11 Heavenly Ideas for Your Pooja Room Partition in Living Room

Published On: Oct 13, 2021

Everybody has their way of connecting to God with diversified faiths and beliefs. One way or another we all amidst the chaos of life search for that peaceful corner either to reconnect with our soul via prayers or meditation while getting that single moment of our candid conversation with that almighty. But unlike earlier days when families used to have dedicated space designed for pooja rituals and prayers, today this is rarely possible until and unless you have enough funds and space to create your customized house with a dedicated pooja room design separately. 

So, to calm your city souls, we want to share some creative ideas for pooja room partition designs that can give you ample space for your daily prayers, rituals, or meditations. Living in big cities always has its pros and cons, apart from better opportunities there is this space crunch that always comes in our ways of creating our favourite corners. But as it is said “where there is a will there's a way” and when you don’t have any other option of getting bigger space then it is advisable to try and create your own sweet little puja room partition designs for living room itself. Today one can hardly afford to go beyond creating living and bedrooms but yes there are options where one can have a cozy meditation corner or a prayer space.

Let’s explore some uniquely designed mandir partition in the living room which will not cover your enough space and fulfill your special corner without disrupting your other spaces.

1. Window Spaces

window spaced small home pooja room

One of the best and easy options are the windows, if you have a bigger window in your living room that attracts enough light and is a little secluded from the other main area, then it is very comfortable to create your little puja room partition designs in that space. You just have to clean the inner extra space of the window, put some velvet, silk, or any other clean cloth. Also one can try choosing a wooden rack or mandir to establish the idols with some floral décor to make it more beautiful. If you have some drawers attached to that window, then it can be also utilized to store your puja items.

2. Side Corner in Living Space

There is that corner alongside your living room that gets ignored due to not enough carpet area and larger things cannot be incorporated. So, such spaces can be used for your mandir partition in the living room with a wooden mandir making it a special puja corner dedicated specially for your prayer times. This corner can be your no disturbance zone when you are concentrating on some spiritual time between the rush of those daily routines.

3. Attached Meditation corner

Small home temple in living room

Modern houses need modern and quick solutions and to ease your puja room concern, we have picked this unique well-crafted pooja room partition designs You can attach a flat wooden slab coated with beautiful carving and place your idols with some flower vases, candles, or diyas to make it more auspicious and peaceful. Hanging lights can be placed behind or alongside the slab to give your mandir an appealing look.

4. Carved mandir inside the wall

wall carved small temple This is probably one of the most adjustable and less space-taking mandir partitions in living room ideas, which will not even take you to any corner of the living room. One just has to make a little space to incorporate a mandir inside the wall and create a mandir for prayers. You can easily make your special time with the almighty without making any special effort.

5. Wooden partition to create a small mandir

small mandir in living room

Worried about not getting ample space inside the house for your puja rituals and prayers? No issues, we got your back with this stunning inside house puja room partition in the living room idea where a simple or wooden carved taller partition is used to separate space in the living room creating an amazing praying corner which can be decorated with hanging bells, a few drawers, and flowers.

6. Almirah shaped mandir design

small pooja room for living room A closet shaped mandir design is a uniquely crafted concept for modern houses where getting a separately dedicated puja place is really hard. And for such houses, a customized closet mandir is actually an out-of-the-box concept. These different selves can be created by placing your idols and other puja items. This way puja room partition in the living room can be differently created without affecting your inner interiors or décor theme.

Special sitting mandir space

A traditionally crafted marble mandir partition in the living room is always a classic option. White-themed pooja space decorated alongside the living room is one of the amazing ideas to give that fusion vibe to your space. With a marble puja partition in the living room, there is enough space to comfortably perform your prayers, rituals, and even meditations

Corner Mandir Designs

corner small temple design A special corner built especially for the puja purpose creatively is always the option. One just needs to be innovative in terms of using the space wisely and appropriately. 

Wall Mandir Ideas

wall unit small mandir for living room So, if you are highly concerned with the space issues then the best option could be this wall hangings puja room partition designs idea in living room. You can choose a place and direction where you want to hang the bells, lights, diyas, idols and decorate the area with some fresh flower garlands.

Lighted corner of the Living room

lighted corner pooja room Try placing your puja partition in the living room concept somewhere around the most lighted corner of the room/living hall. It will give a positive vibe to the space with some natural light from behind the mandir. Hang some classy lanterns around and make it a unique spot to catch those eyes of your guests and with an attached wooden slab with that lighted backdrop to place the puja items.

Simple and evergreen mandir corner idea

small pooja room design ideas Simply classy and beautifully placed cozy little mandir around the sitting area of the hall with the puja room partition in the living room concept is always the best and convenient one in terms of space, designs, and other factors. Get a customized mandir with some tweaks in the creativity and make the living room look artistic.


Covering the few innovative and uniquely crafted puja room partitions in living room ideas for those who can’t compromise in terms of the space and still look for those peaceful moments. These above-mentioned amazing ideas will fulfill your desire to get a pretty little puja corner without hampering your living room theme. Such spaces are important to reconnect with yourself amidst the rushing hours of our lives and help to rejuvenate our souls. So now you don’t have to think twice if you want to add a little corner for prayers and meditation in the living room of your house. And there are several other ways by which one can place the puja room partition in the living room without affecting the interiors or theme of your space.
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