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10 Modern Window Glass Designs You'll Love to Try for Your Home

Published On: Feb 6, 2023

Windows If you are looking for window glass design ideas to grace your home, you are at the right place. These designs form a vital part of your home decor, as they enhance it. Since windows also act as sources of illumination in Indian homes, the design of these windows also controls the amount of light that enters, thereby impacting the ambience as well.

You can also experiment with different types of glass or tinted glass. Glass windows are sleek and add a luxurious appeal to homes. Read on to pick the ideal modern window glass design for your home.

Best Window Glass Designs for Home

We have curated several window glass designs for you. You can pick a modern glass window design from the options below.

Sliding Window Glass Design

Sliding Window Glass Design
Stylish sliding windows for kitchen

If you are looking for common window glass design ideas in India, sliding glass doors are the most common option.

You can pick either a wooden or an aluminium frame, which will complement this design.

These windows are ideal if you have a garden, balcony or porch next to your room. You can also opt for a metal sliding window as they are solid and durable. You can use tinted glass if you want less light in your room.

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Etching Glass Design

Etching Glass Design
Artistic etching window glass design for your home

Window glass design ideas involving etched or drawn symbols or objects etc., have excited the imagination of buyers throughout the country. These designs are experimental and artistic.

You will find hundreds of etched glass designs that you can install in your kitchen, washroom, drawing room, etc.

This kind of glass is best suited for small windows. The best part about the glass is that it gives you privacy and adds to the room’s style.

Wooden Window Glass Design

Wooden Window Glass Design
Use wooden windows to add to the aesthetic appeal of the house

There is no better window design than a wooden window design with glass. The combination of wood and glass makes for a highly chic design. The size of this design will be determined or based on that of the room.

A clear glass wooden window will let the sunlight enter your room, and your mornings will be fresh.

These windows can be paired with copper utensils or similar accessories to accentuate the earthy nature of this window glass design.

Staircase Window Glass Design

Staircase Window Glass Design
Keep your staircase bright and fancy with a tinted glass window design.

If you are scouting for the latest window glass design for your abode, you can get a few windows installed near your staircase.

You can install a big window with tinted or frosted glass, ensuring that the staircase is adequately lit at all times during the day. The use of tinted glass will also ensure privacy.

Front Window Glass Design

Front Window Glass Design
A mix of tint and clear glass for your front window.

Front windows are quite common in Indian homes. You can look for a house window glass design that is ideal for front windows. You can either go with etched or tinted glass if you want your front window to look stylish.

If you want a proper view of the surroundings from the front window, you can go with clear glass instead.

The glass design must compliment the house’s exteriors as it will give the house a good look. You can also go with coloured glass and experiment with colours like blue, green, grey, etc.

Kitchen Window Glass Design

Kitchen Window Glass Design
Create a minimalistic kitchen with white frames and clear glass windows.

The kitchen is another important room in the house that needs windows.

You can go with clear glass window glass design if the room is painted white. However, if you are with darker shades, you can opt for grey-coloured or blue-coloured glass for the window.

There are several Kitchen window designs out there that you can try in your kitchen.

Main Door Window Glass Design

Main Door Window Glass Design
An ideal main door glass window design for your rustic home.

You need to choose a glass window design for your home for the windows beside the main door. You can opt for a variety of designs, ranging from accessorised glass with golden borders, to floral patterned glass designs and so on.

You can also use clear glass and decorate the windows with fancy linen. Some glasses match the appeal of the main door.

You can also install a glass door with one side fixed to the wall.

Bedroom Window Glass Design

Bedroom Window Glass Design
A fancy sliding window glass design door for your bedroom.

Bedrooms are spaces where you relax as an individual or with your spouse and family.

This is why selecting an appropriate window glass design for this space in your abode is quite essential. You must consider the bedroom’s colour scheme before selecting the requisite design.

For instance, if your room is situated on the ground floor, you can use tinted glass to ensure privacy.

However, if the room is above the ground floor, you must go with clear glass as it allows a lot of light to pass and make the room look even more spacious.

PVC Glass Window Design

PVC Glass Window Design
Keep your house safe and protected with PVC window glass design windows.

PVC is another material used in several house window glass designs in India. PVC is a strong and durable material that holds the glass together, but the material is quite light, and you can easily close and open the windows with a PVC frame.

However, you must go with a floating glass if you choose a PVC frame to avoid accidental injuries.

The best part about using PVC windows is that they can sustain all kinds of temperatures and stay durable even if the precipitation in the area increases.

Also, these windows are pocket-friendly and common in modern homes.

Frosted Window Glass Design

Frosted Window Glass Design
Frosted window glass design variations for minimalist homes.

You can also go with a frosted glass design for the window if you want the room to have a minimalistic appeal. These windows are best suited for rooms that are painted in muted colours.

Frosted windows are artistic, and they are available in different designs. You can choose from many options like geometrical, striped, brick-patterned, etc.

If you choose a frosted glass design for your bedroom, you can implement them in your home as they are relatively inexpensive.

These glasses are strong and durable. They will never break or shatter even if they are put under restraining conditions. You might only see a few cracks in a few cases.

In Conclusion

Choosing the ideal window glass design can be difficult, but you can try various combinations and styles to get the desired result.

It would be best if you decided on the appeal of your home based on which you can select the windows. You must also know the right size and dimensions of the window to ensure you get the correct windows installed.

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    Q. What Are the Different Types of Glasses That Are Used in Windows?

    Ans. A few common types of glass used in windows are frosted, laminated, mirrored and stained glass.

    Q. What Is Smart Glass?

    Ans. Smart glass ensures the privacy of the residents of the home. You can change the transparency of the glass based on the weather conditions outside. This type of glass is becoming extremely popular in homes and offices.

    Q. What Are Some Popular Frame Materials That Are Used with Glass?

    Ans. Some popular frame materials used with glass include wood, aluminium, fibreglass and PVC.

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