50 Ideas And Inspirations For Making The Most Out Of Your L-Shaped Kitchen

Published On: Sep 08, 2021

It is required to analyse multiple factors while re-modeling an L-shaped kitchen Design. Proper placing of elements makes the job convenient. Everyone's daily life starts with the kitchen, from sipping coffee to late-night hunger solutions. While planning for the place's comprehensive decoration, think about the savings expected to give your kitchen a premium glimpse. It is also essential to make a durable, reliable, and sophisticated choice for the kitchen.

One of the prominent designs for the kitchen is L-shaped as it utilizes the space most optimally while managing all constituents of the kitchen. The kitchen being the heart of the house, it needs to be attractive and comfortable which inspires one to present delicious and healthy food.

Below are some of the adoring L-shaped kitchen design ideas that have incorporated all ingredients endeavouring the attractiveness.

1. Silver Grey L Shaped Kitchen Design

Modular kitchen with smoky white paint, that has cabinets on both sides of the chimney. The in-built oven and coffee brown granite cooking floor is an enduring one.

2. Timber Brown for your Kitchen Design

Wooden cabinets all over the worktop enable all the ingredients to come in handy while you are immensely recreating your specialized dishes. This design utilizes space optimally with drawers to place other items, an integrated oven and freezer at the bottom, and a microwave at the top.

3. Milky White Styled With Vintage Taps

An immense light-filled kitchen that brightens your day and spacious black worktop enable you to perform office tasks while at home. Shelves made to the side of windows enable the light to enter the kitchen.

4. Kitchen With Minimalistic Space

Small space can be optimally used by this kind of L-shaped kitchen ideas that are low budget yet offering every need with a smoky white grey worktop that perfectly blends with white shelves.

5. Capacious Kitchen

Un-plastered decorated multi-colour in the corner that gives the kitchen an antique look along with a creamy brown platform with a small table to spend your pleasant mornings with coffee.

6. All-White Corner L Shaped Kitchen Design

Black worktops, show-case shelves where you can place your glass and coffee cup collection and well-placed drawers make it a roomy kitchen in compact places.

7. Combo Of Chimney With Wooden Cabinets Decor

An eye-catching chimney that is crafted with beautifully designed tiles that mingle with walls in the kitchen. A customized beige worktop and an adequate amount of drawers make it more alluring.

8. Daisy White Kitchen With Baby Pink Appliances

A fully furnished lovable white kitchen with a wooden flooring has given it elegance and simplicity. A small and big refrigerator with a compact and modern chimney in pink is fascinating.

9. Open Kitchen Combined With Tea Table

Wooden texture tiles flooring and well-polished grey granite raise dignity. Large yellow lights over the table, white-lined black tiles, and microwave above the worktop with a background of dark grey are all admirable.

10. L-shaped Stylish Kitchen Design

Window-facing kitchen and black tiles in the backdrop furnish till roof are all likable. Glass base open compartments on the top for handy glasses and cups, and sophisticated tables in the front is just can't get better.

11. Modular Kitchen Decor With Wooden Shelves

Wooden door shelves and wooden flooring are beautifully commended with grey shelves at the bottom. A black round table to enjoy small get-togethers with the white curtain door at the side gives the cookhouse a refined gaze.

12. Urban Decor Kitchen

A high-class kitchen that is advanced and civilized with dark brown at the bottom and smoky grey at the top is an example of a dignified kitchen. Curated with all the essential elements, this L-shaped kitchen design is equipped with inside the shelves illuminated electrical fittings.

13. Modern Aligned Kitchen

This kitchen design is perfect for big houses with huge walls that leave ample space for other activities. The pastel blue finish and designer tiles have given it an elegant look.

14. Chiffon White Furnished Kitchen

Mornings can be far more than pleasing when you enter the naturally illuminated kitchen for sipping your tea. The complete interior and paint are in white with microwaves placed inline platform giving more space to shelves to place your utensils and other stuff.

15. Simplistic L Kitchen Shaped Kitchen

If you like to live minimally and naturally with less bulky gadgets and shelves, this is the best kitchen design with calming blue cabinetry and copper taps. It has withheld into it a little living room where your loved ones can accompany you while you make delicious food for them. Its look is enhanced with hexagon-shaped tiles flooring.

16. Dazzling Red Kitchen

A simple kitchen equipped with all the essentials. Huge windows that give good ventilation and red laminates give it a modern look.

17. Artistic Kitchen in Bright Yellow

With no huge cupboards heading on your face, it gives proper air passage with more windows at the side. Bright yellow has given a charming look with wooden flooring.

18. Woody Brown Spacious Kitchen

Refined kitchen with a combination of brown with creamy white laminates. Open shelves with a glass base, compact chimneys, and black worktops are its other features.

19. Budget-Kitchens With Modern Facilities

In wooden rooftop houses, wooden customized worktops can be the best compliment along with wooden flooring. The end of the platform is transformed into a table with two chairs. The sink is placed at the backside to get more cooking space.

20. Royal Blue Decor

Underneath the bottom shelves is illuminated in the kitchen gives it a gorgeous decor along with a white cooktop and walls. Contemporarily designed cabinets and the white plank in the between give it a vintage appearance.

21. Classy And Innovative Black Shelves

Designed for an urban apartment it is a classic example of an intellectual small L shaped kitchen design equally lightened in all the corners.

22. Villa Kitchen

White interior and bookshelf leaves more space for creativity. A cafe table placed near the windows enables you to get innovative. Light-weight L-kitchen layout with trendy wooden hexagon-shaped tiles.

23. Kitchen Tinged With Blue And Brown

A combination of dark shades of blue and brown is adequately used. With white in the middle, and wooden worktop is perfect for nature-embedded areas.

24. Antique-Styled Kitchen

Wooden flooring combined with creamy white laminates and black handles give it a classy look leaving space to carry out office work.

25. Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

In the list of small L-shaped kitchen ideas,  here is a design for a house with very limited space where one wall is occupied with an adjustable rack that can be used when your kitchen work is done. The crisp white finish gives it a silent and relaxing impression.

26. Modular L Shaped Kitchen with Matt finish Cabinet Doors

This kitchen design shows the best use of the corner of the house. The kitchen is reduced to the half-height of the walls. A neutral shade of the shiny doors of the shelves makes it the least crowded though it is an open kitchen.

27. Compact Kitchen

The kitchen can't get more compact than this. It is placed adjacent to the living room with an open rack that can be converted into a lunch table. The whole kitchen is given a wooden finish.

28. Wooden Themed Kitchen

Coupled with orange cabinets on the top, wooden cabinets at the bottom, and creamy white cabinets at the back, the kitchen conceals all the elements making it a more sustainable design.

29. Fusion Of Nature And Technology

With huge horizontal windows flattered with white drawers and shelves in front that have stainless-steel big handles, make it pleasant for working along with workspace in front. See-through shelves on both sides of flat designed chimneys and in-built microwave and oven makes the kitchen user-friendly.

30. Neutral Kitchen

Beaten coffee brown shade for the cabinets coupled with the backdrop of the wooden wall for chimney and yellow lights over the small dining table makes it a delightful ambiance for gatherings.

31. Kitchen With Necessary Facilities

Inbuilt oven and microwave at the side while working space in the between. The cabinets are made from a combination of beige and grey with closed shelves at the top.

32. Dark Blue Kitchen

Closed cabinetry of dark blue and white walls low-budget kitchen. The black working area makes it less crowded.

33. Stylistic Kitchen

Orange laminate cabinets with one big shelf to place all your pieces of stuff. Glassy cabinets with an orange border on the top make it a normal design.

34. Luxurious Kitchen

Cabinets surrounding the fridge make the optimum use of space. The kitchen is made from neutral shades such as grey and white with spacious windows.

35. Kitchen With A Balcony

This kitchen is designed near the balcony there assisting gatherings and parties. Shelves are made from light yellow and light brown shades united with beige walls and flooring.

36. Lime Yellow Decor

A merger of lime yellow cupboards and light brown walls and tiles gives it an authentic look. The use of a lighter shade of yellow for handles and open shelve is appreciable as it goes very well with the interior of the house.

37. Olive Interior Kitchen

Closed olive-green cabinetry and glassy shelves made from the lightest yellow have given great results with a side in-built oven and microwave.

38. Frosty Blue Kitchen

Distinct from monotonous design, this kitchen has the best designs of shelves from bigger to smaller and from open to close. It has an authentic stove with a tea table in front.

39. Kitchen With An Elegant Entrance

Veteran-designed cabinets with the use of dark blue for shelves and islands in the between give it a rustic look.

40. Closed Blue Cabinets

This L shaped Kitchen design shows a very good use of different shades of blue that conceals everything with a compact chimney.

41. Matt Interior Styled With Violet And Grey

Grey shelves go very well with the fridge. While the oven is placed down, a microwave is installed at the top with violet cabinets.

42. Kitchen Design with Lilac Cabinets

Fusion of violet and grey with ageless designs and beige cooktop gives it a nostalgic look but keeps it modern with an inbuilt microwave and double door refrigerator.

43. Wooden Themed Modular Kitchen Design

The low-budget kitchen seems like an old showcase design with drawers at the bottom and a creamy cooking floor.

44. L Shaped Teal White Kitchen

A sink has been placed between the two platforms. It enables good use of space. It is curated with all the modern cooking devices.

45. Kitchen With Simplistic Urban Decor

It is simply a crafted kitchen for urban units with a sink at the end.

46. Fusion of Grey and Blue

The wooden cooktop and the stone-crafted floor are best accompanied by the smart use of the grey and blue shades. It is a rural cum modern kitchen.

47. Creamy White and Wooden Interior

An open splendor kitchen from the front is an example of a high-budget kitchen with wooden cabinets and a white platform.

48. Sophisticated L Shaped Kitchen Theme

Wooden interior with black and white shelves is a luxurious kitchen comprehended with black flooring.

49. Chic Kitchen Decor

The kitchen and living room are best connected with a window in the middle. Wooden Cooktop and space near the window enable you to grab a book while you prepare your dish.

50. Modern Kitchen Design with Stainless Steel Worktop

White cabinets and stainless steel worktop are futuristic kitchens.


The kitchen is a corner where we experiment, live, make food with love, and hence it needs to be engaging. The above L-shaped kitchen ideas will enable you to get the right design for that little corner.