15 Fairy Lights Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Room

Published On: Feb 22, 2023

Bedroom Fairy Lights are the easiest and the most economical way to spruce up your space. Irrespective of your room’s size, or what aesthetic you are following, fairy lights blend with everything. You can be as creative or as minimalist as you want with fairy lights as room decor. There are tons of options available for the size, shape and colour of fairy lights. If you wish for a minimalistic room, you can buy simple fairy lights for your bedroom. If the word minimalist isn’t in your dictionary, you can absolutely go berserk with fairy lights. We have made a guide for the fairy lights bedroom decor ideas just for you. 

1. Fireflies of the Jungle

Source: Pinterest

Use artificial leaves with aesthetic fairy lights in the bedroom to make it look ethereal. You can add fairy lights to the green corner of the room. Invest in plants so you can attach your fairy lights. You can use the smallest fairy lights or those that are shaped like little flowers or butterflies. We would suggest using yellow-tinted fairy lights that are not as bright against the green to give a jungle-like atmosphere. Even if you live in a high-rise building in the midst of crowds and pollution, this design idea will fulfil your cottage core dreams. 

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2. Lit Headboard 

Source: Pinterest

If you have a bland white headboard, using fairy lights can light up your room. Use fairy lights that are design-specific. Opt for filament bulbs and drape them over the top edge of your bed. There are several shapes of fairy lights to choose from. You can invest in lights shaped like dragonflies, roses, hibiscuses, leaves, bees, stars, butterflies, etc. If your bed doesn't have a headboard, create one using these lights. Be creative- create eclectic shapes and patterns. Your wall is your canvas and the lights your paints! 

3. Corner Off 

Source: Pinterest

Are you a minimalist lifestyle enthusiast? If so, then consider having fairy lights as your bedroom ceiling lights. Place these lights on the edges of your ceiling. Use a battery-operated fairy light. Use a reel of fairy light instead of the individual small packs. You can tape them with clear wall-friendly tape or tack it to stick them to the wall. If you wish to add to the charm, invest in fairy lights which can change colours. Add a bunch of fake leaves in one corner of your room and add fairy lights to add pizazz. 

4. No Fault in These Stars 

Source: Pinterest

Attaching fairy lights to the ceiling instantly improves the look of the room. There is nothing more dreamy than placing the cosy fairy lights in the bedroom across the whole ceiling. Start from one end of your room and carry it out through to the opposite wall. Make 6-7 such strings of lights across the bedroom ceiling. If you wish to add more adventure to your experiment, make constellations out of your fairy lights right above your bed. You can make your favourite one or just make the one that corresponds to your zodiac sign. 

5. Dreamy Canopy

Source: Pinterest

If you have a dreamy bed with posts and canopy, use fairy lights to make it prettier. Use a translucent white cloth as your canopy and add minimalistic string lights to them. You can add four to five strands along with the cloth. You can also wrap the lights around the posts and the frame of the bed. If it seems more extravagant, just use the lights to go over the bedpost. If fairy-core is your aesthetic, you can incorporate artificial leaves along with the lights. 

6. Reading Nook 

Source: Pinterest

Highlight your reading nook with fairy lights. If you have a designated reading space in your room, have it decorated with fairy lights. Place a canopy in your room and make it cosy with fairy lights. You can also put up fairy lights on the edge of your bookshelf as well as. arrange them around your books. Elevate your bookshelf by using brighter lights and placing them behind your bookshelf making it backlit. 

7. State of the Art 

Source: Pinterest

There is nothing better than creating art with aesthetic fairy lights in the bedroom. If you blank the wall and have no art to put up, make one with fairy lights. You can create anything ranging from full-blown scenery or plain old line art. Since the lights are flexible, you can shape them into a swan, mountain, person or the crest of your favourite band. 

8. Statement Piece 

Source: Pinterest

If you have a statement piece of art or a sculpture, use fairy lights to enhance it. Take a stray branch, clean it well and lightly stain it with a wood stain. Hang that on your wall and add fairy lights to it giving an illusion of a flower. 

Another thing that you can do is create fairy lights clouds which you can hang in any corner of your room. Take a plastic bottle and fill it with fairy lights. Use battery-operated lights. Cover the bottle with huge pieces of cotton. Hang your cloud above your bed as a statement piece or make three or four pieces and hang it in the corner of your room. 

Source: Pinterest

One of the best teenage fairy lights bedroom ideas is to put up fairy lights and hang pictures on them. This is also a very good gift idea. You can buy fairy lights that come with the clips or you can purchase them separately. Put your loved ones in the spotlight by adding their photos. 

10. Sea of Stars

Source: Pinterest

You can also use fairy lights under your beds to give your room the feel of neon blue ocean light. Bring dinoflagellates aura from the sea to under your bed by using blue fairy lights. If the blue light is not your style, Place the string lights just beneath your bed to use them as a night light. 

11. Fairy Lights Waterfall 

Source: Pinterest

Hang your fairy lights in a ceiling-to-floor manner, mimicking a waterfall. This makes a great photo booth in your room. Fairy lights waterfall makes a great idea for an accent wall for your bedroom. Add the string lights at a difference of an inch and a half.  

12. Zen Corner 

Source: Pinterest

Soothing lights and meditation space is the perfect combination. If you have enough space, dedicate a space in your room to fulfil your spiritual diet. Use soft fairy lights in the room for your zen corner. Put up a shelf to hold your crystals, incense and journals. If you have larger wall space to spare, put up a tapestry and frame it using fairy lights.  

13. In the Jar 

Source: Pinterest

Although an overused trend, putting fairy lights in mason jars and bottles will never go out of style. This is the easiest way to introduce some soft lighting in your room without going overboard. You can place these jars or bottles on the shelves or bookshelf in your room. They also make a beautiful side table decor piece. 

14. Lantern Fairy Lights 

Source: Pinterest

Lanterns with fairy lights make a great DIY project. All you need is a balloon, some tissues and glue. Fill up the balloons and cover them with tissue paper with the help of glue. Once it’s completely dry, pop the balloon. If you want, you can paint these balloons. Fill these lanterns with fairy lights and hang them on the ceiling. If you don't want to make so much effort, paper lanterns are easily available in the market. 

15. Paint Your Room with Lights

Source: Pinterest

Colourful fairy lights are the best way to add colour to your room. It is up to you if you want a splash of colour or to drench your room in your favourite colour. If your plan is to add a splash of colour, make a small artwork with your string lights. But if you're okay with your whole room being pink, green, purple or blue, use colour-changing fairy lights to decorate your bedroom. 

Lights Up! 

There is a lot you can do to decorate your room with fairy lights. They aren't a permanent fixture which allows you to play around with them. Fairy lights are versatile – you can change them according to the aesthetic you are following at the time. Adding these lights can completely alter the look and aura of your room. 


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