Sliding Door Locks: Assuring Security With Aesthetics

Published On: Jul 10, 2024

Sliding doors are the archetype of beautiful entrances, but they can also become a loose end in the security of your house. Though sliding doors are space-saving modular pieces of elegance, there’s a shared scepticism about sliding doors that they are not as safe as hinged doors. Due to their design, they are prone to security breaches here or there. And we do not want this issue to hinder your decision about these elegant and functional pieces of furniture. So, to resolve this issue in an otherwise highly efficient doorway solution, we’ve brought some of the many different types of sliding door locks designed to secure these gates from the specific problems with the design. Now, you can choose from the many types of locks for sliding doors available in the market to ensure security while maintaining the beauty of these elegant pieces of furniture.

Here's a list of some prevalent sliding door lock types you can consider to keep your house safe-

Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks- sliding door lock types

These are the most commonly used locks in sliding doors, which work on the typical handle lever mechanism; due to their efficiency and low cost compared to the other options. They are mostly opted by those who don't have to worry about their functions from the outside.

Installation- These locks are usually installed inside the panel door with just the handle or lever visible from the outside, which is used to operate the lock. These locks work with the typical turn-around key system.

Usage- These locks are primarily designed for use in balcony or garden doors, where an exterior-facing locking system is unnecessary. However, they are not recommended for use on main doors due to their relatively light construction, which may compromise security.

Double-cylinder Bolt Locks

Double-cylinder Bolt Locks- Types of Lock for Sliding Door

Double-Cylinder bolt locks are one of the oldest types of locks used in doors. They work on a mechanism nearly similar to that of mortise locks.

Installation- They are also installed inside the door with big handles attached to both faces, and a key is required to open both from inside and outside. The mechanism is very similar to the mortise lock, just with the addition of a double-cylinder lock system enhancing its functionality.

Usage- They are used in private spaces like bedrooms and as a security dominant measure in the main door or entrance doors. Thanks to its double cylinder fixing mechanism, they safeguard the door by not letting it out of the frame.

Rim Locks

Rim Locks- Sliding Door Latch Types

Rim locks are surface locking systems not attached inside the door but used as exterior locks. They are heavy and provide a very sturdy locking system. They also have a slight extra advantage in maintenance as they do not require opening the whole frame for maintenance or repairs.

Installation- They are fixed in two parts: the main machinery of the lock is affixed to the border of the door itself, and a receptor is mounted on the door panel, which is designed to hold the reversible latch of the lock and keep it together.

Usage- They are usually heavy and hence used in main door locks. They also come with carvings and patterns, which give you a variety of options according to the design of your door.

Smart Locks

Smart Locks- Different Types of Sliding Door Locks

They are automatic and offer high-level protection. They are equipped with different high-tech functions like retina and fingerprint recognition. Meanwhile, they also have various wireless operating modes like wifi and Bluetooth systems. Android locks are the latest innovation in this category.

Installation- Smart locks are mounted on the doors while their machinery is fixed inside the door. The latches and basic machinery are the same as those of normal mechanical locks, but the operation is now automatic.

Usage- Due to their high-end security features, such as an automatic locking system and wireless operation, they can be used on main doors, sliding almirah doors, or bedroom doors.

Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks- Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

They are cheaper as compared to smart locks, but are quite reliable while being compatible with many types of sliding doors like- glass metal, wood etc.

Installation- They are installed similarly as any other latch lock, with one part fixed to the door and the other part with the frame.

Usage- They are usually used in professional spaces or bedrooms and living room balconies.


Sliding doors fulfil every aesthetic need a person could have, but due to their design, they sometimes need more security. Being placed on tracks, they can be easily derailed and pulled out. Hence, they need an extra amount of security as compared to normal heavy-hinged doors. The available options in the market fill this very void of security, while some of them, like a rim and smart locks, can enhance the aesthetic and beauty of these doors. These sliding door locks complement their style and fit in very well.

All of the above options are reliable and secure if they are used only for the types of applications for which they were designed. You just need to be mindful about the type of lock you use and which type of sliding door.

You can even customise these locks while getting the doors made, and to design them, you might need the help of experts. Feel free to contact Interior Company for any assistance you might need while ensuring the security of you and your family.

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    How do I choose the right lock for my sliding door?

    You need to consider many things before deciding what type of lock your door might need, like where the door is placed, how exposed it is to security concerns and what kind of material it is made of. Different locks have different usage and characteristics.

    Can smart locks be hacked?

    Smart locks, especially the ones operated with wireless technology, are prone to hackers. That’s why a good brand is a must when choosing the locks, as they have robust security systems. Regularly upgrading firmware will keep your security systems safe from hackers.

    Are sliding doors secure for a house?

    We get the scepticism around the security which comes with sliding doors, as they are more prone to security breaches compared to hinged ones. But by using the right type of locks with the names of reputed brands, you can easily ensure the security of your house.

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