A Guide to Various Types of Window Glasses for Dwellings

Published On: Feb 2, 2023

Glass suggests an endless potential to upscale the interiors of your home both inside and outside. Along with adding structure and character, glass also creates an illusion of space and ambience. Window glass also enhances energy efficiency. An ideal window glass helps to keep houses warm in winter and airy in summer. 

Apart from providing structural stability, window glasses act as a medium for good ventilation and sunlight. However, we generally question whether the glass is fragile. Can glass windows safeguard the house from unwarranted intrusions or natural calamities? 

The possibilities are endless with this one, it is better we get to learn more about window glass, and its types for windows in India.

Types of Window Glasses 

There are several types of window glasses as all distinct options hold their own characteristics that will help make your home look better. 

Annealed or Float Glass 

Annealing is the process of slowly cooling the glass after it has formed to relieve internal strains. Annealed glass is the most commonly used window glass in homes and it is also known as standard float glass. This type of glass allows ample light making the space ambient, but this window glass can only be used in certain areas. Annealed type of window glass is fragile and tends to break into small, sharp pieces which makes it not a very common choice. It is generally used as a base for creating exceptional glass materials like frosted glass, laminated protection glass and tempered window glass. It generally costs around Rs. 300 per sq. ft. varying on the thickness and customisations. 

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1. Toughened or Tempered Glass

Toughened or Tempered Glass

Tempered or toughened type of window glass is also known as safety glass. It is up to five times stronger as compared to the annealed window glass. Being of the same thickness, it shatters into fairly small and harmless particles when crushed. The hardening process does not change its colour and translucence. Owing to high thermal resistance, a tempered glass window is typically used for bathroom windows, shower chambers, aquariums, refrigerator trays, coffee tables and sliding glass doors.  When blended with tinted or laminated glass, it can also be used in escalator side panels, balustrades, railings and skylights. Toughened glass windows can vary between Rs. 85 per sq. ft. and Rs.170 per sq. ft.

2. Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass

One can use it in various ways at home. Great for aesthetic purposes. Think of it as part of a tabletop, shelf, or leadlight feature to create a stylish railing. These types of window glasses are perfect for partitions, shower screens, doors and even sidelights to become a focal point of the house or welcome a flattering comment from your neighbour. 

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3. Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated window glass consists of several layers of glass held together by a polymer interlayer. The middle layer is torched under heat and pressure which gives the material abundant strength. 

In case of a glass break, the interlayer keeps the glass intact, creating a unique “spider web” cracking pattern. This prevents the glass from shattering into pieces and therefore, is also a safety glass window for home. Laminated window glass is widely used in automobile windshields, jewellery store showcases, glass staircases, floors, walkways and roofs. It is also used in buildings exposed to natural disasters such as hurricanes. Laminated glass is a soundproof glass window in comparison to ordinary glass. Laminated window glass is available in many colours, shades and tones and can be straight or curved for added versatility in appearance. Laminated glass is slightly more expensive, ranging from 200 to 800 rupees per sq. ft.

4. Mirrored Glass 

Mirrored window glass is quite simply a mirror itself. You can look into one and it will be hard to spot a difference. This type of window glass can be manufactured in any desired size and shape from bathroom window glass to wardrobe mirror-sized window glass. It is created by applying a metal layer to one side of the glass, commonly made of silver, chrome, gold or aluminium.

5. Flat Glass 

Flat glass is a raw and basic product made from the process of float window glass. This type of window glass has uniform thickness and also acts as a base for other types of window glasses. When shattered this glass breaks into strand like cracks, generally used for double glazing. Typically used in windscreens, home window glass, bus stops, and electronics. 

6. Coated Glass 

Coated window glass is actually altered flat glass to add specific attributes to it like making it insulating and immune to infrared radiation. Usually used for double-glazing window glass, this type of window glass helps enhance thermal efficiency helping reduce your power bills! Did we just grab your attention? 

7. Low-Emissivity Glass 

Typically used for interior decoration, Low-E glass has a coating on one or more glass surfaces to reduce emissivity. Instead of absorbing it, it reflects more infrared radiation. Thus, it controls heat loss in cooler climates and reduces heat inside the building in hotter climates. They help reduce cooling costs in modern installations. Low-E glass is preferred when the market demand for energy-efficient glass is high. 

8. Tinted or Clear Glass

The surface of tinted glass is coated with a translucent film to block sunlight to improve its energy efficiency. It also plays a role in protecting against the UV rays of the sun. You can say bye to your sunscreen! 

If you want to avoid deep cleaning the window glass every other day then choose easy-to-clean tinted glass as a privacy window for your home. This type of window glass has a long service life due to its excellent water resistance and scratch resistance quality. The price of clear/tinted glass varies from Rs 60 per sq. ft. to Rs 140 per sq. ft.

9. Sandblasted Glass 

Also known as glass sculpture, this option strikes the perfect harmony between beauty and privacy. Sandlased window glass is sprayed with abrasives under high pressure to create a unique foggy effect. This frosted glass window look can be used to protect the privacy of bathroom windows and shower doors. It can also be used to form elegant patterns to create decorative glass panels that enhance your home's interior design. Sandblasting or frosted glass window work by diffusing the transmitted light and blurring the appearance of the image on the other side.

Types of Window Glazing 

Glazing is also known as fixing glass into the window pane; glazed glass pieces can be inserted into the sashes. These sashes can be made of aluminium, wood and PVC. Based on the glass there are different types of glazing of window glass' 

1. Single Glazed Window Glass

Single-glazed window glass used one piece of glass, they are also the least energy-efficient among the others. Single-glazed window glass is also not preferred for soundproofing as it isn't much effective. they allow maximum transmission of light and heat, with their width ranging from 3mm to 10mm.

2. Double-Glazed Window Glass 

As the name suggests, double-glazed window glass utilises two pieces of glass or double window glass. These window glasses are separated by a vacuum boosting better insulation and noise control. Homes with air conditioners and centralised heating and cooling facilities are more benefited from this type of window glass. Adding double glazing to your existing window glass will promote additional soundproofing. Double glazed window glass can range around Rs. 400 per sq. ft.- Rs.1000 per sq. ft. 

3. Triple-Glazed Window Glass 

Triple-glazed window glass comprises three glass pieces. This type of window glass has maximum power efficiency.  The presence of additional panels helps reduce outside noises and helps in maximum insulation. This type of window glass glazing is favoured for large-size and french style windows.  Triple-glazed window glasses are referred for closed spaces, where the focus needs to be on something specific. Eg. Art galleries and malls. 

Make a Choice

Window glass can be manufactured with a range of physical and chemical properties to fulfil different purposes around the house. It is essential to choose the best one for the safety of you and your family. We hope this blog came out to be helpful for you in determining the differences between various types of window glass. Get in touch with the Interior Company to install the best window glass available in the market.


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    What is the basic cost of a glass window?

    As of September 2022, the price point of window glass is found to be around Rs. 300 – Rs. 450 per sq. ft.

    What is the cheap kind of glass?

    Soda-lime window glass is the most common as well as the cheapest types of window glasses. The contents of soda-lime window glass are 60-75% silica, 12-18% soda, , and 5-12% lime and are made up of 90% glass.

    What do you call a window glass?

    The window glass is also known as a “pane” also meaning a single glass sheet or sash.

    What type of glass is the strongest?

    The strongest type of window glass available is Tempered glass. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors of a property.