Trendiest DIY and Handmade Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Published On: Mar 01, 2022

It’s almost been two years now we have been caged inside our houses. Perhaps, this is the most we could have ever thought or dreamed of spending time in our homes. So, did you find any upside of being holed up? We are sure, many of you might have! Almost all of us came up with some DIY projects, cooking skills, handmade craft ideas for home decor, etc. Long story short, the time brought out our creative sides.

Whether you focused on your organisation skill, storage space, or just a mundane apartment design that demands an upgrade, you have at least ventured one project. In this blog, we have curated a list of some trendiest and most creative DIY projects to give your home a complete makeover. 

But before delving into the list, let’s clarify our concept of DIY first.

What is DIY?

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. If you have a creative mind or at least if you want to sharpen your skills, attempting DIY ideas could be a great start. You can try your hands on handmade craft ideas for home decor.

The purpose is to try doing something that is both fun and has a learning experience at the same time. It can range from remodelling to redecoration to simple arts and crafts. 

Kicking off a DIY project can be exciting, and it helps to have a clear idea about what you want to achieve and how long the process will take. But the trouble is- what to make and how to create? 

Fret not! There are countless resources available on the internet that will help you transform your idea into reality, like a post, book, blog, or tutorial videos. Carrying out research, buying supplies, and your imagination could go a long way to make a DIY project successful. Another great thing about DIY is that you can always sell your products and be an entrepreneur!

Although there are varieties of ideas on DIY, we will mainly focus on handmade craft ideas for home decor. Your room is your comfort zone, and making it your personal space to match your unique style needs a lot of inspiration.

From simple room decor ideas to handmade decoration items, you will surely find some creative projects here for your home.

5 Easy Home Decor Ideas to Add a Surface to Your House

Your home reflects your personality. It doesn’t need to be fancy or extra luxurious but it should be a statement of sophistication or vogue or just be clean and creative. 

Here are five easiest yet most amazing DIY home decor ideas to revamp your house:

1. Create A Wall Art Gallery 


Are you an art fanatic? Or is painting or drawing one of your hobbies? If so, then you can proceed with the idea of creating your own art gallery in the house. Not only will it beautify the space but it will also pour in a lot of compliments for your art. 

Remember that the wall art doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the most common DIY wall painting designs ideas could be to hang handmade paintings, bold colour canvas or tell a story by hanging framed pictures to create a chic look.

2. Innovative Paper Crafts 


Paper is the most versatile and readily available material used for making handmade home decor. From easy kid’s craft to complex and gorgeous centrepieces, you just need a little imagination to create magic with paper.

Top paper craft ideas for wall decoration include origami, flowers, leaf wreaths, paper lanterns, and many more. Using simple templates and some colourful paper, create butterflies or origami cranes and stick them to the wall in a pattern to add a highlight. Almost all kids love to hang banners and can help to make these easy paper wall hangings for special events like birthdays and even for their room.

3. Wall Hangings Never Go Out of Style


This wall hanging DIY idea is anything that you put on the wall that hangs aesthetically and creatively. They are the best options to bring a unique perspective to the room and can range from simple to ornate designs. There are countless handmade easy wall hangings with paper or yarn that can be installed in the living room, dream catchers for your bedroom, or tassel wall hangings that can be sold or gifted as homemade decoration items. These are fun to make and can even be made with materials like wooden sticks, pompoms, feathers, and some creativity.

4. Decorate With Lights and Lamps


Anything involving string lights and lamps is going to be absolutely beautiful DIY room decor and make a highly impactful change in your space. Making a gorgeous chandelier using driftwood or plastic spoons or creating a photo lampshade are simple decor ideas for the bedroom, provided they are compatible with the rest of the room decor. With a little inspiration, all you need is a bulb, and anything ranging from hat to grater can become a lampshade.

5. Give Your Mirrors a Unique Touch 


Mirrors are quite functional and aesthetically pleasing too. When hung in strategic places, mirrors can make a room seem more spacious and airy too. But the question- is there something that could add sophistication to it? Mirrors are quite a common thing in every home. Right?

Well, you can cover the edge of your mirror with wooden frames and string lights. It will surely create an eye-catching and easy wall-hanging decor. If you live in a small apartment, then you should avoid buying a dressing table. Instead, you can invest in a huge mirror and vanity lights. You can also install one of two wooden frames surrounding it to make that area look brighter and warmer.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the many elements that can be used for DIY room decor ideas. Beyond satisfaction, doing DIY projects gives you a sense of happiness and well-being, along with saving some money. The ideas described above are fairly easy to implement and won’t require a busload of money. 

DIY projects always institute value in relationships with kids and people with similar interests. These handmade craft ideas and projects help you discover your passion and empower you to create something new, be it a side hustle, a hobby, or even a career change.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is DIY?

DIY means do it yourself. It stands for repairing or making something independently without seeking any professional or expert help. It is the art of creating and designing things from scratch or restoring on your own, be it home improvement projects or arts and crafts like homemade decoration items.

Q2. Can I do DIY at home?

With a lot of imagination, any item can turn into a DIY project. Be it repairing a leaking faucet or making handmade decorative items for home, make sure to do a lot of research and acquire basic supplies to complete the project. You can use readily available or even recycled objects like plastic spoons to make a lampshade, glassware to create bottle art, and so on.

Q3. Which website has various DIY craft ideas?

There are endless solutions that a simple google search will provide. Youtube tutorials, Pinterest, today's homeowner, skillshare are a few of the sites with numerous handmade craft ideas that you can choose according to your preference.

Q4. Can I do home decor with DIY crafts?

Simple decor ideas for bedrooms like glass hangings with flowers or candles or easy wall hanging with paper or yarn add a personalised touch to your space. Vibrant canvases and framed photos can highlight a wall and change the look of a room. 

Q5. What are some best DIY crafts for kids?

You can create a variety of easy crafts to do at home for your kids with the help of just glue and some paper. Handmade wall hanging ideas such as banners from yarns, flower bouquets from colourful paper, cardboard wall hangings, and more. 

You can even look for some handmade Diwali decorations ideas like paper diyas, garland, and candle holders. These could be some of a few options that require less supervision. Use chalkboard paint on a wall in your little artist’s room so that they can go wild with their creativity.

Q6. What are some of the best DIY ideas?

Depending on your passion and interest, turn anything into a DIY project that you can spend time on. From simple room decor ideas to the restoration of vintage cars, the list is limitless.

You can create your own coffee station, custom mirror, transform an old dresser, and more.
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