a more dramatic appearance. Given that velvet is a challenging fabric to clean, it is often cleaned by professionals. So, if maintenance is a problem, you might want to avoid using this material. 

8. Window Scarf

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A valance and a window scarf are quite similar types of curtains. The top of the window is concealed with a long, slender curtain panel. Window scarves are a fantastic way to dress up your room aperture. The gold accent window scarf not only beautifies the space but also acts as a focal point. 

9. Curtain Liners

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Another addition to your everyday drapes is curtain liners. They are designed to give your curtain more versatility and effectively transform it into a lined curtain. A liner is added to the sheer curtains as a common practice as it increases their durability and seclusion without taking away from their stunning look. Additionally, curtain liners frequently offer qualities like insulation and noise-cancelling.

10. Sheer Curtains

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Semi-transparent and thin fabrics are the foundation of sheer curtains. These window curtains types allow the maximum flow of daylight in a room when the curtains are drawn. These curtains are most popular for dining and living rooms. In some cases, liners are added to sheer curtains for added privacy. 

11. Semi Opaque Curtains

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Semi-opaque drapes resemble a cross between sheer and blackout drapes. They allow the sunlight to penetrate when drawn. In addition, they offer more seclusion than sheer curtains. These curtains are a popular option for any setting. You can also couple them on a double curtain rod with other curtains for greater opacity (with another pair of curtains behind). 

12. Casual Curtains

Casual curtains are the homemakers' most favoured choice for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Using casual curtains will create a comfortable, and unpretentious atmosphere. These curtains are rarely used with Valances and frequently feature grommet and eyelet or tab top attachments.

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13. Tie Top Curtains

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Tie-top drapes are just like tab-top drapes that hang below the curtain rod. They leave a gap that makes the curtain rod and the wall behind it visible. Tie-top curtains are typically utilised with sheers and light textiles due to their delicate structure. Keep in mind that these curtains will allow you to see your curtain hardware. When selecting grommet, tab, or tie-top curtains, make sure you use curtain rods and finials that are stylish and in good condition.

14. Classic Curtains

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Any space in the house can derive from classic designs. To make perfect window treatments, traditional curtains are commonly used in combination with valances and other add-ons. These drapes have a timeless, classic charm and are frequently used in bohemian, rustic, and classical designs. 

15. Contemporary Style

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Contemporary curtains offer a modern take on traditional designs. They are most frequently found in nature-inspired earthy tones and grey tints. Brighter and bolder colours can occasionally be employed to provide a splash of colour to an area that is otherwise neutral. Rich textures are a characteristic feature of contemporary curtains, offering a sophisticated appearance without being excessively designed or pretentious.

Bring Down the Curtains!

Sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing curtains that suit the personality of your space. You cannot ignore the relevance they hold for your window frames. From fancy drapes to window treatment sets, you are spoilt for choice in the types of curtains available in the market. If you are looking for curtains that are both modern and functional, contact our experts at Interior Company


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    Q 1. What types of curtains are trending now?

    Ans. As per the minimalist approach that dominated 2022, curtains are trending in earthier, cleaner colours. Also, choose drapes in colours like slate grey, white, or cream than in patterned or multicoloured curtains.

    Q 2. What is the most popular type of curtain?

    Ans. Pencil pleat is the most popular variety of curtains because of their cost-effectiveness. They are used in various places and most commonly in homes.

    Q 3. Which type of curtain style is best for the living room?

    Ans. You should always use long drapes for the living room. Then, pick a style – pole pocket, grommet, or pleated that matches the level of formality of the living room.

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