Modular L-shaped Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas in 2023

Published On: Mar 28, 2022

It's an unsaid notion that a kitchen is the heart of the house. It drives the inhabitants from the get-go. Right from making your morning tea to sneaking out of your room for some midnight snacks, the kitchen is up and running 24/7. When planning to renovate your kitchen, there is an array of interesting ideas for you to choose from. Small L-shaped modular kitchen design ideas have been in the trends of late  If you are planning to refurbish your kitchen and don’t want to tear the whole space down, Interior Company is here to help. 

There is no denying that you need to analyse multiple factors while remodelling an L-shaped kitchen layout. However, with our stylish decor ideas, you can get it done right. Little changes such as the proper placement of the elements, re-painting the walls and the cabinets, and the inclusion of some trendy furniture pieces and appliances can help in designing your kitchen on a budget.

L-shaped modular kitchen design ideas

Here are some L-shaped kitchen cabinets design ideas that have assimilated all ingredients to cook the perfect look: 


Grey may feel like an unusual colour choice for a kitchen but it adds an element of surprise to your kitchen. Smoky white wall paint and grey appliances give this modular kitchen a contemporary flair. Alongside, grey cabinets, white countertops and rustic hardwood floors add to the beauty of the kitchen. If you're planning to refurbish your kitchen, consider this floor plan L-shaped kitchen layout.


For those who don’t want to overdo their kitchen but want to make it functional yet comfortable, it is great to go with minimalist colour tones i.e. black and white. Select beautiful white counter tips with white shelvings with a hint of black on the cabinets and decor. There is no perfect way to end your design than by adding some greenery. Incorporate potted plants on the counter that will provide you with sanity when the kitchen gets too hot. 

Black or Silver?

Why choose one when you can choose both? Combine both the colours and create a classy aura in your small l-shape modular kitchen design. Choose the intoxicating black shade for cabinets and shelvings in your kitchen and pair that up with silver appliances. In the quest to create the perfect kitchen design for your home, bring the ultimate aesthetics to your cooking space. 

Timber Brown

The countertop, backsplash and flooring in timber brown capture the attention in this L-shaped kitchen design. This modular kitchen is styled with white cabinets and a microwave at the bottom to bring in practicality and a more contemporary feel which is also an amazing floor plan for a small L-shaped modular kitchen design.      

Cliche Creme

Cream might be a cliche choice for many but it can also be a very luxurious look option for a small l-shape modular kitchen design. Wooden flooring combined with creamy white laminates adds a classic feel to kitchen spaces. Work with a silver microwave and refrigerator to give your kitchen a perfect definition of extravagance. 

White and Vintage

Pure white decoration and accent countertops are the essence of this kitchen and give it a feeling of openness. It is always best to create simple focal points in any room; Design large windows to let in the sunlight and ring it with a wooden dining table to create a countryside atmosphere inside your kitchen area. 

Small Space Kitchens

Working with a compact space? A small L-shaped modern kitchen design is the best option as it sits well in a compact space. It is easy to work with and with confined spaces it functions more accessibly and is great in providing more storage space for the house. You can set a small beautiful dining table to set a whole dining mode in the kitchen itself. Incorporating these ideas will create a more practical space in your small home.

Wooden Wonder 

An all-wooden kitchen outlook never goes out of fashion. This kitchen setup portrays the layout of country-side cooking space. It includes a fascinating seating arrangement around the L-shaped kitchen design. The island parallel to the kitchen countertop provides extra table seating and work station for the kitchen. Fusing ravishing yellow chandelier lighting over the table and the counter island will give that perfect glow to your kitchen. Any wooden kitchen will be as welcoming for your visitors as the first ray of sunshine falling on the trees. 

Final Thoughts

Kitchens should be a place where flavours, emotions and conversation merge to give rise to warm memories. L-shaped modern kitchen design ideas are worth your attention and will be great to add practicality and style to your kitchen decor. For compact cooking spaces, an L-shaped kitchen design is an ideal design layout. Take inspiration from these intriguing ideas that are sure to lend that little corner an eye-pleasing look without crunching your pocket. For more inspiration, visit the Interior Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Consider a working triangle with a properly placed sink, refrigerator, etc., while designing the kitchen space to have a perfectly organized feel. 

The L-shaped kitchen can efficiently use the space where the utensils are built-in. 

The L-shaped kitchen refrigerator is convenient to put on the edge of the kitchen counter. 

Easy to design in a small space and integrated with all important elements in the right placement.