12 Small House Interior Design Ideas in Low Budget

Published On: Dec 27, 2022

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."

We all want our home interiors to exude a vibrant ambience that not only represents our true style but also keeps up with design trends. However, fitting every new element on a shoestring budget is equivalent to squeezing water from a stone. It’s difficult, at times almost impossible, to attain luxe galore by cutting corners. The solution? Low-budget small house interior designs for a resplendent look!

Coming up with clever solutions to fit everything you love in a restricted space makes it challenging and even more gratifying. Whether you are decking up your studio apartment or enriching your tiny room, these small house interior designs will tick every box. That too, with style!

Interior Design Ideas for Small House

Elegance is how you perceive it. Make your interiors cover page worthy with these modern ideas. 

1. Reflective Materials

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Designer's favourite hack is to use glossy tiles and lacquered walls to create an illusion of a bigger space. These high-shine materials are known for their reflective qualities and will produce a maximising space effect. It bounces off light rendering a more airy look to the space. 

2. Pocket Doors

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Pocket doors are the new trend that you should definitely hop on if you are looking for a small house interior design. Doors with glass windows create separation while also allowing the flow of shared light throughout the space. An additional perk, when not in use, they slide into the wall, taking up a lot less space than swinging doors. 

Source: Pinterest

While it might sound counterintuitive, embellishing a wall from floor to ceiling can work wonders as a low budget small house interior design. The space feels larger and more expansive than it is. You can also add an overscaled watch clock to maximise the effect. 

The Designer's Handbook: Being resourceful is key when considering interior design ideas for small homes on a low budget. For instance, if you have limited space and do not want to spend the bucks on bulky or new furniture, you can use a chair as a side table. Beautify with wall sconces to save on surface space. Also, inculcate a cheerful colour to set a happy tone in a small room. 

4. Think Vertically

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Ditch the horizontal hang of a subway tile; rather use them vertically to make a modest-sized bathroom look more streamlined and taller. Pair the different hues of green – olive, emerald, and sage with white to curate a perfect contemporary look. Light shades also make the room look less cluttered. 

5. Petite Dining Tables

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No, small round tables aren't just fancy French breakfast nooks. Opting for a small table is one of the trendiest interior design ideas for a small house. Save yourself some extra space and also make your interiors de toute beauté. 

Bonus Tip: It's important that you do not suppress expressing yourself. Since there is restricted space for a free flow of creativity and storing your favourite items, you should beautify even the smallest items. For instance, you can embellish your refrigerator with removable wallpaper. 

6. Mounted TV

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A clever yet simple interior design for a small house is to mount your television to the wall. After all, a media console is the biggest waste of space in a compact living room. You can also attach the TV above a fireplace to regain the required floor space. 

7. Hidden TV

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Wait, hold that thought! Let's take a step further and hide the TV altogether. Disguise the TV as artwork or inside a credenza to trick your guests. This small home interior design is perfect for those who switch the space from the living room to the dining room and the family room at their convenience.   

Bonus Tip: Choose pieces for double duty. Furniture that can be used for multiple purposes can help transform the interiors of your small space. Opt for a table that functions as a dining table and desk, or purchase cubes that can serve as a coffee table and seats when you have guests over. 

8. Mirror Magic

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The oldest trick in the design book: mirrors make your small house interiors feel lighter, airier, and larger. A historically inspired arc-shaped mirror like this one renders a Moroccan touch to the space. Trust the designers to incorporate a personality into your space without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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9. Smart Scaling

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Do not lose hope if you don't have a living room separate from the kitchen and a kitchen island. You can still make the area functional by opting for a tall wooden table that serves as a two-top dining table and an extra counter space. Swear by this blueprint for a beautifully utilitarian space. 

Bonus Tip: Use drapery to cleverly conceal HVAC and pipes. The elegant canopy will slay the small house interior design, also helping you avoid visual chaos. 

10. Neutral Nature

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Even toned, calm rooms trick the eyes into believing they are larger and more spacious. However, keep one trick up your sleeve- add numerous different textures to ensure the space does not fall flat. 

11. Customised Storage

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Bespoke storage nooks, furniture, and built-ins customised to your everyday needs can help you utilise even the slightest sliver of space. What's better than pushing this storage as a part of your walls? An additional perk is that you do not lose out on valuable square footage. 

12. Wall Desk

Source: Pinterest

No room for an office? Look closely because the devil is in the details. Get yourself a mounted wall desk that takes up way less space and room. What's even more special is that you can even add shelves above it for extra storage space. This design style is a sleek, subtle and elegant way of executing a contemporary corner.  

Thrifty, Trendy and Tasteful!

The interior design ideas for a small house can also be converted into an elegant display of your personality. It only takes a few tips and tricks to make your beloved abode a reference straight out of a magazine. From making use of every nook and corner to transforming simple items into avant-garde objects, you can achieve everything on a budget! For more design ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    How can I make my small house interior design stylish?

    Use earth tones, art, and mirrors to create a great effect. Try incorporating an indoor garden or choose punchy accent colours to make your interior design stand out.

    What colours make small houses look bigger?

    Earthly ochre, off-white, dark grey, dark blue, clean white, pale blues, sea green, and light green are a few colours that can make your small modern house interior design look bigger.

    How do you decorate a small house to make it look bigger?

    Try to scale down your interior design, adorn your walls with mirrors, ditch the rugs and drapes, and emphasise the vertical and horizontal as some interior design ideas for small houses.

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