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Cost of Painting a House Under Budget!

Updated On: Jul 12, 2024

Fresh paint can breathe new life into any space, transforming a tired interior or exterior into a vibrant and inviting space. In India, where aesthetics often go hand-in-hand with practicality, understanding house painting costs is important for appropriate budgeting.

The cost of painting a house in India can vary depending on location, surface type, paint quality, and project scope. Painting is an essential maintenance activity that should be done every couple of years to keep your home looking fresh and well-maintained. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and helps protect the walls from dampness and stains.

Understanding the painting cost per square foot and associated painting charges is crucial for budgeting and planning your project effectively. Whether you want to repaint a single room or undertake a complete home makeover, this blog will provide a comprehensive overview of the costs involved, helping you make informed decisions and achieve the best results for your investment.

*Disclaimer: Prices can fluctuate based on location, project size, and chosen materials. Reach out to our designer for free estimates.*

Cost of Paint Per Square Feet

Cost of Painting Per Square Feet

Here is a detailed breakdown of the cost of painting your house per square foot:-

Interior Painting Costs

'¹8 to '¹50 per sq. ft.

Exterior Painting Costs

From '¹15 per sq. ft.

Cost of Fresh Paint

'¹18 to '¹60 per sq. ft.

Repainting Costs

'¹14 to '¹45 per sq. ft.

Distemper Costs

From '¹8 per sq. ft.

Emulsion Costs

From '¹15 per sq. ft.

Texture Paint Costs

From '¹80 to '¹250 per sq. ft.

Single Colour Painting Costs

From '¹14 per sq. ft.


Interior vs Exterior by Square Feet Paint Cost

Interior vs Exterior by Square Feet Painting Charges

The main difference between exterior and interior paints is the resin type used. Exterior paint resins are engineered to endure moisture and extreme temperatures, whereas interior paint resins are crafted for stability and resistance to smearing. These differences significantly impact the overall cost of painting a house in India.

Painting the exterior of a house is less expensive than painting the interior.


Cost Range

Interior Painting Costs

Ranges from '¹8 per sq. ft. to up to '¹50 per sq. ft.

Exterior Painting Costs

Starts from '¹15 per sq. ft. + cost of labour


Cost Comparison of Repainting vs. Fresh Painting Cost Comparison

The cost per square foot for applying a fresh coat of paint is typically higher than repainting a house.

The condition of the walls significantly affects the painting cost per square foot in India. For a fresh coat, the process usually involves applying two coats of putty, one coat of primer, and two coats of paint. This comprehensive preparation and application process can increase the cost per square foot of new paint.

For a repainting job, you might require putty or crack filling, followed by one coat of primer and two coats of paint. Wall punning is advisable when using higher-end luxury paints as it smooths out wall imperfections and enhances the finish. Consequently, the cost of painting a house per square foot in India with new paint is typically higher than that of a repainting job.

Fresh Paint Prices (Per Square Foot)*

From '¹18 to '¹50 per sq. ft. (2 coats of putty, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint)

Repaint Prices*

From '¹14 to '¹45 per sq. ft. (1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint)


Price Range of Different Types of Paints

Price Range of Different Types of Paints

The type of paint used is an important factor affecting the overall cost of painting a house per square foot in India. The prices can vary significantly depending on the quality and type of paint selected. Some key points to keep in mind:

  • Emulsion or Acrylic Paints: These are the most commonly used paints for interior walls. The cost can range from '¹40 to '¹150 per litre.
  • Premium/ Luxury Paints: High-end paints with superior quality and finishes can cost anywhere from '¹150 to '¹400 per litre.
  • Exterior Paints: Paints designed for exterior walls typically cost between '¹80 to '¹250 per litre.
  • Special Finish Paints: Paints offering unique textures or finishes can be priced even higher, ranging from '¹200 to '¹500 per litre.

The type of paint selected can significantly impact the overall cost per square foot for a house in India. Factoring in the paint cost is crucial when budgeting for a painting project.

Prices for the Variety of Paint Colours Used

The colour you select for your home can impact the prices. If you opt for a uniform colour scheme across all rooms, the per-square-foot cost of painting the house will be lower than if you incorporate various colours. This is primarily due to economies of scale. The more colour variations, the higher the per-square-foot painting price to paint a wall.

Additionally, using multiple colours can lead to more paint wastage. Darker shades often have a higher painting quotation rate per square foot, while lighter colours are less expensive.

Understanding Labour Costs

Painting Labour Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of painting labour per square foot can differ significantly between cities due to varying living expenses. Even within a single city, prices may fluctuate, with some areas having higher rates than others. The required skill level is another factor that often influences house painting costs. Moreover, branded painting services typically charge more than independent contractors but often provide superior finishes.

The labour cost for painting exteriors and applying textured paints tends to be more expensive per square foot. The key is to locate the appropriate skilled professionals to handle the task. Therefore, choosing established companies over unskilled contractors is advisable, as the former offer a more reliable and dependable service.

Importance and Price of Wall Putty in India

When estimating the cost of painting a house per square foot, including the painting rate per sq ft with material, it is also important to consider the cost of wall putty. Wall putty is essential for filling in cracks and holes in the walls, providing a smooth and even surface for painting. It is applied before painting to ensure a better finish and enhance the paint’s durability.

A new paint job requires one to two coats of wall putty. In contrast, repainting usually necessitates only minor touch-up applications. The cost of wall putty starts at '¹4.5 per square foot for a single coat.

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Home

Tips to Choose the Perfect Colours for Home

The cost of painting a house in India per square foot, including the price to paint a wall, depends on several factors, including the homeowner’s preferences, the size of the area to be painted, and the quality of materials chosen. The colours on the walls can significantly transform a room’s appearance, making it more welcoming and contemporary. Bold colour combinations like cobalt blue with turquoise, olive with aubergine, and vibrant yellow with fresh green are trending. Additionally, pastel shades such as lilac, along with textures and traditional Indian art forms like Kalamkari and Madhubani, are popular choices for wall decor.

Before starting a paint job at home, several considerations are essential. First, homeowners must decide whether they prefer warm, cool, neutral, bold, or dark colours, influencing the labour cost of painting walls in India. It is crucial to consider the overall theme of the decor, including furniture and carpets, to achieve colour harmony. After that, select a few paint colours and test them with samples. Apply these samples on the wall and observe how they look at different times of the day before making a final decision.

Factors to Consider Before Calculating the Overall Painting Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of painting a house varies based on several factors that can increase or decrease the price per square foot. Here are some key considerations:

  • House Size: Larger houses require more paint, thus increasing the overall cost.
  • Wall Condition: If the walls are damaged, they will need additional putty and primer, leading to higher expenses.
  • Ceiling Height: Higher ceilings result in a greater wall area to be painted, impacting the cost.
  • Paint Type: The choice of paint significantly influences the cost. For example, textured paint is typically more expensive than standard paint.


Understanding the painting cost per square foot and the overall house painting cost in India involves several key steps. Homeowners can make informed decisions and effectively manage their budgets by selecting the right type of paint and accurately measuring the surface area to be painted.

This blog has provided a comprehensive overview of the factors influencing painting costs, ensuring readers can estimate expenses and plan their projects efficiently. By following these guidelines, individuals can achieve a beautiful and professionally painted home.

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    What factors affect the cost of painting a house in India?

    The cost is influenced by the type of paint, the surface area to be painted, labour charges, and any additional materials required.

    What types of paint are available, and how do their costs vary?

    Common types of paint include distemper, emulsion, and enamel. Costs vary based on the paint’s quality, durability, and brand.

    How can I ensure I choose the right paint for my home?

    Consider factors such as the room’s usage, the desired finish, durability, and your budget. Consulting with a professional can also help you make an informed decision.

    Is there a difference in cost between repainting and painting a new surface?

    Repainting is slightly cheaper as it does not require extensive prep work compared to painting a new surface.

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