9 Main Gate Colour Combinations Ideas

Published On: Jan 16, 2023

With so many choices in the market at the present date it is also vital to find the gate colour that is lucky for you and your home. Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra have a big impact on the people living in a house even if you are unaware of it. And it is important to balance the energies from the main entrance of your home. The home does not only have to be a representation of you but it also has to be Vastu Shastra compliant. For choosing the directions like North, East, Northeast or West which are some appropriate ones to place the entrance of your home. 

Let us get into the blog and gaze through these options for the main gate colour. 

1. Sage Main Gate Colour Combination

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Sage is one of the most popular colours at the moment. Serene greens are a great choice of gate colour for north or east-facing homes. Sage green is a colour that can be associated with the expression of wisdom, a colour that also articulates peace, growth and serenity. 

This sage green main gate colour perfectly goes with the white exterior of the house. To make the entrance way more welcoming one can add planters and accessories like this ornament pendant light to tie the whole house together. 

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2. Wood or Brown Door Colour Combination

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Choosing a wooden door is a classic, more like an all-time favourite because it is the best and long-lasting choice for the home. Especially in India where people are sceptical of western cultures taking over it is always best to stick with basics. An eastern entrance will be more beneficial with a wooden door, as the direction also belongs to wood and air. All said, it is also great to incorporate an earthy element in your home.

3. Yellow Main Door Colour Combination

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The colour yellow is a symbol of happiness, warmth, hope and sunshine. It also helps attract positive vibes to your house. Yellow also goes well with wooden elements and gives a contemporary feel to the house.

This gate colour is said to brighten one’s mood and boost their attitude. This will be a beneficial choice for gates positioned in northeast and east directions. If you have a house that is coloured in darker hues like black or brown or even if it is grey then choosing a yellow shade for your main gate colour will be a great choice. 

4. Green Main Gate Colour Combination

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The gate colour for the north entrance houses also attracts new opportunities and possibilities is a green main gate. Green represents nature, growth and money; therefore it is a sound option. 

5. White Main Door Colour Combination

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Trendy and elegant, this gate colour is a great choice for your contemporary or minimalist home. White is a great colour to be combined with either black, brown or even grey house exteriors. White is also a great choice because the colour attracts peace, and helps avoid quarrels and fights of any kind in the house. White is also considered a perfect balance between all colours which makes it impartial and neutral.  A great choice especially for northwest and west-directed houses. 

P.S. Gates shouldn’t be positioned towards the northwest direction.

6. Purple Main Door Colour Combination

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This purple main gate colour is beautiful to look at, even though it is a distinctive choice to make when choosing what colour you should paint your main door in. The most ideal direction for a purple or violet gate colour is the southern direction as per Vastu Shastra. 

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7. Pink Main Gate Colour Combination

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Pink for your gate colour is a great choice, it is best suited for the mars ruled direction of the south. A colour that represents love, calmness, nurturing and kindness can be a great choice for your home. The southern direction is also said to be associated with wealth and power therefore if this is something you are looking for, opt for a pink main gate colour. 

8. Blue Main Gate Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

A representation of water, blue is a calming hue and the lighter shades of blue are considered to be a great choice for your main gate colour. Great for north and west entrances, blue is also an attractive choice for the front door. But the thing to keep in mind is that darker shades of blue are generally asked to be avoided from using on the main door because it attracts negative and bad energy to the house. 

9. Red Main Door Colour Combination

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Red might seem like a very attractive colour for your main door but is generally asked to be avoided as per Vastu Shastra. It is a normal sight to spot a red-doored house in western countries but it’s quite the opposite in India. Red is a colour that represents passion, energy and also danger, which leads to it attracting bad or negative energies. 

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Decorating your home, getting expert advice, choosing the right paint colour and even setting in the furniture takes a while. Choosing gate colour should be done under the rules of vastu shastra to bring the best results. 

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    What is the best colour for your main gate?

    There are different colours that are best for each direction. The best colour that can be a great choice for all directions is yellow, light blue, cream, beige and silver.

    What is a lucky choice of colour for the gate?

    As per Vastu Shastra, the lucky colours for your main gate are Cyan, White, Pink and Green.

    Can the front door be painted black?

    According to Vastu Shastra and Feng shui, choosing black as the gate colour isn’t a vital choice. It is said to attract bad luck which is why black should be avoided.

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