Simple Wedding Home Decoration Ideas Exuding Suave

Published On: Nov 23, 2022

With COVID still fuelling our inhibitions regarding the outside world, young couples have transitioned towards the idea of home weddings. Well, obviously not everybody is as lucky as Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif and pulling off a dream destination wedding in Rajasthan. Moreover, uber couples now opt for a more intimate gathering ditching the ‘big fat Indian weddings’. So, the first and most obvious question that comes to mind is how to gauge house decoration for weddings? 

Private weddings at home offer an equally stunning aesthetic, also empowering a creative freedom with which you can plan your D-day! The wedding house decoration ideas in this article cater to all couples who are planning their nuptials on a budget or can act even as a last-minute quick fix. Also, explore some of the most trendy decor ideas for your pre-wedding celebrations. 

Wed These Tips

  • Since you have a restricted venue, it is imperative to focus your attention on the details.
  • Use the space wisely, do not jam everything in one corner of the house.
  • Do not forbid yourself from playing around with your favourite colour schemes. 
  • Discover the most mundane objects like lanterns, bells, kites, or ladders and transform them into sophisticated adornments. 

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas at Home

Every corner of the house has a story to tell. Explore how you can use them for your wedding decor. 

Backyard Parties

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Lucky are those who have a patio or backyard in their homes, because what’s better than hosting your lunch or dinner parties in your own backyard? It is also the most ideal way to make your wedding an intimate affair. Lay down some wooden benches or tables and relish a sumptuous feast with your guests. Here, the area is enriched with flowers and hanging lights that will illuminate the dinner festivities. Fairy lights and table lamps also lend a warm ambience to the space. 

Elite Entrance 

Source: Pinterest

Make your foyer unit a focal point by using toran and fresh flowers as a house decoration for weddings. You do not necessarily have to go overboard with the decor to make it eye-catching. Minimalistic ideas work just as well. An idol of Lord Ganesha would help attract prosperity and happiness. The reference shown here is adorned with intricate details, rendering a splendid touch to the entrance. This simple wedding home decoration works wonders for both mansions and small apartments. 

Living Room Reception

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Elaborating your house decor for a fancy reception or cocktail party is a cakewalk; direct your attention to the living room. These wedding decoration ideas at home are perfect for young couples who adore effortless designs with a hint of chic. Create a simple background with silk curtains or faux grass (as depicted here). Beautify this backdrop with fairy lights and lamps. Place two flower vases or table lamps on either side of the main couch for added panache. If your living room receives natural light, then arrange this decor near a large window. 

Haldi Decoration

Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular haldi decoration at home ideas, this one is for brides who would rather keep a low profile. If you do not want a pomp and show at your haldi ceremony, use your favourite flowers to your advantage. Hang simple flower strings in various patterns with a few bouquets to curate a simple milieu. 

Private Mandap  

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For those who want to keep the most important day of their lives a hush-hush affair, this design is your true calling. You can set up a mandap for the Phera ceremony in your living room or backyard for the perfect private Shaadi. If you are planning to do it inside, craft a simple backdrop, preferably with satin curtains. Amp up the stage with leaves, fresh flowers, and some wreaths. Throw in low-lying benches, or some potted indoor plants for your relatives and friends. If you are using your backyard for the occasion, fairy lights will only accentuate the green backdrop.

Balcony Mehendi

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Many uber-cool couples are looking to swap the traditional pomp and show with a low-key registry wedding. Fuss-free and decluttered decor will help you keep your affair close-knit. For a Mehendi function, your balcony designs can be decorated as both beautiful and functional with a swing (as shown here). As for other celebrations, deck up the balcony with a small modular sofa, a side bench, and a few cushions. Also, incorporate embellishments like sheer curtains, floral borders, or fairy lights for a subtle vibe. 

Zesty Photo Booth 

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Those lehenga twirl boomerangs and selfies with the bride have to land on Instagram, right? Create an adorable selfie corner in your balcony or living room for picture-perfect moments. Use a tasselled background or a rattan backdrop to accent your wall. Accessorise the floor with a turf carpet and illuminate the space with fairy lights. 

Eco Friendly Decor

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Hop on the bandwagon and use the viral eco-friendly options for the pre wedding decoration ideas at home. Approach your local florist for fresh banana leaves for a green backdrop that serves more purpose than one - it is environmentally friendly and trendy. Hang bananas and marigold garlands for an aesthetic Haldi backdrop. Add a low-lying yellow bench with either display for decor or hidden storage. Use organic flowers and Haldi to lend a lush ambience to your eco-friendly theme. 

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Simple Wedding Home Decoration Elements

Do not miss out on these intricate details to ornament your home. 

Scented Candles

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Scented candles are one of the most versatile elements that can be used for decoration in any environment. If you are looking for an intimate wedding, they can be the best low-cost investment. You can also use these in your Haldi ceremony. Available in various sizes and shapes, this simple wedding home decoration can be also customised for your home’s aesthetic. 

Embroidered Umbrellas

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This list of home decoration ideas for marriage is not complete without talking about the essence of royal aesthetics. Vintage umbrellas make for a stunning wedding decor. These umbrellas are available almost everywhere, representing traditional Indian art. So, if you are inclined towards vintage marriage decoration ideas at home, follow this tip blindly. 

Traditional Marigold

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Marigold is symbolic of divine blessings and happiness, making it an auspicious flower. Any Indian wedding is incomplete without the bright hues of marigolds. These flowers are also widely available. Choose from marigold structures, strings, hoop hangings or simply grace them in a flower pot. There is no one way to embellish these beautiful flowers on your memorable occasion. 

Tassel Decoration

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Surprisingly, plain tassels can turn out to be the most aesthetic and elegant home decoration ideas for marriage. Tassels can be made out of paper cuttings, crochet thread, embroidery thread or yarn at home, making it an easy DIY decor idea. String the tassels together for amazing ceiling decor and make your guests gush over this grounded yet chic design. 

Fairy Lights

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Quirky fairy lights colours can help you lighten up the place into a suave space. Experiment with lights and bulbs to decorate the trees in your garden, the chairs, or the walls of your home. 

A Match Made in Heaven!

If you are a low-key person who loves to keep his/her personal life private, then planning your wedding at home is the best possible decision. With ample simple wedding decoration ideas at home you can set the tone for your special day. From lavish dinners in your backyard to small receptions on the balcony, there is no bar for creativity. For more wedding decor ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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How can I execute simple wedding home decoration?

House decoration for weddings can be achieved with mesmerising flowers, mason bottles, and jars, handmade crafts, colourful drapes, fairy or hanging lights, and with a decorative focal point.

How do you decorate a plain space for a wedding?

Wedding decoration ideas at home include hanging extra lights, bringing the outdoors in, lighting up the room, draping the room, or choosing fun linens.

How do you style an Indian wedding?

The Indian house decoration for weddings is synonymous with colourful and bright colours. Yes, Indian weddings are a grand affair but if you are a private person you should choose simple wedding home decoration.