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15 Centrepiece Ideas to Elevate Your Easter Table

Published On: Mar 23, 2023

Easter is just around the corner, and it is not too late to decide on your guest list and decorations for this year. If you are looking for exceptional Easter table decor, you have come to the right place. Easter comes on the first Sunday, after the first full moon of the spring season. Easter is an important festival which is celebrated after the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the period called Lent which lasts for 40 days. In 2024, Easter is on April the 9th. According to the Gregorian calendar, Easter falls between March 22nd and April 25 every year after the Paschal Full Moon. 

In this article, we're going to bring you the most resplendent Easter centrepieces ideas to wow your family and friends this Easter. 

1. White Against the Print 

Source: Pinterest

One of the simple Easter table decors is using print with white ceramics. The sheer simplicity of this design adds elegance to the table. It is up to you if you want to go for a floral print or you can experiment with various other prints. Since you are using white plates, use simple or natural wood cutlery with them. 

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2. Humongous Centrepieces

Source: Pinterest

You don't have to limit your Easter tabletop decor to small decor pieces. Adding big table decor adds to the drama on the table (a welcome diversion from the family soap operas that suddenly erupt during every festival). The height of the decor adds to the flare of the table and flowers rein in the spring theme to the table. 

3. Pastel Glory 

Source: Pinterest

Chequered linens and flowers have been the spring aesthetic for an eternity. Nothing is bringing the classics back for Easter. The Easter table setting ideas for 2024 can do with some vintage charm. Pastels and flowers as decor elements make the room look brighter. Add in some frosted glasses and golden cutlery to tie the whole design together. 

4. Print Extravaganza Easter 

Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with print-on-print, especially for Easter table decor ideas. If you want to go fancy, buy some flowers and if your garden is blessed with some, grab those. Collect those tea light candles from around the house and decorate them on the table. You can add some twigs and leaves to add texture to your design. 

5. Monochromatic Easter 

Source: Pinterest

If you are thinking of a simple Easter table decor idea, go for a monochromatic design. Choose any colour which resonates with spring to you (or not), and run with it. Use tablecloths, flowers, doilies, plates, candles, glasses and other pieces of decor in various shades of colour. To enhance the effect of the colour, add one or two elements in a complementary colour. 

6. The Festive Theme 

Source: Pinterest

You can always opt for a festive theme for Easter table decor. Use rabbit or Easter egg plates. You can use fake moss as a piece of decor on your table. Use natural materials like cork, wood and leaves. Use earthy material and more Easter-specific decor such as Easter bunnies, an egg terrarium and an Easter box. 

7. Inside Out 

Source: Pinterest

Set up your table outside for Easter this spring. Host a feast among the chirping birds, beautiful flowers, and green all around. Set up lights all around if you’re having dinner, and paper decorations if it’s lunch. Use transparent ware as the Easter table centrepiece and add some flowers and candles. Collect wildflowers with your friends or family- A new Easter tradition!

8. Embrace the Neutral 

Source: Pinterest

There is no reason for you to follow the spring theme if you are one for the neutrals. Stick to your aesthetic and use white, beige, wooden elements and cream as your colour theme as elegant Easter table decor ideas this year. Add some white flowers, wooden decor elements and candles. 

9. An All-White Affair 

Source: Pinterest

Nothing screams of elegance more than an all-white set-up. For this Easter go for an all-white Easter tabletop decor to create a peaceful and free-flowing design. Add in white flowers, go for a white table cover and neutral mats with some clear decor elements to enhance the white of the design. Caution- If you are having kids or clumsy adults as guests for the meal, maybe stay away from this design idea.

10. A Complement to Colours 

Source: Pinterest

Complementary colour themes as Easter table decor ideas is a great idea for a dinner spread. You can mix and match the centrepiece’s colour based on the pattern that you have chosen for yourself. You can paint the eggs in the colours you have chosen as your theme. Go for blues with yellow, purples with orange, greens with pink or grey with yellow. 

11. Table Runner 

Source: Pinterest

A table runner is the ultimate Easter centrepiece idea. Putting all your decor on the table runner brings the focus right in the middle of the table. This ensures all your design is in order. Add a name tag for a personal touch on the plates. 

12. Round Table Dinner 

Source: Pinterest

A round table doesn't require as many decorations as a rectangular table. Having the main element would be enough for a round table. You can choose a bouquet, a simple vase with artificial flowers or a boat with candles and paper flowers. You can even use a DIY Easter centrepiece idea by creating an Easter box, Easter bunny home and so on. 

13. Paper Centrepiece for Easter 

Source: Pinterest

DIY Easter decorations is a fun way to involve your entire family in the decoration process. Make a tradition out of it. You can go for various paper centrepiece designs. Choose colours that match your aesthetic. The paper has so many possibilities, go crazy with the safety scissors!

14. Easter Egg Tree

Source: Pinterest

How can we miss the egg tree as an Easter table centrepiece? Easter is incomplete without the Easter egg tree. A DIY Easter egg tree as a centrepiece is a great way to bring the theme into the room. If your family has a big Easter tree every year, make mini trees as table decor for your dining room table or one if you have a round table. 

15. Go Boujiee 

Source: Pinterest

If you're hosting a dinner, use metals as a centrepiece for your table. Go for gold-plated decor for a luxurious look and pair it with navy blue for a change of pace. Adding an element of light can elevate the design immediately. You can design the rest of the table according to the centrepiece or vice versa for an elegant Easter table decor. 

Before You Run Out to Pick Flowers

Take up your Easter table decor by a notch or two, this year. Experiment with different colours, patterns, flowers and other decor elements. Maybe bring in the black and gold aesthetic or even the all-white. If you feel like it, bring a bark to your dining table as one of the Easter table centrepieces. Make sure however you design your table, it reflects your personality. Or take Miranda Priestly's way for interior design because of florals for spring? Groundbreaking!


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    Are DIY Easter centrepieces difficult to make?

    No, you can choose simple designs as centrepieces for Easter.

    Can I buy Easter decor?

    Sure, you can invest in Easter centrepieces. If you have old Easter decor, mix them up with new ones.

    Is there a specific colour palette for Easter?

    There is no set colour palette for Easter. You can go for any colour palette you prefer.

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