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A Guide For The Best Kitchen Interiors Design In 2021

Published On: Sep 20, 2021

Apart from the bedroom and living room, the kitchen is probably where we spend most of our time, especially women. From whipping up smoothies for breakfasts in the morning to cooking a nutritious dinner after a long day’s work, a kitchen is a place where one lets their hair down and enjoys the cathartic experience that cooking gives. Functionality is key to any kitchen, but it also needs to be a place that evokes strong memories of tasty delicacies churned with the intoxicating smell of meat, vegetables, spices and other condiments wafting through the air to satiate our gastronomic delights. The kitchen is also a place where one can slip away into their dreams while cooking. 

So if you are looking to redesign or renovate your kitchen, then below are over 100 kitchen interior designs that could help you optimize your space and also convert your cooking arena into a sleek and contemporary space. You will find literally everything here- from kitchen design images to model kitchen examples that could change the face of your kitchen.

  • Kitchen Decor with Tiles

Kitchen Decor with Tiles

This kitchen interior design is all about matching your countertop to the tiles placed alongside the wall. If you are someone who loves to cook and needs a kitchen that can easily clean the stains and grime, then this one is great. It also camouflages the hood, which is a bulky appliance to merge with the rest of the décor.

1. Mix and Match Style

Mix and Match Style

Gone are the days when kitchens needed to be monochromatic. The current trend in kitchen interior design is all about mixing and matching. For example, paint the base walls and match the cabinet doors to a dark tone. The upper cabinets could be with creamy undertones.

  • Create Balance in Tones

Create Balance in Tones

This kitchen interior image is all about striking a balance. With dark tile walls sporting a sleep appeal and steel appliances, the space gets an undeniable aesthetic charm. With wooden floors, the kitchen gets a wonderful warmth.

  • Beautiful Violet Highlights

Beautiful Violet Highlights

A not so common colour for the kitchen, this is now becoming a popular trend. One of the best kitchen design ideas, this dramatic colour exudes luxury and elegance. With its bold impression, your kitchen can become a sight for sore eyes.

  • Mirror Surface for Shiny Look

Mirror Surface for Shiny Look

If you love shiny finishes and stainless steel, then opt for the metallic look with gold mirrored shelves. The best part about metallic effects is that they go well with colours like pink, cobalt blue, and you could add these to your shelves. A one of a kind kitchen interior design, this is for those who love opulence.

  • Elegant Marble Finish

Elegant Marble Finish

A kitchen room design with a dramatic marble finish makes a statement. Marble countertops with bold veins running through them create a scene of intense drama. Marble has never gone out of style and this kitchen interior design will stay in trend for years to come.

  • Wallpaper Decor Kitchen

Wallpaper Decor Kitchen

Wallpapers are generally not used in kitchens but why not go for an adventurous kitchen design. There is a risk of plumbing issues, but a simple addition of invisible glass over the wallpaper could retain the original look. This could change a simple kitchen interior design into a glamourous one.

  • Modern Wooden Counters

Modern Wooden Counters

Another popular trend, these latest kitchen designs, add warmth to the kitchen. Wood as a kitchen interior design creates an old-world charm and visually enhances the look of the place to cook. Wood has always been a staple in kitchen interior decoration and this look just reiterates it.

  • Tucked Away Style Cabinets

Tucked Away Style Cabinets

An ingenious solution for small space kitchen areas, foldable doors and tucked away cabinets could create more working area. A kitchen room in itself, this one is a perfect space saver. Perfect for modular kitchen interior style.

  • Rustic and Contemporary Style Fusion

Rustic and Contemporary Style Fusion

Use a combination of stone, stainless steel and wood to create a modern cum rustic look. A popular trend, this kitchen interior design lets you utilize your space to the maximum.

  • Island Style Kitchen

Island Style Kitchen

Just bring an old table with some drawers to hold kitchen utensils to utilise as a worktop table. This helps to keep space by the oven clean and neat.

  • Country Style Sink Area

Country Style Sink Area

The sink need not be just for dishes. Do it up with brick walls, exposed tiles, terra cotta accessories to bring in a country feel to the sink area, where you can even place some flowers.

  • Organised Wall Storage

Organised Wall Storage

A simple pegboard could be the solution to storing all your tools from the knife, scissors, to tea strainers. A quirky take on kitchen interior design, this idea is for those who everything handy at all times.

  • Accessorised Kitchen

Accessorised Kitchen

Never underestimate the importance of accessories and accents. A huge, elaborate pendant lamp could brighten and liven up your space. This kitchen house design does a lot with the bare minimum.

  • A Kitchen Bar Section

A Kitchen Bar Section

Whilst we all want a separate bar space at home, a corner or nook in the kitchen could be created as one. Use the wall space for shelves to stock up the wine and spirits, throw a tiny table to enjoy a martini.

  • Greenery in Decor

Greenery in Decor

The kitchen can become your greenhouse or nursery where you can start a min-plant collection. Stock up your kitchen shelf ( an open one) with herbs and spices for your cooking.

  • Special Breakfast Nook

Special Breakfast Nook

On most busy days we rush with our breakfast. Why not convert a non-utilized nook in the kitchen as a breakfast space. A tiny table with stools could be your place to grab the first meal of the day.

  • Plan the Fused Décor

Plan the Fused Décor

Use unconventional combinations- tile the floor, use marble for the countertops and lacquer finish on the shelves and cabinets. An eclectic look finishes your kitchen interior design with an over-the-top finish.

  • Sort Your Space

Sort Your Space

If you have a large kitchen, then build in a centre table with a marble top and huge shelves to stack essentials. Make it a cabinetry island to serve as a workspace and a dining area.

  • Go Green with the Decor

Go Green with the Decor

Blend green into your kitchen to create a jungle effect. Pair it with a green tiled backsplash around the tabletop and throw in some green bar stools for style.

  • Checkerboard Floors Pattern

Checkerboard Floors Pattern

The chequered finish of black and white tiles on the floors lends a retro look to this kitchen. It rekindles the old spirit with open shelving and an old styled refrigerator.

  • Turn The Flaws to Decor

Turn The Flaws to Decor

If you have any pipes and wiring exposed, add a pop of colour to make it look vibrant. Pipes could be painted and wiring could be concealed with coverings that could put the spotlight on the kitchen.

  • Farmhouse Rustic Look

Farmhouse Rustic Look

Lend a farmhouse touch to your kitchen by adding a skirting to your sink and using white as a central colour throughout your kitchen. The open shelves enhance the look to vintage and sweet.

  • Upcycle Reinvent Cabinets

Upcycle Reinvent Cabinets

Line your freestanding cabinets and shelves with wallpaper for a quirky twist. Wallpapers could give them a different funky look, and you can store your mixology of items in a designed cabinet.

  • Choose Your Curtains Wisely

Choose Your Curtains Wisely

Hang bright, printed curtains to cover your bottom shelves or the windows rather than classic closed cabinets. It lends a more homely feel to the kitchen interior design.

  • Display Unit for Pots and Pans 

Display Unit for Pots and Pans 

An integral part of the Indian kitchen, pots and pans can also be a great décor idea. Make a hanging rack in brass to display those copper pots, pans, cast iron pans to turn kitchen tools into décor items.

  • Accent Wall Style

Accent Wall Style

Kitchen walls can have accents and showpieces too. Even if you have a small kitchen, you could still find a tiny space on the wall to add in a striking accent to lend an appealing look.

  • Innovate Simple Storage Solutions

Innovate Simple Storage Solutions

Use baskets and boxes to organise your kitchen. An effective way of decluttering, steel and woven baskets are a great way to organise and brighten your kitchen.

  • Unfinished Look

Unfinished Look

Leave one wall undone with exposed bricks, to lend a laid-back look. Original architectural detailing could give your kitchen an original look.

  • Decorate with Open Shelves

Decorate with Open Shelves

Open shelves are back in style and give a casual and intentional look. They even have an organized feel to it.

  • Mix Varied Tile Pattern

Mix Varied Tile Pattern

Instead of going for the usual horizontal or vertical pattern, opt for a different tile pattern like in the image below. Geometric patterns, criss-cross styles can give a refreshing twist.

  • All-White Spell

All-White Spell

Go for an all-white look to lend a pristine vibe to your kitchen. Pair it with brass and iron accents to complement the look.

  • Create a Statement Wall

Create a Statement Wall

Pick two colours for your kitchen walls. Paint one wall with a statement colour that complements the other walls. Some combinations that you can try are white and green, white and cobalt blue and many more. A great kitchen wall paint design, this is a lovely drift from the usual style.

  • Wood with Stainless Steel Decor

Wood with Stainless Steel Decor

Steel and wood have a wonderful effect on the look and finish when paired together. Go in for an all stainless steel appliances kitchen with wooden countertops.

  • Lacquered Cabinets Decor

Lacquered Cabinets Decor

Lacquered finish has an elegant appeal to it. Colours like wine red, striking blue and chocolate brown with a glossy finish can add depth and glamour to your kitchen.

  • Wooden Ceilings

Wooden Ceilings

A kitchen could have artificial beams if there is space and the ceiling is high enough. Throw in some beams, especially wooden ones, knives offbeat with an eye to look up and down.

  • Mix Matte and Glossy Finish 

Mix Matte and Glossy Finish 

Use different finishes with different colours for your cabinets. You could either mix matte and gloss finishes or even use neutral colours like grey, brown and black.

  • Wall Hanging Decor

Wall Hanging Decor

You get some cool signs and wall hangings for the kitchen nowadays. Invest in a few and hang them up strategically to get your kitchen to talk.

  • Boost the Beachy vibes

Boost the Beachy vibes

If you want a kitchen that offers you a B&B feel all the time, paint the walls pink, invest in some bamboo and rattan furniture and pretty crockery.

  • No Storage Cabinet Open Kitchen 

No Storage Cabinet Open Kitchen 

Have an open plan kitchen. Get rid of cabinets and have open shelves for storing utensils, hanging racks for knives, ladle and spatula.

  • Rugs and Tiles Decor

Rugs and Tiles Decor

Opt for rugs if you have a small space kitchen and patterned tiles if you have a large one. Both of them will make the right impact to exaggerate space.

  • Mirror Decor

Mirror Decor

A kitchen interior design does not include a mirror, but you could add one above the sink. Not only could it reflect the opposite side but also let more light in.

  • Metal Grates Style

Metal Grates Style

Cannot decide between glass or solid cabinets. Metal grates allow for partial visibility and also lend a shiny look. One of the latest kitchen designs look off beat and great.

  • Recycle Old Jars for Vintage Look

Recycle Old Jars for Vintage Look

Tins, ceramic pots, jars, bottles- recycle all of them to give your kitchen with vintage items. There is something about yesteryears that still has its class.

  • Check Out the Concrete Flooring

Check Out the Concrete Flooring

Pave way for concrete in your kitchen and give your kitchen an understated look. Pair it with light coloured wooden furniture and the sleek grittiness of the concrete can be appealing.

  • Hang Pretty Pots and Plants

Hang Pretty Pots and Plants

If you have a large kitchen then go ahead and invest in some hanging wonders which will bring in a slice of life into your kitchen. It brings in some sunny energy and vibe to the kitchen. A different kitchen interior design idea that breathes life in the space.

  • Whimsical Style Decor

Whimsical Style Decor

Just style your kitchen with a retro styled refrigerator, scalloped edges on tables and hood and curtains. These retro aspects lend a whimsical style to the kitchen—a cut from the rest of the conventional modular kitchen interior design.

  • Matte Black Decor

Matte Black Decor

Don’t shy away from the gorgeous appearance of matte black. Go all black on your cabinet shelves and add a tinge of gold on the bottom.

  • Change the Ceiling Look

Change the Ceiling Look

Whilst you keep your cabinets and shelves subtle, go wild with your ceiling, Paint some murals or designs to reflect in the kitchen when the sun shines through the windows.

  • Go with Built-In Hardware Area

Go with Built-In Hardware Area

A brilliant kitchen interior design, this one does away with the hardware on the cabinets and shelves. Built in handles bring in softness and consistency.

  • Glass Showcase to Display Crockery

Glass Showcase to Display Crockery

Why hide your expensive bar crockery behind closed cabinets. Display them in the open on racks and double them as décor. Make sure to pick the right colours for the cabinets and any furniture in the room.


Updating the kitchen could be simple or complicated. It could be a quick one day project where you swap around furniture, change some lighting or paint the shelves. It could be a full remodelling project where you paint walls, change the flooring and add new accessories. There are many ways to remodel your kitchen and make it more fun, functional and look as good as brand new.  All you need to do is look around your kitchen to see what it is needed. If your cabinets are in functional condition, then just get a good cleaning agent to restore their sheen. Declutter stuff and bring in some new accents like wall hangings or potted plants by the sill to change the look.

The ideas above are comprehensive enough for you to mix and match your style to upgrade your kitchen. You may have some of your own thoughts, and you could use the help of a designer to revamp your kitchen. Choose from any of the styles above to cook up gorgeous designs to pick a look that suits your space and taste. No matter what your budget is or if you are penny-pinching, there are kitchen designs for any and every budget. The tips above could just serve as an inspiration, and you could find yourself in the midst of a whirlwind of inspirational ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the new kitchen trends for 2021?

Kitchen trends are ever evolving. The most common trends this season have been bold colours, use of existing space for functionality and general and common kitchen tools as accessories for decor. Use of green in colour and flora have also seen a rise in kitchen decor.

What does a 10*10 kitchen layouts mean?

A 10*10 kitchen layout is one that comprises 12 equally sized cabinets without any substitutes. You will find 12 cabinets that make up the space of 10*10, regardless of anything else.

How do you plan a kitchen perfectly and make it look the best?

Functionality is primary when planning a kitchen. It is important to remember that you are going to churn out food there. It must have space for storage, light for brightness and also enough ventilation to let out the smell from the food cooked. Wall colours, accessories for decor and size follow later. 

What are the popular colours for kitchens in 2021?

Pastel shades are always preferred for the kitchen as it helps more light to trickle through. However, in recent times the concept of dining and kitchen has caught on and in such cases most people opt for bold colours to lend a royal appeal. It is all about the ambience you want to create. Emerald, forest green, navy blue are some popular colours observed in 2020.