Tips for Interior Ideas for Indian Style Open Kitchen

Published On: Mar 24, 2022

A kitchen is the heart of the house, a centre of all gatherings and memories. A place where the sounds of  that can enthral anyone.  Metaphorically, an Indian style open kitchen is a story of evolution. What used to be a tight smoky space with bustling activity turned into a spacious and beautiful kitchen area with adequately placed appliances and utensils. 

For the longest time, an Indian kitchen has been associated with floor seating eating around the stove. Eating on the floor is associated with creating a connection with the earth, a deep-rooted cultural aspect.

spacious and beautiful kitchen

The idea of a standing kitchen and dining tables came to India with the Europeans. The idea of Indian open kitchen has evolved drastically in the past decade. Nowadays, an open kitchen is an utmost requirement due to the diminishing house space and growing needs of people.

Before we shed light on open kitchen models in India, let’s have a look at some of the pro tips to design an Indian open kitchen.

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Arrange your Kitchen Style For Ample Space

Arrange your Kitchen Style For Ample Space

When planning to put together an Indian open kitchen it is important to first plan out the space. For a modest space building, a straight or equal kitchen is an ideal choice. The space has to be more precise and well used. When working with a larger space, you can opt for L-shaped or U-shaped open kitchen  Indian style or maybe one can incorporate a kitchen island and create a dining area right next to the stove and kitchen area.

Semi-open Kitchen 

Semi-open Kitchen 

The best idea to incorporate a semi-open kitchen in India is by designing a proper layout of the small spaced interiors. This helps people who like a little privacy and boundaries between both spaces. If you are someone who doesn’t like to do the dishes very frequently or clean the kitchen up after cooking a meal, a partition can be a great option to high away your clumsiness from your visitors to a certain extent. 

Semi-open Kitchen 2

There are several options in the market if this is what you are looking for - From glass to fancy designer partitions, Indian open kitchen with dining room is a go-to nowadays.

Open and hidden lobby kitchen is another stunning alternative for an open kitchen Indian style. Extending the lobby to the kitchen area will help you keep the discussions going even when you are working in the cooking area. Beautiful statement pieces of lights can help accentuate the look of your Indian open kitchen.

Mix and Match with Your Living Room

Mix and Match with Your Living Room

There are several Indian open kitchen ideas to choose from in the market. Moreover, an open kitchen design in lines with your living room is fascinating, isn’t it? Opt for glossy laminates and lacquered glass to reflect maximum light to the kitchen which will make it appear illuminated and spacious. When designing an open kitchen, it is also important to install a chimney overhead the stove to keep your space smoke-free. 

Mix and Match with Your Living Room 2

A wood finish laminate is also a good option along with some empowering black that will create a bold statement and also provide a rich look when planning an open kitchen with a living room in India. This striking kitchen idea is ideal for small families who love a modern space with minimalist taste.

Golden Triangle for the Indian Open kitchen

Golden Triangle for the Indian Open kitchen

Most designers adhere to the brilliant triangle rule while planning open kitchen models in India. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance a tight kitchen space. This standard sets up the kitchen's most utilised zones making it look like a triangle on the floor plan. The three spots are the kitchen sink, stove and the fridge. It is essential to make space for all these three amenities in the kitchen to be workable and easily accessible from any angle.

Gear Up Your kitchen 

Gear up Your kitchen

If you set up the golden triangle design in your kitchen, you get the privilege to a ledge territory of your own. This gives you the liberty to choose where you will utilise different machines like blenders, microwave, purifiers, dishwasher and much more. The trick is to plan out how you need to install all your appliances and chimneys.  

Gear up Your kitchen 2

Working in a fully equipped kitchen is an amazing feeling, and it makes the space to be more accessible and functional for the cook or anyone in the family.

U and L-shaped Kitchen Design

U and L-shaped Kitchen Design

Two very commonly used styles in Indian kitchens is U and L shaped kitchen ideas. This style is very useful for an Indian household when you have enough space for all your amenities around the stove. We all have seen our mothers work for hours in the kitchen and never get tired of the environment, this is a benefit this style provides. 

U and L-shaped Kitchen Design

There is enough space for one to work around the kitchen with everything at a reachable distance and you can focus on the cooking with all your attention.

Secret Storage for Indian Open Kitchen 

Secret Storage for Indian Open Kitchen 

Functional storage is another incredible plan for an Indian open kitchen. It includes a coordinated stockpiling framework that feels both easy-going as well as extra spacious. The best part of this design is that it hides huge appliances behind shelvings or cabinets which helps your kitchen designs to pop up. Another way to accentuate the open kitchen idea is the murky wood highlights either on the kitchen divider or the kitchen island. It is a great way to utilise your kitchen space and make it more functional.

Chain of Thoughts

India is gearing up at high speed when it comes to catching up to the latest trends of the world which have been dominating the West for so long.  An open kitchen is a way to blend in the rooms together and to create a home that is functional as well as spacious enough for the family. We hope some of these open kitchen models in India in this blog came in handy for your personal design taste. For more versatile kitchen decor ideas, visit the Interior Company.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Q. How can I design an open kitchen?

An open kitchen can be designed in many ways depending on your style, taste, space in your house and the level at which you want to engage with your guests.

Q. What is the ideal layout for an open kitchen?

An open kitchen format that streams from various rooms, for example, the feasting region to the lounge, can be ideal for families or individuals who like to engage.

Q. What are the 6 types of layouts for a kitchen?

Galley Kitchen, One-wall Kitchen, U-Shaped Kitchen, Island Kitchen, Peninsula or G-shaped Kitchen, L shaped layout. 

Q. What kind of kitchen is the best - open or closed?

Ans. While a closed kitchen can be better for evening gatherings, the open kitchen can provide a superior and genuine feasting experience