18 Simple and Easy Ganpati Decoration Ideas You Can Try at Home

Published On: Dec 30, 2022

Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious Hindu celebration. While bedazzling pandals adorn the streets during this festival, we welcome Ganpati to our humble abodes with much veneration. Are you looking for décor inspiration to decorate your house in honour of Ganpati Bappa? Then your search ends here. Explore these fun and easy Ganpati decoration at home. Making last-minute preparations can be nerve-wracking.

Way before Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations commence, we can help you plan months in advance. Read on and let your creative juices flow to come up with the best Ganpati decoration of 2024!

18 Fun and Colourful Ganpati Decorations for 2024

Here is a list of our top Ganpati decorations at home. 

1. Deck up Your Pandal with Marigolds

Source: Pinterest

Marigold is used on all auspicious Hindu occasions. So, it is not surprising that marigolds are used as the background of Ganpati decoration. While looking for Ganpati decoration ideas for our home, we look for affordable tips.

So, you are in luck because marigolds are cheap and available everywhere. You can use marigolds as the backdrop or on the pedestal where you will place the idol. Keep your Ganpati decoration simple and subtle with garlands of marigolds and green mango leaves. 

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2. Get Creative with Thermocol

Source: Pinterest

Ganesh Chaturthi decoration is the perfect excuse to let your inner artist take the front seat. We wear our creative hats and look for innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home. Thermocol is a readily available material used to make props. You can cut and design thermocol to suit the theme of your Ganesh Chaturthi decoration.

You could make a fort, palace, throne, etc., paint with vibrant colours and use glitters to seal the deal. On a time crunch? Readymade thermocol backdrops are available in the market. 

3. Dazzle up with Lights

Source: Pinterest

Are you cleaning your house and gearing up for an elegant Ganesh decoration this Ganesh Chaturthi? We have got you covered. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of warmth and hope. What could be a more befitting Ganpati decoration than lights? They look elegant and enchanting while adding warmth and cosiness to the space. Go for fairy lights, LED strips, or battery candles to set the perfect mood for this holy occasion. 

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4. Sustainable Décor with Paper Flowers

Source: Pinterest

Fresh flowers add charm and grace to our Ganpati mandap. But they perish quickly, and a complete Ganpati background decoration at home might be expensive too. We have a sustainable and cheaper yet beautiful alternative. Go for paper flowers. They can readily be found in the market, or you can DIY them at home from scratch. What's more? You can repurpose them on other occasions, and they will last for several years. 

5. Trace the Heritage with Diyas

Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for simple decoration for Ganpati at home? We often forget our heritage and tradition. Nothing screams festivities more than diyas in a pandal. You could go with clay diyas and put them along with your rangoli for the perfect Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home.

You could also go down a more traditional and trendier route of using ornate bronze or brass diyas for your mandap. Diyas complement most other décor materials. 

6. Go Green

Source: Pinterest

We love to use innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home, but they should not come at the cost of the environment. Using plastic, thermocol, and other similar non-biodegradable materials might be cheap, but they are not sustainable. So, opt for greener resources like fresh flowers, paper decorations, earth lamps, and other eco-friendly Ganesh decoration items for a Ganesh Chaturthi that is both happy for you and the environment. 

7. Quirky Décor with Peacock Feathers

Source: Pinterest

Best Ganpati decoration entails decking up the pedestal, the idol, and the backdrop. You could use real peacock feathers for a brilliant and out-of-this-world enchanting backdrop. However, if you do not want to cover the entire wall with peacock feathers, you can create a halo with feathers for Bappa. It would look equally beautiful and appealing to your guests. The mandap décor will pop with a colourful Ganpati decoration background.

8. Colourful Flowers for the Flair

Source: Pinterest

Fresh flower decorations in your shrine can never go wrong. You could use flowers to build a canopy, a frame or to decorate the background. Flowers symbolise purity, hope, warmth, love, innocence, and other virtues. Instead of choosing only one type of flower, you can create a magical and mystical wildflower garden abode for our beloved Ganpati ji. The colourful flowers together will create a picturesque shrine for Bappa. 

9. Origami for the Win

Source: Pinterest

If you found the previous Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas conventional, this one will impress you. If you are an origami expert, show your creativity by making swans, butterflies, lanterns, and other paper objects. You can tie them together to form a string of artefacts and hang them against a wall to make the perfect dreamy, delicate and creative Ganpati decoration. 

10. Drape it Up

Source: Pinterest

Another popular Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home includes drapes. You can use a light-coloured satin or similar light-flowing material to decorate the frame of the pandal. You could elevate this Ganpati background decoration at home with lights and mirrors. The subtle hue of the drapes would also complement a vibrant fresh flower decoration. 

11. Spruce it up with Plants

Source: Pinterest

You do not need extravagant props to enhance your background Ganpati decoration. Simplicity is underrated. Go with plants for a simple Ganpati decoration at home. If you are a plant parent, decorate the pandal with potted plants, including flowering ones, for a natural, green, and sustainable décor. This simple decoration for Ganpati at home will exude calming vibes and make heads turn. 

12. Lanterns for Ganpati Bappa

Source: Pinterest

Lanterns are considered holy in Hindu scriptures. Instead of going for plain and simple candles, you can take the décor up a notch with lanterns. Insert battery LED strips or diyas inside the lantern to create soft, intricate silhouettes. You can DIY glass jars into lanterns or buy clay lanterns and support local artisans. Turkish mosaic lamps also look vibrant and unique as simple Ganpati decorations.

13. Choose a Colour Palette

Source: Pinterest

We want our Ganpati decoration ideas for home to surpass everyone else's efforts. In doing so, we often try to incorporate too many elements that clash and create an incoherent appearance. To eliminate such disasters, start with a colour palette in mind before you go about collecting the essential décor.

You could use complementary colours or different shades of the same colour for a more harmonious and unified Ganpati decoration. For instance, you could go with a pastel colour palette for a soft and muted decoration in 2024. 

14. Decorate with Orchids

Source: Pinterest

Are you inclined towards flowers for next year's Ganpati decoration ideas? Orchids are flowers that last long and look vibrant effortlessly. So, it is a brilliant idea to decorate the shrine of Bappa with these flowers. They will remain fresh for days and give a pop of colour to your décor without any additional effort. 

15. Bells for Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration

Source: Pinterest

The sound of bells is considered healing, positive, and holy in Hindu festivals. If you do not have access to a lot of decorations or do not have the time for elaborate Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas, this one is for you. Hang bell trinkets against the wall for an aesthetic and gorgeous backdrop. Or you could hang large bells at each corner of the pandal for visual and worshipping purposes. 

16. Cardboard Décor

Source: Pinterest

Another sustainable and easy Ganpati decoration at home is by using cardboard. In this age of digital shopping, every household gets a great amount of cardboard supply through deliveries. Instead of throwing them away, you can cut this cardboard according to your theme and paint them for the most unique and creative Ganpati background decoration at home.    

17. Keep it Simple with White Flowers

Source: Pinterest

White is a popular colour in pandals, as it signifies purity and innocence. You can never go wrong with white roses, tulips, or carnations in your Ganpati decoration at home. White flowers look refreshing amid loud and vibrant décor and create a peaceful atmosphere about your pandal. You could always pair them up with some darker-coloured flowers to achieve a subtle yet colourful look. 

18. Colourful Backdrop

Source: Pinterest

You might not like a lot of bling and shenanigans, but you do not want to miss the festive fervour during Ganesh Chaturthi. You can keep the idol and the other decorations simple and as per your taste while letting the background do the talking. Opt for colourful kites, paper fans, and craft papers to create a bold and statement backdrop for an otherwise simple Ganpati decoration at home. 

The Bottomline

We see tons of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration pictures on social media and feel overwhelmed or upset that our Ganpati decoration background was perhaps subpar. It is crucial to remember that faith demands nothing beyond our devotion.

Yet, we all want to welcome our beloved Bappa with nothing but the best. Hence, we have shared our favourite creative Ganpati decoration styles with you. Have fun with your in-house pandal decoration, and don't forget to enjoy the days of festivities with your friends and family. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly. 


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    Which colours are used most in Ganesh Chaturthi decorations?

    Yellow, green and red are the favourite colours of lord Ganesha. Hence, these three colours are most popular with Ganpati decoration and are seen adorning the shrines and pandals of Bappa.

    How should you place the idol of Ganpati?

    Vastu is crucial in determining the placement of Ganesha in the shrine. According to Vastu, the north, northeast and west directions are most auspicious to place the idol and make sure that the idol faces the north direction. 

    Why is marigold so often used in Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations?

    Marigold is the favourite flower of Ganpati Bappa. Moreover, the flower symbolises positivity, healing, warmth and hope.