Island Kitchen Design guide

Build your island kitchen whilst taking cues from the suggestions, trends and themes for a perfectly curated space.

What is an Island Kitchen?

An island kitchen is a freestanding combination of countertop and cabinet, installed in the kitchen’s centre to increase storage and counter space. An island becomes the focal point of the kitchen and serves various purposes. Ultimately, you get the best of both worlds in the form of a utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.

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Planning Guide for an Island Kitchen

Abide by these basic design and layout rules to achieve an efficient modular kitchen island.

Ensure that your island table is positioned in a way that it does not hinder the work triangle. An easy access to the sink, refrigerator and cooktop is vital.
Increased counter space in an island kitchen can help the placement of small appliances without making the room look cluttered.
Cabinets, drawers or shelves can aid in increasing the storage space in your kitchen island table.
Since a majority of meal preparation happens on the island table, it must be illuminated with a bright task lighting.
The material and length of the island should be fixed according to the budget. The island table must have wiring and vending facilities to enable utilisation.
Adding tools, chairs, stools or swivel seats can inculcate seating in your island kitchen. Make sure to leave enough space for a smooth flow of foot traffic.

Vastu Tips for Island Kitchen

To ensure your island kitchen is enveloped with positivity, it should be designed as per the principles of Vastu Shastra.


Kitchen sinks and drains should be in the northeast direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the washbasins and cooking range should not be parallel or on the same platform. This is because water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.


The ideal placement of the kitchen is in the south-east direction. All the cooking appliances that represent fire the, including the gas stove, cylinders, microwaves, or oven should be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen.


The refrigerator should be positioned in the south-west direction to ensure a peaceful kitchen environment. Storage of grains, crockery and other stock should be in this direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity.


As per Vastu, the northwest direction is suitable for west or north-facing homes, so that you look towards the north while cooking. If there is a dining table in the kitchen, it should be placed in this direction.


Windows and exhaust should be placed in the east direction to let out all the negative energy. The entrance or the door to your kitchen according to Vastu should be in the east direction.


The exhaust fans can be installed in the southern direction of the kitchen. Storage cupboards should be fitted on the southern walls of the kitchen.


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How to Avoid Island Kitchen Design Mistakes?

Keep away from these design mistakes to create a practical kitchen with a utilitarian layout.

  • Ensure that the work triangle is not disrupted due to the island as it enhances the cooking experience.

  • Avoid using larger islands for small spaces as it would increase the foot traffic, making the room look cramped

  • For a multi-functional kitchen, arbitrary lighting techniques create an uninviting atmosphere. Island kitchen design should be illuminated with task lighting

  • Avoid Vastu Dosh by correctly aligning your modular kitchen island design with Vastu Shastra

  • While planning island kitchen design, check the dimensions of the appliances like microwaves, blenders and food processors to avoid clutter

Theme Ideas for Island Kitchens

A modular kitchen island can be designed by embracing different themes, each complementing the core layout

  • modern
  • modern--industrial
  • rustic
  • minimalist
  • contemporary
  • traditional
  • mid-century-modern
  • countryside
  • industrial
  • scandinavian
  • luxurious

Advantages and Disadvantages Of an Island Kitchen Layout

A quick review of the benefits and drawbacks of kitchen island designs.

  • Additional counter space for prep
  • Creates a seating option
  • Increased storage space for utensils
  • A dynamic focal point
  • Quite expensive for large islands
  • Not efficient for small kitchens
  • Hinders the work triangle
  • Unsuitable for wiring and venting