Accentuate Your Home with Living Room Paint Colours

Published On: Aug 19, 2022

There can be multiple ways to understand and create themes with a certain set of colours put together in a theme. From romancing the whites to making a statement using bold blacks, we can go from minimalistic to rustic themes in a snap of a frame. Paint Colour Ideas for Living Room carry prime importance in determining the story of the room and then the theme of your renders! 

Not to mention, the addition of gold escalates the frame, just by the right scale. However, warm tones, beiges, and off-whites bring calm to the eyes.  Not only the interior story of a room is driven by the colour palette of the room, but the light affair gives that final statement on the interiorscape. 

Well, it is known how interiors are metaphorical mirrors, with us standing before it and prior to fixating upon a theme, don't we all want to be sure, if the interiorscape captured is in its true form? Well, at the end of the day, the best colours for living room walls run parallel to your thoughts. 

Here are a few colours which pin personalities tied together with moods. You might sink in your sofas after a tiring day with a different mood everyday, but the living room paint colours are going to be constant. 

Here's to comfort and colour stories you would want to come back to: 

Coffee on a Rainy Day for Introverts

Coffee on a Rainy Day for Introverts

What does comfort mean to you? This interior palette might interest you if a cuddle cup of coffee is your answer. You can choose the backdrop colour of the wall around the shades of grey beiges, subtly ombre-ying into ivory mouldings. If you are looking for some paraphernalia for your wall frame, adding some artful frames would add more structure to the wall. 

Coffee on a Rainy Day for Introverts 2

The flooring of the room can range from subtle woodens to grey microfiber carpet flooring. Visually structuring the floor area with rugs would also characterise the interior story of your living room. 

Coffee on a Rainy Day for Introverts 3

The living room paint colours can lay candid, fancying warm-toned furniture pieces in brown and beige. The interior frame can be concluded using throws and pillows in contrasting colour palettes caught in a love affair. 

Coffee on a Rainy Day for Introverts 4

The addition of accent lighting, some flowers to colours and candles would be the final touch to the interior frame. Stay ready for your cup cuddles! 

Beach Day for Ambiverts?

Beach Day for Ambiverts

A room that soothes the eye, entailing a colour palette that takes you to the beach. With a colour palette that builds an ambience of hip and happening, blending seamlessly with tones of blue, you can fancy yourself an interior story. You can go in with a living room paint colour in tones of beiges, grey beige, white, off-white and ivory, with a contrasting sofa set in the foreground. The extra colour pop can step into the frame with cushions and throws. 

Beach Day for Ambiverts 2

To give the stage to the main screen of the frame, the remaining walls can fade into oblivion with the usage of light and neutral tones on the walls. The installation of white curtains would only highlight the character of the room, making appear visually capacious. The installation of task and accent lighting would heighten the entire interior frame in terms of accentuation. 

If you are an ambivert and need a social recharge, coming back home would be absolute zen for you! Not just that, but your place would be never too shabby for a group stay-in! 

For the ones who Fancy Vintage: 

For the ones who Fancy Vintage

If you are mentally living in the era of renaissance, and fancy french candles caresses the paraphernalia, you are looking at the right mood board. 

For the ones who Fancy Vintage 2

Interiors that romance the vintage aesthetic, can be subjective. These themes can speak of bold, neutral and vibrant colour palettes. From going with a monochromatic theme to playing with contrasts that enhance multiple interior frames, you can pick your colour story. 

For the ones who Fancy Vintage 3

If you are on the minimal end, going in with neutral living room paint colours all over, with some metallic texture to aggrandise would be perfect. Going in with a beige or grey beige backdrop wall along with a beige or ivory couch with some accentuating pillows and throws would create the perfect character across the room. The white curtains in hindsight would only attribute the daylight, creating more visual space inside the room. Using some gold or metallic finishes around would pinch that final touch of lux, accentuating the interiors of the room. The addition of a mahogany coffee table would definitely take the stage, adding structure to the interior tale of the room. 

For the ones who Fancy Vintage 4

On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for creating bold and intimidating vintage spaces, you can go ahead with wall colours like black, grey, brown, green, etc. However, the rule for adding gold goes without saying and would only act as an accentuating element in the interior story. Adding black as a backdrop as a living room paint colour would lead to either contrasting furniture choices (in shades of beige, ivory, off-white, white or anything in the pastel family) or something that blends in seamlessly (like black, emerald green, navy blue, etc.). Both of these colour stories spins around a certain aesthetic that is again, subjective.

For the ones who Fancy Vintage 5

With an intimidating backdrop, you can choose contrasting furniture that speaks of the space's structure. Adding some metallic texture here and there would add more character to the interiors. These textures can also be added in terms of task/ambient/accent lighting. 

Vibrant for the Extrovert 

Vibrant for the Extrovert 

This theme allows you to go for a vibrant colour scheme that narrates a welcoming vibe. However, the use of vibrant colours can go from warm and earthy tones to something bright and alluring. It’s mostly subjective to choose from these colour palettes, but with a favourable colour story, you can opt for a frame that suits the energy of the room. Going with earthy and warm tones would be the best living room paint colours, while you are creating that autumn dusky evening inside. 

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Talking about wall shades, you can go with a neutral living room paint colour on the wall with furniture resting in a similar palette. On the other hand, you can also go ahead with a focal wall with colours that speak of exuberance (Orange, Red, Yellow, Rustic colours, Blue, etc)

Vibrant for the Extrovert  2

Addition of rugs, throws and pillows can induce a sense of intimacy to the space along with the accent lighting enhancing the same. Installing wall art, flowers and greens in some format would also add character to the interior frame. With the warm-toned living room paint colours, cushions in a brighter shade (yellow, white, off-white, orange peel, yello-orange, etc) would alleviate the interior character of the room. 

Vibrant for the Extrovert  3

What Else Lies on the Interior Facade? 

Living room paint colour ideas according to Vastu are important to be taken into account for efficient flow of energy in the house. The best hues are listed below: 

  1. Brown – The element of Wood: Makes you feel grounded and earthed. 
  2. White – The element of Metal: Makes you feel relaxed and all zen. 
  3. Green – The element of Wood: Entails the emotion of healing. 
  4. Muted Pink -The element of Fire: Induces warmth in an interior space. 
  5. Orange -The element of Fire: Induces optimism in an interior story. 
  6. Blue -The element of Water: Brings in stillness and tranquil. 

In Conclusion 

Choosing a living room paint colour idea for your living room can be a tedious task, but once your mood board is set, you will be good to go. Make sure that from the wall colours to the last planted light, you have everything designed and planned out. This would not only make it easier for you to understand your interior story, but will also help you alter your vision, if needed. You can also hire professionals to create a rendered version of your interiorscape, if you need a model for a better perspective. 

These were some of the colour design ideas according to moods, and we hope this would help you choose your next interior tale! 


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    Which colour will be best for the living room?

    Choosing a colour for your living room is completely subjective. However, you can opt for neutrals and minimalist colours in order to induce visual comfort and space.

    What colours brighten a living room?

    Pale shades of grey and blue add the maximum amount of brightness to your living room. Other than that, colours like yellow and light terracotta can also help amp up your interior space.

    What wall colours will make one feel happy?

    Colours like yellow, green, sky blue are happy paint colours in a living room’s interior.

    What is a welcoming colour?

    Yellow is a welcoming colour and can be implied meticulously in a space like a living room.

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