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Quirky Metal Wall Art Designs for Living Room Interior

Published On: Oct 12, 2021

Enhancing the look of the living room is not a tedious task as there are hundreds of different ways to decorate those walls. From pictures, paintings to wall art all these methods have been tried and tested to spice up things in a living room. But, there has been a recent addition to the list of items that could be used as wall decorative pieces. 

Metal wall art is the new trend that is here to stay. Metal can be used to make numerous decorative items ranging from wall sculpture to wall clock. Metal wires can be carved out in various different shapes to create cute and stylish designs. 

We have curated for you a list of metal wall decor ideas that you can use to style your living room interior. 

Tree Metal Wall Art Decor

Metal tree wall art is for those who love nature and want a touch of it in their homes. If you want to try something new and ditch the old wall hangings, nature paintings, and prints, you should give metal wall decor a try. A metal art design of a tree or any other natural element can fulfill this requirement. 

Abstract metal wall art

Any metal wall art which has different textures and patterns can be labelled as abstract art. A large piece of abstract art can be attached to a spacious place like that in a living room or bedroom wall. 

Metal flower wall decor

You might think that something as delicate as flowers can be combined with hard metal, but trust us, it looks stunning. Placed in a frame, they form an attractive 3D sculpture. Metal flower wall art suits in both vintage style and contemporary designed homes.

Outdoor metal art decor

Large metal wall decor can be fixed on the outdoors of the house which can be easy and breezy. Fixing metal wall art outdoors is a great option because it is not affected by weather and other factors and is durable. It can be anything from a bird’s cage to garden decor. 

Wall clock

The wall decor items not only act as decoration but can also be functional. A wall clock is one such article. Moreover, today people use a wall clock for decorative purposes more than for knowing the time. A metal wall clock can be placed in any room as it adds to the style and sophistication of the decor. 

Metal birds wall decor

Metal wires can be used directly or they can be drawn into shapes directly on the wall. Birds made up of metal wires are a cute idea to fit in your decoration. This might not fit everybody's liking but it will surely look cute in a nursery or for kitchen decor. This type of wall sculpture can also be good for those who like to ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself), all you need are the special craft wires which are easily available. 

Mirrored metal wall art

You can incorporate mirrors in your wall art design to make your room look bigger and brighter. Not only will it serve you a functional purpose but it will also look stylish and chic, in line with the current trends. 

Modern metal wall art

If you are a fan of modern designs, you will love different shapes and structures that can shine from a distance. Place metal wall art made up of circles or other shapes in your main living room wall. Since these modern designs are big and complicated they should be displayed in a living room rather than in a nursery or bedroom as it would grab the most attention. 

Brass wall decoration

Metal wall art decor is not only limited to silver colour or only copper-based metallics. Brass wall decorations are a new entry to metal wall art and it should definitely be on your list if you are thinking of placing metal wall hanging decor on your living room wall. 

Geometric metal wall decor

Geometric shapes are the most famous and most liked in the metal wall decor arena. They can be in any shape ranging from circles to squares and more. In the most basic form, the metal wall art decor is usually made of silver, brass, copper, etc but they can also be colourful. It can also be created in a 3D form and could be perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and hallways. 

Wood and metal wall decor

Metal and wood is a classy combination, the decorative pieces of which can be used to adorn your living room. We know that wood is mostly used to decorate vintage and rustic interiors but this combination of metal & wood is modern and can be used in both contemporary and vintage style homes. It can easily replace the paintings and pictures on your walls.

Gold wall decorations

Undoubtedly, the gold metal wall decorations are a class apart. Place them in your living room to make it grand. The gold metal wall art is a perfect substitute for the everyday paintings and other decorative items that clutter your living room. 

Silver wall painting

After gold, silver is the metal that catches the eye. A silver wall sculpture or wall decor will enlighten up the room and make it look posh. This metal wall art will be perfect for your living room or bedroom. 

Metal leaf wall decor

We all love the presence of nature in our homes even if it is unnatural like fake grass etc. You can add a touch of nature through metal wall art as well by placing the decor which is in the shape of a leaf or leaves. It will beautify your living room along with giving you a feel of nature. 

Wrapping it up 

Metal wall decor is a new all-rounder which can be a perfect decorative piece for all types of rooms. You can place it in a living room, bedroom, or even kitchen and it will surely add style and sophistication to your space. Use it in various different ways and shapes to make full utilization of the metal wall art decor.