Elegant Open Kitchen Design Ideas for  Indian Homes

Published On: Aug 31, 2022

The open kitchen design trend has recently become popular in India with many homeowners preferring the layout over closed kitchen areas.

These designs not only blend easily with the rest of the house and add convenience but also enhance the décor quotient of the home to a great extent. Modern kitchen cabinets and compact units today allow accommodating open kitchens in small spaces.

Indian open kitchen designs help bring the family together as they facilitate cooking while keeping in touch with other members. Open kitchens also allow for creating an illusion of space and provide an opportunity to showcase your décor items and crockery. Let us discuss a few amazing open kitchen ideas that work in Indian homes.

Layout for an Open Kitchen

An open kitchen should have a family-friendly and functional layout though the exact layout depends on the space available. Take into consideration your budget and the size of your kitchen before finalizing the layout – island, galley-shaped, U-shaped, or L-shaped.

Layout for an Open Kitchen

Make sure there is a convenient work triangle available between the sink, fridge, and stove. Kitchen islands are one of the best options for open style as they not only double up as dining tables but also make an appealing focal point.

Half and half layouts also work well in most open kitchens. In this layout, the kitchen is kept open to the dining space but the cooking area is separated using a half wall or section for privacy. Another way to maintain a bit of privacy with an open style is to plan a corner kitchen with a narrow passage or hallway leading to the area.

Shelf and Storage Ideas for Open Kitchen

Convenient storage solutions are key to designing a great open kitchen as it helps conceal kitchenware, appliances, and groceries, giving an organized and beautiful look to the space.

You can opt for a combination of closed cabinets and open shelves for sufficient storage in this style of kitchen. Open shelves can be used to display glassware while closed cabinets help hide away clutter.

Shelf and Storage Ideas for Open Kitchen

Built-in cabinets and countertop storage can also help with storage in open kitchens. Consider matching the colour of the cabinets with the countertop, wall paint, flooring, and tiles to get a harmonious décor.

There are so many options for kitchen cabinet finish to choose from. You can go for sunmica design for wooden cabinets or select from patterns and colours available in laminate finishes. You can even go with a matte or gloss finish based on the décor.

Boundaries and Divisions for Open Kitchens

An important consideration for an open kitchen design is to make sure the kitchen items and space don’t cross to other areas of the house and vice versa. This requires creating invisible boundaries through the strategic placement of countertops.

An L-shaped counter can easily create boundaries on two sides of the kitchen. You can also set up storage cabinets in a way that prevents cluttering and overlapping, thus creating boundaries without walls.

Boundaries and Divisions for Open Kitchens

For additional privacy or to keep the kitchen dust-free, you can also add a folding or sliding door/window. These are made out of opaque glass and can be folded up so that they don’t get in the way like regular doors.

Unfolding them gives you a closed kitchen in no time. You can also opt for a fancy partition between the kitchen and the living room to add a private space where you can keep dirty dishes or mess out of sight of the guests.

Open Kitchen Entrance Design

An arch design opening up to the kitchen enhances the interior look and creates the perfect entrance. Decorative open kitchen POP design pillars work perfectly with this design. If you don’t like this type of entrance design, you can go for a different floor design to separate your open kitchen from the rest of the house.

You can even choose Jaali designs as room dividers or hang beautiful curtains to segregate the living room. Pick white, translucent curtains that don’t block air or sunlight but provide an ideal amount of privacy. They can be easily looped back with ties when not in use. Another way to separate the kitchen area from the dining or living space is to install glass partitions that look sophisticated and elegant.

Open Kitchen Design Idea for Small Home

Open kitchens work well for small houses as well if done right. Make use of light colours to give the area an expansive look. When planning small house open kitchens, it is best to mix neutral shades with other colours. Consider combinations like olive green and white, brown and white, white with yellow, or turquoise with yellow to make your kitchen look bigger.

A small house open kitchen can be designed in a U-shape or L-shape but make sure it facilitates enough cabinetry, storage, and countertop space. Such a design works well for open kitchens in India as apartments generally have a limited area available.

You can also consider using glass tiles for reflective surfaces and frosted glass for cabinets to give your kitchen a bigger appearance. Keeping a few shelves open also gives the kitchen an uncluttered look. This can be further enhanced with an open kitchen POP design, giving an additional look and feel.

When designing an open kitchen in a small house, you should avoid POP false ceilings and mouldings as they can reduce the height. Consider using geometric patterns for tiles in a modern open kitchen as it draws the eye horizontally and vertically and gives the impression of a bigger kitchen. Vertical space should be used to organize smaller items to avoid clutter and free up some area.

False Ceiling and Lights for Open Kitchen

Open kitchens can be given a visual appeal with lighting and false ceilings. There are several options when it comes to false ceilings. You can opt for tray ceiling, wooden ceiling panels, and even layered false ceiling designs depending on the kitchen style and size.

Light is another critical element that can set your kitchen apart and is particularly important for small kitchens. Consider using strip LED lights, decorative pendant lights, and backlights for cabinets to add some drama to your kitchen.

False Ceiling and Lights for Open Kitchen

Make sure the lighting arrangement in the open kitchen includes flush mount lights or recessed lights to create an overall appealing ambience. Lights mounted under cabinets allow sufficient lighting for tasks. Proper lighting for open kitchens also improves the liveliness of your living room and adds a fun touch to parties.

Indian Open Kitchen Design with Living Room

When the kitchen opens into the living room, the design needs to blend seamlessly between the two spaces. Make use of lacquered glass finish or glossy laminates to allow maximum reflection of natural light. This will ensure the space looks airy and spacious.

Indian Open Kitchen Design with Living Room

Ensure a chimney over the hob to keep the kitchen and living area free of smoke and smell. If you choose wood finish laminates, they blend naturally with the living room furniture. To add a touch of contrast, opt for bright-coloured cabinets.

Childproof Open Kitchen Design

Contemporary open kitchens are highly accessible to kids. To take care of their safety when designing a kitchen, make sure you opt for rounded corners and edges for furniture and cabinet to reduce the risks of injury. You can also choose drawers and cabinets with internal latches. Ensure that plug points and appliances are not within easy reach.

Childproof Open Kitchen Design

Make sure heavy and sharp objects and glassware are stored away. You can consider slip-resistant flooring for better safety. It is also a good idea to install a safety barrier gate in the open kitchen to prevent the entry of small kids and pets. Get safety glass with shatter-proof film installed on top if you are using any glass in the design.

In A Nutshell

Open kitchen models are highly popular as they allow cooking while socializing with guests. These layouts also let parents keep an eye on children when working in the kitchen. An open kitchen design lets you elevate the décor of the entire house and make the space look bigger.

With modern storage solutions, cabinetry, and other elements, you can quickly create an elegant yet functional kitchen. The key is to implement the right design ideas to make it practical, convenient, and appealing at the same time. For more kitchen design ideas, reach out to the experts at Interior Company.

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What is called an open kitchen?

An open kitchen design means there are no walls in and around the kitchen and the hall and dining room are included in the kitchen area.

What is a semi-open kitchen design?

A kitchen featuring a partly closed design is called semi-open style. It can have metal panels or sliding glass doors for privacy. This type of kitchen also has a serving window or bar unit.

What is the main advantage of an open kitchen design?

An open kitchen not only provides space-saving and flexibility but also stays bright and ventilated as it receives light from other rooms.

What type of sink is the best for an open kitchen design?

You can choose from a wide variety of sink sizes and styles for an open kitchen. It is best to get a sink with heavy-duty coating, anti-noise technology, and thick padding to absorb vibrations and noises.