Straight Kitchen Design guide

Construct a seamless straight kitchen layout that meets all your needs with the latest trends and helpful tips.

What is a Straight Kitchen?

A straight kitchen, also known as a one-wall kitchen is designed entirely along a single wall. This layout is generally found in studio apartments, condominiums or small homes because it’s the ultimate space saver.The defining theme is minimalistic with a large number of cabinets making a narrow space look wide.

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Straight Kitchen Planning Advice

Adhering to this planning advice will help you create a functional straight modular kitchen.

The work triangle in this kitchen is less like a triangle and more of an assembly work line, positioning all three – hob, sink & refrigerator- side by side.
For a straight kitchen, place tall appliances (refrigerator and ovens) opposite of each other and on the ends of the single-wall to avoid interrupted countertop space.
The straight kitchen design includes cabinet storage and convenient placement of appliances and cooking implements, for easy reach and efficient workflow. Pull-out drawers can render complementary storage.
If the space allows, a straight kitchen with an island can provide extra storage and a countertop surface for meal preparation. The kitchen island acts as a focal point of the kitchen and adds ample space for meal preparation and storage.
Windows are of utmost importance in a straight kitchen because of the compact space. It aids in ventilation and allows the natural light to seep in. Material of the door could be any ranging from wood to glass.
To break the monotony of a straight kitchen plan, add the patterned backsplash or coloured cabinetry as per your choice.

Vastu Tips for Straight Modular Kitchen

To ensure your straight modular kitchen is enveloped with positivity, it should be designed as per the principles of Vastu Shastra, listed below:


Kitchen sinks and drains should be in the northeast direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the washbasins and cooking range should not be parallel or on the same platform. This is because water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.


The ideal placement of the kitchen is in the south-east direction. All the cooking appliances that represent fire, including the gas stove, cylinders, microwaves, or oven should be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen.


The refrigerator should be positioned in the south-west direction to ensure a peaceful kitchen environment. Storage of grains, crockery and other stock should be in this direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity.


As per Vastu, the northwest direction is suitable for the west or north-facing homes, so that you look towards the north while cooking. If there is a dining table in the kitchen, it should be placed in this direction.


Windows and exhaust should be placed in the east direction to let out all the negative energy. The entrance or the door to your kitchen according to Vastu should be in the east direction.


The exhaust fans can be installed in the southern direction of the kitchen. Storage cupboards should be fitted on the southern walls of the kitchen.


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How to Avoid Straight Kitchen Design Mistakes?

Keep away from these straight kitchen design mistakes to create a practical kitchen with a utilitarian layout.

  • Tailor your kitchen space for a single-wall layout to ensure that you can fit all three primary points: the hob, sink and refrigerator.

  • For a multi-functional kitchen, arbitrary lighting techniques create an uninviting atmosphere.

  • Avoid Vastu Dosh by correctly aligning your straight shaped kitchen design with Vastu Shastra.

  • While planning a straight kitchen design, check the dimensions of the appliances like microwaves, blenders and food processors to avoid clutter.

  • For straight kitchens consider the location of the sink to create the best functioning assembly line.

  • Consider maximising vertical storage space to avoid interrupting countertop workflow.

Theme Ideas for Straight Modular Kitchen

All themes blend beautifully with a straight kitchen to create a sleek design.

  • modern
  • modern--industrial
  • rustic
  • minimalist
  • contemporary
  • traditional
  • mid-century-modern
  • countryside
  • industrial
  • scandinavian
  • luxurious

Advantages and Disadvantages of Straight Kitchen Layout

Study these benefits and detriments before investing in a straight kitchen design.

  • Effective layout for small spaces
  • Budget-friendly kitchen layout design
  • Create an easy and good workflow
  • Everything available at a glance
  • Absence of extra storage space
  • Not suited for multiple cooks
  • A busy and cramped workspace
  • Not suitable for big families