Spruce up Your Modern Interior Wall Texture with Aesthetic Designs

Published On: Apr 12, 2022

When you think of renovating your comfortable space, the first thing that strikes you is colour. However, modern texture paint designs are equally powerful tools to spruce up your home or office space.

Texture paints are additional hues, flavours, and binders that are applied to cover each surface that render a unique and special effect. This effect could be metal, glass, wood, etc., with two or three colour combinations using base coats and topcoats.

A variety of patterned textured walls blend well and are a more convenient and cost-effective option. All these options transform your home, keeping the texture of the mural fashionable, practical and bringing great value.

Modern Interior Wall Texture

Let Us Look at the Most Common Textures that are Trending in 2022

1. Wooden Textures

With wood throughout the house, your house looks regal and luxurious. It has a magnificent natural texture that can be modified using a variety of light translucent varnishes. You can use wooden panels, or light brown wood, which is commonly the preferred grain.

Wooden Textures

2. Marble and Stones

Like wood, they give a good shine and are often used as great ideas to create nice modern wall texture patterns. Large marble slabs that cover the entire wall show richness and add a sophisticated aesthetic to the space. For an elegant life, choose from a variety of stones and marble work and see if they contrast well with your furniture.

Marble and Stones

3. Tiles

There are an infinite variety of tiles, from traditional to marble and glazed tiles. These can be expensive, so many designers stick to high-quality modern interior wall texture with tiles only in lobbies and guest areas.


4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are easy on the pocket, quick to install and come with a brilliant finish with no waves. You can choose a matte finish wallpaper or a wallpaper that gives the illusion of texture. These are available in various prints, hues, and patterns that can fill your heart with happiness.


5. Paint

Good paint can create thousands of textures in the way it is applied. Using professional texture paint rollers and trending living room modern texture paint designs for multiple walls can be an inspiration for many.

Before you take your pick, you must gather in-depth knowledge in designing inspirational wall textures and encourage perfect execution.


10 Most Trending Wall Texture Designs for Beautiful Homes

Texture Wall Designs can make your house much more valuable, attractive, and interesting. You can use the following modern wall texture ideas and designs to create the look you need for a contemporary home:

1. Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls add a touch of glamour and look very versatile. They tend to create extra space, brighten the entire room and have a sophisticated finish that makes your living room's modern wall texture look clean and delicate.

The mirror design goes well with the colours of white and wood. You can further install a chandelier and give your living room a very imposing look.

Mirrored Walls

2. Attractive Walls with Textured Stones

Stone is the perfect material for those who like simple style, durability, visual delight, and sensibility. The attractive stone wall texture design of the living room is specifically for those who love to visually enhance the aesthetics of their living rooms via modern wall texture in a rustic style.

Attractive Walls with Textured Stones

3. 3D Texture Walls

The three-dimensional design adds depth and brings life to the plain boring walls of your house. Most suitable for kids’ rooms, these graphics provide decorations and patterns that create attractive effects.

The wall design in the photo uses vertical and horizontal lines as modern design elements. Neutral colours give this style a relaxed atmosphere. This pattern creates a captivating effect.

3D Texture Walls

4. The Floral Pattern

The floral pattern never goes out of fashion and looks elegant, whether it is printed, embossed, or engraved. You can use floral texture colour design with the help of stencils and stamps for the living room or for the bedroom using modern wall texture designs on only one of the walls.

Find the right tools and designs to create gorgeous floral textures on your house walls to help you achieve your favourite flowery texture.

The Floral Pattern

5. Shiny Bedroom Modern Wall Texture

If you have a bold personality, and you love being the host, this texture is surely for you. The shiny textures come in bright colours like red in a glossy finish that will instantly enhance the mood of the entire area. It also makes the room look bigger. If you use this texture in the form of modern texture paint designs for the bedroom or lobby, to cover the ceiling, you will get a unified look.

Shiny Bedroom Modern Wall Texture

6. Rough Bedroom Modern Wall Texture

The texture of this wall is for naive individuals down to earth hoping for their living room to reflect their simple and sober taste. You can use this texture using a dark or neutral wall colour. If you have bumps on the walls, this design can completely hide them. You can combine it with the same discreet decorations and furniture to complete the look.

The textured design of the walls of this corridor is very glamorous and unpretentious, yet eye-catching. It comes in a matte and rough texture effect using modern texture paint designs or polished concrete.

Rough Bedroom Modern Wall Texture

7. Brick Wall Modern Wall Texture Design

A Brick Wall Pattern Texture is a raw and sturdy design that can be found in many homes. This dominant design normally comes in the red, pattern over white walls creating a modern hit design while the coloured brick walls give the impression of a typical country look.

This can be achieved by using real brick wall mouldings, brick tiles, and brick wallpaper. You can also feature all the rustic elements like wooden beams, ship roofs, and wooden tables along with subtle lighting that enhances the design of this texture.

Brick Wall Modern Wall Texture Design

8. Geometric Modern Wall Texture Design

Geometrically move to spice up your monotonous walls that focus on the whole house and give your home a unique, and striking effect. Geometric modern texture paint designs in your bedroom can create multiple patterns, shapes, and designs that make your room look bigger, behold the onlooker’s attention and open more space.

You can also highlight specific sections of a wall by adding geometry to one wall while keeping the rest plain. Geometric wall structures can be created using wood, marble, tiles, stone, glass, etc.

Geometric Modern Wall Texture Design

9. Wall Tiles

This trendy texture design can be customised in different ways, playing with materials, designs, and colours reflecting your exotic style and taste. You can further combine this design texture with ash, sand, and charcoal to create an attractive space. A sleek black and white tile combination looks enticing and gives your home a smart and contemporary design.

Wall Tiles

10. Animal Skin Textures

Our ancestors were dependent on animal skins for various reasons, and to date, humans are fascinated with the idea of displaying animal-like patterns, statues, and textures in their homes. It still looks royal and rich.

The texture of the animal skin has always retained the charm of humankind. You can continue this design element at home without harming the animals using artificial skin texture. You can customise this style using various animal prints that are very easily available on the market.

Show your wild side to your guests with an animal textured design in your living room.

Animal Skin Textures


Have you also been one of those people who thought wall paint is the only option to enliven your house's modern interior wall texture? You may have never thought about adding wall textures to your design, or you may be living with the conception that these can be hard on your pocket. Wall textures are a way to use exquisite materials to add depth and dimension. Add patterned modern texture paint designs for bedroom or living room and they will be in focus instantly. These are budget-friendly options for upgrading your home with a perfect texture that will make you feel proud of your choice. For more ingenious design ideas, follow the Interior Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the texture of a wall?

A wall texture is a design or simple stroke or pattern of a wall that adds beauty to the wall and space.

Q. What is the texture of the wall made of?

Wall textures can be created using simple paint strokes, rollers, stencils, or materials such as stone and woodwork.

Q. What are the four main types of wall textures available in the online or offline market?

The textures that are in demand and trend are:

  • Tactile or Concrete Wall Textures
  • Visually Beautiful textures
  • Natural Wall Textures
  • Artificial Wall Textures

These are the four main types that offer more versatile options together and in different combinations of colour, texture, materials, designs, and so on.

Q. How do you apply modern texture paint designs to the wall?

Plan your design and see what you would like to be patterned on your wall – graphics, dots, flowers, or more. Get the desired texture paint roller or stencil, or paint, select a colour scheme and before your start with the texturing, polish the walls well with sand. Finally, apply primer to the sand wall and use spray paint or paint the walls.