Know the happy flower Sunflower: Complete caring tips for a vibrant sunflower garden!

Published On: Sep 18, 2021

Who doesn’t want the glare of the sun piercing through cloudy days? We all do. The sun represents zest, hope, and consistency to make the best of life. Perhaps therefore we all adore these yellow beauties of sunflowers. And perhaps that is why growing sunflowers in your home is the best way to stud your surroundings with ever childlike and mesmerizing crackles. The liveliness which it brings around the ground is something that can uplift your mood, enhancing the aura. These bright-colored sunflowers not just fill your heart with joy but instead has a spiritual significance like optimism, happiness, positivity, and a source of vibrancy to your garden full of sunshine. Apart from adding joy and beauty to the environment, the sunflower plant is very much beneficial for health, from edible oil to seeds, this multipurpose flower is a gift of nature to mankind. So, for a healthy ever-growing sunflower plant, there are some take care guidelines to keep in check while getting sunflower seeds to plant in your garden.

Read on this space to know the guidelines for even growth, precautions, and care for our happy friend of nature the sunflowers and make the rays of illuminating sunshine slow dance with the wind around your garden all through your sad and happy days. 

Guide to Grow Sunflowers- The One That Loves Sunbathing


Whenever anyone stumbles upon the list of the most popular flowers in the world, there is no chance the name sunflower won’t be there. Loved and adored by everyone, these happy colored beauties as a giant floral dream can totally make your home look straight out of a fairy tale.

The most beautifully bright sunflower plant and widely known characteristic of them is that they sink into life with the help of sunlight. This heliotropic plant with a daisy-like appearance and a life-like grace, turn their flowers to the motion of the sun. There is a cluster of options available out there for you to choose the one for your home for their healthy life.  But among the plethora of suggestions, one must choose the aptest one to make your plant live healthily. So, to ease your planting sessions of sunflower plants let’s dig into this section and learn how to plant, grow, and care for sunflowers. 

How to Plant Sunflowers

If you’d like to have the ever-blazing energy of the sun around your home, then it can count a lot to plant a sunflower garden around. We have unfolded a few tips on planting sunflowers which you can take some help from. Let us have them-

1. Planting Sunflower Right

Here are the tips on how to plant sunflowers to check off your must-dos-

  • You should sow the seeds for this sunlit flower from January to June. This will have you relish in blooms sunflower in the season of summer to rainy. 
  • You should sow the sunflower seeds into the garden or containers (outdoor) directly. Make sure when you do that, the soil is warm to at least 10°C. 
  • If you wish happiness for beloved sunflowers, then make sure you sow the seeds directly. This will dispel any kind of intrusion within their roots. 

2. Where to Plant Sunflowers

Choosing and bracing the site is a valuable part of bringing any flowery delight around. So, there should be no bargaining. Here is all that you must do to be sure that you are planting sunflowers in the right place-

  • First things first, go reserve a sun-studded space. Not that you are not aware of that already, but sunflowers are the lovers of the sunlight which makes them blush throughout thick and thin. So, you have to get them a perfectly sun-bathed place where they can get at least 6 to 8 hour-long sunlight. 
  • You have to get them a spot where they can taste soil with good drainage and there should be no place for a soggy spot. 
  • When prepping up the bed, you must dig down 2 feet deep to about 3 feet wide. As sunflowers plants have long roots that demand enough space to do the stretching. So, you need to take care of the soil and confirm that it is being close-packed. 
  • Then you also need to tap into the pH zone as these beauties grow best in slightly acidic soil, say about pH 6.0 to 7.5. 
  • The soil you are feeding your sunflowers must be wealthy with optimum nutrients. These flowers love food, so you can go with the soil featuring composted manure or organic matter. Even you can try a slow-release fertilizer with an 8-inch depth in the soil. 
  • Robust blows of wind may not be favorites to your sunflowers, so while putting their best interests at heart try keeping them in the company of shelter or a fence. This will protect the top of the flower from the aggressive winds. 

3. Sowing the Sunflower Seeds

Unlike earlier, the desire to get any particular plant and sowing them is much easier as one can avail themselves at just a single click, so if finding your favorite color sunflower is becoming a deal then try browsing sunflower seeds online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Here are your favorite tips on how to sow the sunflower seeds the ideal way-

  • You should plant sunflowers to the depth of 1-1½ and 6 inches across once the soil is all warm. 
  • Sunflowers love to have some space, so you must show your affection by creating rows around 30 inches apart in case of low-growing type. When it comes to small ones, you can have the plant closed. 
  • To pamper your sunflower, you can host a feast of low-diet fertilizer by mixing it in at the time of planting. This will help their roots grow firmly and keep them from being bombarded by the wind.
  • If you want to take pleasure in the sight of blooms, then you can opt for experimenting with the plantings teetering for about 6 weeks. 
  • You cannot let the birds hover around sunflowers. To prevent this situation, use a net over the plants. 

How to Care for Sunflowers 

Your lively and most vibrant blossom friend needs some special care which is significantly necessary for them to have proper growth. So, to get a garden full of happy vibes, colors, and joy of dancing sunflowers like a burst of sunshine towards your home, the healthy growth of these sunflowers in the season is most important.

It is time to tap into the tips on how to care for sunflowers-

  • To keep up with the diet of your sunflower plant, remember to water it about 3-4 inches deep when it is budding. 
  • Water the plan deep down when it is finally getting itself along. You can water it once a week in a number of gallons of water to motivate its rooting. 
  • It is also required that you do not overdo it when it comes to overfertilization. It can lead to the devastation of stems. The best way to feed your plant is to mix diluted fertilizer in the water. However, try to keep the base of the plant away from fertilizer. 
  • When it comes to the support system for sunflowers, bamboo stakes can help you a lot. They can back the plants that feature a single stem and demand support. 

Protecting Sunflowers 

According to the well-known quote “protection is better than cure”, we believe in try keeping few things in mind which can cause adverse effects for the sunflower plant. 

Here are some of the pointers adding growth factors and health to your sunflower leaf and the plant. Know the guiding tips in how to protect the sunflower plant-

  • You must keep the squirrels and birds at bay from hovering around the seeds, certainly when they are babies. Once they are mature, you can cover them with a white polysium fleece.
  • A small gray moth may try to show its unrequited (and unhealthy) affection to your sunflowers, so you better pick them off the plant and show the way out. 
  • You can take a hand from a garden fungicide to prevent any fungal diseases.

Sunflowers- A Celebration of Livelihood, Faith, and Love

It is fun watching sunflower seeds blooming into flowers. If you are taking the best care of it without compromising with your portion of love, care, and proper time then they will certainly send their regards in the most sensational smirks with tons and tons of bright sunlight. Often, we might have noticed only yellow-colored sunflowers garden but there is different another type of sunflowers such as white sunflower, red, orange and burgundy too. When the sunflowers are in season, try planting your favorite plant and know the joy of connecting with nature happily.

A symbol of happiness and joy, this vivacious plant is nature’s one of the best wonders spreading only positive vibes. From gifting to just adding a lively aura in your living room, this gorgeous flower sunflower is always a hit. Much loved by everyone, sunflowers never fail to melt our hearts and instantly enhance our mood after even a tiring day at work.