6 Spectacular Colour Combination for Hall in 2024

Published On: Jan 20, 2023

The most popular paint colours are aimed at a wide range of design enthusiasts and utterly new interior trends. For minimalists, you can still expect tried-and-true whites, stunning blacks, and muted greys to be a winner...but there's also room for more vibrant colours, from orange accents to chic blues. 

Finding the best colour combination for the hall is a tedious task. 

So, grab some rollers and brushes and use this list as a motivation to style and renovate your home with a perfect way to kick start the new year.

1. Citrus

Source: Pinterest

Small shots of citrus all around the room can bring that funky vibe to your punchy-coloured room without adding any visually overwhelming effect. This colour combination for hall defines a space and makes it stand out, overpowering any peach or pink shades, which works well as an accent colour for the walls. 

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2. Rust

Source: Pinterest

Rust is the new-gen successor of rosy shades in 2024. With its earthy characteristics, it can cater well to any room in the house bringing in a neutral elegance. Completing it with a lovely companion yellow gives out an earthy vibe of modernity to your space with this very Indian hall colour combination. 

3. Monochromatic Look

Source: Pinterest

Making the room feel warm and welcoming with a pinch of drama allows you to keep your room's traditional essence. This is done by maintaining the details like crown moulding and modern updates to your ceiling using this same colour of the walls and your furnishings. Soft cream and brown hues create a sophisticated setting that invites you to dwell on the comforting details. Not being as shiny as semi-gloss but with a little sheen, it works wonders giving out a satin finish.

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4. Palladian Blue

Source: Pinterest

Tad lighter than sea green, but a shade just right in between green and blue but a perfect mixture of both is this palladian blue colour combination for hall. Starting the trend in 2022 this hue is still a natural motivation. It is safe to say that this hue is a royal colour combination for hall. When used on the porch, this colour brings the aura of a naturalist earthy green into the undertone of a specific space, making it an absolutely trending nominee for painting colours.

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5. Muted Pastels

Source: Pinterest

Pastel colours will continue to pop up in the living spaces and halls throughout 2024, also seen in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. This colour brings out the cheer and reassures the mind of sanity. This palette is full of sugary shades that feel like your comfort zone and come with a more grown-up alternative'also reminding us of cupcakes! The pastel shades have six colours mainly cream, pearly white, chocolate white, pale pink, purple and a few more. 

6. Black

Source: Pinterest

This colour has its own beauty, on-point gloss, very sublime, and the paint gives a finish just like black glass on the walls. It requires an expert application to get a glow like no other sheen you have ever seen with any painted wall. This black makes a space feel larger while having a reputation for being gloomy, and it makes the space more inviting than you think. 


Choosing the best colour combination for hall might sound like a challenge, but when you are given a ton of perfect matches, it is unlikely to fall in love with none. We hope this blog came in handy with your research for the most suited wall colour combination for hall. Get in touch with our team at Interior Company and style your home in a way that reflects your personality.


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    What is the best colour combination for hall?

    White and Blue are two colours that go together, White represents a metal element known to bring clarity to your mind while blue stands for tranquillity and peace of mind.

    What are the most powerful colour combinations?
    • Black and White
    • Leaf green and Citrus Yellow
    • Pink and Grey