Opulent Parallel Kitchen Design guide

From concept to completion, transform your cooking space with the latest parallel kitchen trends.

What is a Parallel Kitchen?

A complete space-saver, a Gallery or Parallel kitchen design is a simple layout in which the countertops and shelves run in two parallel lines. It is one of the oldest and renowned styles of kitchen interiors. Double cabinets offer twice the storage and ample workspace.

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Parallel Kitchen Planning Advice

A parallel kitchen is an ideal design for any home setting, promoting ample space for the residents.

The work triangle in a parallel kitchen is spaced in between the two parallel walls. Extra corridor area offers easy movement and double counter rows give space for extra storage.
In a parallel kitchen design, one gets double-parallel counter space; it allows you to section your appliances as per your convenience and accessibility. Counter space is no problem if you choose a parallel style for your kitchen interiors.
A parallel kitchen provides double the storage as compared to any other design. Two whole arrays of wall shelves and cabinets offer ample space for all your condiments and cutlery.
It is quite unusual to add an island to a parallel kitchen design due to shortage of space. Hence, one can consider installing a moveable trolley table that will act as an extra counter and as a breakfast trolley that also allows mobility.
Parallel kitchen design allows you to install a window right in front of your stove or sink as you wish the direction to be. The main kitchen door allows access right through the middle of both sides of the wall.
Pull-out chairs can be an option if you wish to incorporate seating in your parallel kitchen. Stools that can fix inside the two parallel cabinet walls are similar to a drawer.

Vastu Tips for Parallel Kitchens

To ensure your parallel kitchen is enveloped with positivity, it should be designed as per the principles of Vastu Shastra.


Kitchen sinks and drains should be in the northeast direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the washbasins and cooking range should not be parallel or on the same platform. This is because water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.


The ideal placement of the kitchen is in the southeast direction. All the cooking appliances that represent fire, including the gas stove, cylinders, microwaves, or oven should be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen.


The refrigerator should be positioned in the southwest direction to ensure a peaceful kitchen environment. Storage of grains, crockery and other stock should be in this direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity.


As per Vastu, the northwest direction is suitable for west or north-facing homes, so that you look towards the north while cooking. If there is a dining table in the kitchen, it should be placed in this direction.


Windows and exhaust should be placed in the east direction to let out all the negative energy. The entrance or the door to your kitchen according to Vastu should be in the east direction.


The exhaust fans can be installed in the southern direction of the kitchen. Storage cupboards should be fitted on the southern walls of the kitchen


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How to Avoid Parallel Kitchen Mistakes?

1Inadequate circulation space can make a parallel kitchen feel cramped and restrict the number of people using the space.

  • Inadequate circulation space can make a curved kitchen feel cramped and restrict the number of people using the space.

  • Consider a work triangle while planning a parallel modular kitchen, that comprises the hob, sink and refrigerator.

  • For a multi-functional kitchen, arbitrary lighting techniques create an uninviting atmosphere.

  • Avoid Vastu Dosh by correctly aligning your parallel kitchen design with Vastu Shastra

  • Make the most use of the corners, using every inch of space available makes even the small parallel kitchen design more functional.

  • Make the most use of the corners, using every inch of space available makes even the small parallel kitchen design more functional.

Theme Ideas for Parallel kitchen

Whether the space is generous or small, a parallel kitchen design works with all themes facilitating an easy, efficient and practical workflow.

  • modern
  • modern--industrial
  • rustic
  • minimalist
  • contemporary
  • traditional
  • mid-century-modern
  • countryside
  • industrial
  • scandinavian
  • luxurious

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parallel Kitchens

Make sure to invest in a parallel kitchen design after full inspection and research.

  • Ample cabinet storage
  • Efficient kitchen design
  • Allows personal customisations
  • Navigation is easier
  • It is a space constraint
  • Inadequate for big families
  • Gets dark and congested
  • Limoted counter space